Taking Charge of Your Health

– Do you wanna get healthier
but you’re just not quite sure if you’re doing everything right? Doesn’t it seem like there’s
always a new super food or exercise class or
a morning routine hack that promises to change your life? Hi, I’m Dr. Laura Belus,
Naturopathic Doctor and creator of Her Health Club. A brand new online member’s community for wellness minded women
that wanna take charge of their health. This is how it works. Each month I cover a different topic in a video online lesson. And this covers the most
important things you need to know about that particular
health topic or symptom. Kind of think of it as the
Cole’s Notes for your health. We also debunk any myths
about the specific area. Things you know that you probably Google or ask your best friend about. If you’re looking to elevate your health and take out the guess
work, then I want you to join Her Health Club to
live a more happy, empowered, and radiant life. Your health is worth it, you are worth it. So join me today. (cheerful music)

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