Taking Charge of Your Health

Are you often suffering from toothaches and
wondering how you can use herbs to help with them? No worries, I am here to help. I am
Isabelle Simon your personal and workplace wellness consultant. Toothaches come usually
from the inflammation of the tissues around the tooth. But also it may be a little bit
of nerve damage there and something that you eat especially sweets usually will trigger
that kind of thing but today we are going to learn how to use herbs and my favorite
recipe is to use a concoction of a tea that uses echinacea Vitamin C and zinc and lucky
for you they come already made at any supermarket that you shop at. So you can drink the tea,
it will help ease the pain as you drink it but most importantly you can just take the
tea bag that has the echinecea, the Vitamin C and the zinc and just apply it directly
where the ache is where the tooth is aching and leave it there for about ten to fifteen
minutes and also to make hot tea you want to make sure it is not too hot so you don’t
burn yourself but that is something that is going to help you until your next appointment
to your dentist which is something I would obviously recommend if the pain persists.
It as simple as that. I am Isabelle Simon your personal workplace and wellness consultant
and remember my friend good health begins with good nutrition.

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