Taking Charge of Your Health

I think everyone has a higher calling in this world, and I feel very blessed to have found what I want to do and what I want to teach in the world. My name is Doctor Aaron Wong, and I’m a Naturopathic Physician. I know what it feels like to not have answers, to feel like you’re stuck and there might not be someone out there to help you. I suffered with really chronic back pain for three years. I had a herniated disc and I had surgery and after that surgery, I had a really hard time recovering. I was pretty much in bed for two years in pain. I tried everything. I tried conventional, and then I tried a lot of alternatives and it wasn’t until I started to look at a holistic perspective and had, you know, a practitioner guiding me through a Mind/body/spirit perspective that things started to shift for me, and it really completely changed my life. It completely changed how I viewed the world. I felt so grateful for having that experience that I want to share that with other people. I want other people to be able to experience the same thing that I did. I think we focus so much on disease and ailments, injuries and symptoms, as being the problem but really that’s just at the surface. What we’re doing is caring for human beings, taking the time to sit down and have a conversation and just get to know someone, what they’re going through in all aspects of their life, is a really important thing to me and that’s where the mind-body-spirit aspect really comes into play. The beauty of what I do is being able to integrate conventional and non-conventional options together so that patients have choice, and you know it’s not about one method being better than another there’s different times and different uses for different approaches and to have access and to be able to bring all those approaches together really completes the picture of holism And that’s really what I want to do for people. I want to help change lives. I want to help people in all aspects of their being.

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