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Viral hepatitis commonly was a hepatitis B
and hepatitis C. In the United States it is probably more common with hepatitis C and
we have a lot of achievement in terms of the treatment for the hepatitis C. So a lot of
exciting and very effective medications have come out. It’s really promising for the people
for people with hepatitis C. So the hepatitis B is a little bit different. This is a chronic
condition. It’s more common in the Asian population. However because of the immigration we do see
a lot of hepatitis B infection in the clinic as well. And this patient needs the the cure
is slightly different than hepatitis C because of the nature of the disease. So I feel like
the viral the hepatitis is quite interesting in terms of their management. Chronic hepatitis
B depends on this varies because of it’s a it’s it’s a DNA virus so it’s very difficult
to use a medication to clear this virus. That’s why it’s very hard, not like hepatitis C.
It’s not it’s very hard to cure hepatitis B. Hepatitis B management is different based
on the viral replication based on different phase of the hepatitis B infection. And also
depends on the patient’s other conditions such as coinfection with hepatitis C and or
with HIV. And the other thing for the hepatitis B is interesting is even if people have immunity
or they have previously had the hepatitis B infection, when they become sick such as
when they are a during the have chemotherapy for other cancer so the hepatitis B can be
reactivated and people can be very sick from that. We do have treatment for the hepatitis
B and the other thing is for the hepatitis B the the people don’t usually, if it’s a
chronic infection, people don’t usually have much symptoms. So what we typically do is
to keep an eye close eye on the liver is because hepatitis B can have have increased risk for
cancer even without progressing to cirrhosis. So this is one big part for compared to the
hepatitis C. So this routine follow up and close monitor is very important for the hepatitis
B management.

8 thoughts on “Hepatitis B: Treatment and care for a chronic condition

  1. (2)Unfortunately, i still thanked them because through them with their one of their requirements is to undergo medical test which made me found out that i have Hepatitis B. By then i consulted a doctor and worstly found out that i have a Chronic Hepatitis B but my condition wasn't continually monitored by the doctor since our family is just poor and not financially stable. But what i really wonder is how did i get this kind of illness since i dont have vices, dont smoke and drink alcoholic.

  2. (3)Much worst is that i couldnt be able to get a job and all establisments i had applied didnt hire me due to this illness i have. Please please help me. I need a work, i have a family to be feed to. My dreams and plans just broke in just this kind of illness. I want to live. I want to raise our familys state from nothing into something like a normal family. Please help me cure my illness. I am begging you for the sake of my daughter and my family.

  3. (4)I dont want to leave this world without achievements did and for my daughter's future. Please treat my illness. I wish you will or anybody respond to this urgent message of mine. Thank you.

  4. Hi! My dad have a hepatitis B.
    Until now he have and from 2 it become 3.
    But I'm thingking They said that it can transmit. Why me is still free from hepatitis b even I drink in same glass sometimes I use his plates.
    Theirs someone have knowledge can answer my question.

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