Taking Charge of Your Health

If you are like most women, but I know some
of you guys out there are the same; and you want to have a glowing, radiant, healthy skin
you are like many people, and I am here to give you some tips. I’m Isabelle Simon, your
personal and workplace wellness consultant, and today, we’re going to learn how to use
herbs to have a healthy skin. My favorite choice, and a plant that I use, or herb that
I use is actually a plant called Aloe Vera. Let’s say you have been in the sun and you
have a sunburn. You can take some Aloe Vera gel that you can purchase in any store. Or
even better; if you have an Aloe Vera plant in your garden break off a branch and rub
it where the the sunburn is, and I guarantee you you will not peel and it will heal the
pain just like that. Now, let’s say you have a cut. Same thing; you can use the Aloe Vera
plant on the cut, and it will help ease the pain and stop the bleeding. But Aloe Vera
can also be used on the inside, and the successful, you know measures to have a healthy skin is
to ensure that your digestive track is healthy as well. If that one is not there is nothing
you can do on the outside to help your skin. So, Aloe Vera can be used in a juice and be
mixed with some water to help, and make sure that you have a healthy digestive track.

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