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In Ireland methadone is called liquid Handcuffs as users feel trapped and bound to their clinic and the life that surrounds collecting their methadone often on a daily basis. I became a herbalist because I believed that herbs could help people recover from addiction and improve their mental health in this video I’m going to introduce you to my approach and how I use herbs as part of a holistic methadone detox I’m Tom O’Brien the mental health herbalist I have a passion to teach others about the power of foods and herbs for better mental health I focus a lot on herbs for depression anxiety insomnia and addiction. So if this is your first time here welcome to my channel and why not subscribe to keep up to date for the latest news and information on herbs and foods for better mental health. So let’s get into the video. First thing is if you are thinking about coming off any medications you should always talk to your prescribing doctor first. The information in this video is for educational purposes only and you should always consult with a herbalist before going on a course of herbs. Methadone is an opioid medication and substitute drug for people dependent on heroin. Methadone helps people stop using heroin. However methadone is addictive and many users end up on methadone for years. When users want to come off methadone they struggle with the withdrawal symptoms and the risk of relapse and overdose if they use heroin during and methadone detox. Methadone on its own is a relatively safe drug The problem is that many methadone users are also on a cocktail of prescribed drugs including benzodiazepines sleeping pills on top of their methadone. Unfortunately many died before getting opportunity to come off methadone. In 2008 I published a research paper entitled ‘Is there a way out of this clinic? ‘ and in that the paper I described the link between methadone and the concept of medical hegemony which explains how people become trapped by medical beliefs and addicted to prescribe drugs. Antonio Gramsci used the concept of hegemony to explain how those in power maintain control over others without force a coercion but rather through state institutions and the media to maintain the status quo. A medical hegemony exists when we assume a medical treatment works and we don’t question or think that there might be an alternative. I became a herbalist because of what I saw happen to people prescribed methadone. Methadone became a platform for further prescribing of a wide range of pharmaceuticals that seemed to deepen their addiction rather than becoming a stepping stone to recovery. Herbal medicine on the other hand can play an important role in supporting people overcome their addiction to methadone and order drugs. So here are some of the herbs that I can use to treat somebody with withdrawal symptoms as they are tapering off methadone over a period of a year. Herbs to nurture and support the nervous system such as valerian skullcap and st. John’s wort, wood betony, wilde lettuce and hops. Herbs to support the regeneration of the liver include milk thistle dandelion burdock root, artichcoke and turmeric adaptogen herbs to support people through a process of change and stress such as Siberian ginseng ashwaganda astragalus and licorice Herbs for a heart to support the cardiovascular system hawthorn, motherwort and cayenne pepper. Herbs to improve digestion and move constipation such as meadowsweet barberry cascara sagrada licorice Rhubarb root and ginger and Herbs for the urinary tract to support elimination of toxins such as yarrow celery seed juniper and bearberry and then herbs for the adrenal fatigue and to increase energy such as ginkgo Korean ginseng licorice astragalus and ashwagandha I would also use the herb devil’s claw for muscle aches and pains. So we have a wide range of herbs to draw on and to support someone through a methadone detox. Many of these herbs are supported by scientific research. and I’ll leave some of the links in the description below a successful methadone detox involves more than herbes and you will need a holistic plan to support you during your detox journey and you must be motivated to want to start a detox for yourself not for others and you will need social support from friends and family and you will need to be in secure housing you will also need to work in partnership with your doctor herbalist and counselor and your doctor will support your doctor will support you with a methadone tapering detox over a year you will also need to work on your guys you might consider using mindfulness meditation to relax and reduce anxiety and exercise keeping yourself busy doing a course that interests you all these things will help you focus and remember talk to your prescribing doctor before coming off any medications talk to a herbalist before starting a course it herbs I wish you well on your detox journey let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share stay safe and I’ll see you another video very soon take care bye bye

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  1. the only plant I would add to that list is kratom. it's a bit stronger then the wild lettuce, so it would be a good herb to start with if someone is only on day 2 of herion withdrawal. then as you said tapper them down.

  2. I would absolutely love to talk to you more about what I've personally used to control withdrawals and free myself from the bottle of Rx.

  3. The Mental Health Herbalist thank you for this video it's teaching me information I didn't know about and we love you for that. 🙂

  4. God bless you for trying to help people such as me.
    i been on suboxon for 15 years.
    i dont know how to get off.
    i notice since i got on suboxon my skin changed for the worst,, my stomch got worst,, i have bowle movements ones every 2-3 weeks,, a have Bad acid reflex,, my skin is serverly dry,, acne,,cyctic acne,, server dry hair,, insomia,, anxiety,, i got worst,,
    I wish i would of just gone to rehab & got clean from using pain killers.
    now im deeply despret for help!!!!!!
    PLEASE if ANYONE can help me with advice it would mean the world t ok me?

  5. My big brother was one who passed!!! He was worth so so so much more!!! I LOVE & MISS HIM SOOOO MUCH!!!GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!!! Gerrad Kyte, RIP, 10/13/77-10/9/15

  6. i have been on methadone for about 3 months. i have a family emergency and have to go basically across the country to be with my family so I need to do a rapid detox of sorts. i probably have 2 weeks at the most until I leave. Is there any way you can speak with me individually to help me try to come up with a plan for the most comfortable detox possible. ..
    Thankfully I decided prior to starting treatment that I would keep my dose as low as possible, so I am only on 50 mg currently. ..
    thank you

  7. I have been on methadone for over three years and clean for almost two years. I've told my clinic several times that I think it's time I taper off and their response to me is "well we have to have a meeting with everyone and discuss it" (without me being present). Last august I broke my hip because of a fall at work, and even though I never took the opiates prescribed, other than one or two days after surgery, while in a hospital, they use that as a reason for not "letting" me taper down. I've been told that I'm not ready, that I should wait a few months, but after said time I get the same response. Now I'm part of a 12 step program, see a therapist biweekly, and feel completely ready. My point I guess is that I can relate to the handcuffs analogy. I feel trapped in this cycle and though I'm not using other drugs, I still feel trapped. I feel as if a lot of clinics just want your money, which is insane because addiction isn't going anywhere. It's nice to hear a different perspective and that there are other options. I still suffer from severe depression and anxiety but I don't feel that with what I'm prescribed I will ever feel better. You've given me a little hope at least.

  8. I've was on heroin since I was 15 years old now I'm 39 I've been on methadone for almost 2 years ,I'm taken you on that offer everything you said made sense to ,thank you so much

  9. Drink lots of whole milk and lots of water. everything he said is true, for those who want out of the withdrawals faster seriously drink whole milk and lots of yogurt. And don't forget to keep drinking lots of water& stay away from caffeine period!?! no lies it'll put you back into withdrawals!!! Trust and believe all truth here, also stay away from meat, you lose a lot of water trying to digest the meat, wait untill you start to sleep, before you eat meat again. remember no caffeine till you get sleep 8 hrs a night

  10. I see when taking 3000-5000 mg of vitamin c has prolonged the need to take the methadone for 48 hours… it also help getting down on the dosage…. i ill try this cure a longside with the kratom. 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO SIR <3

  11. Ibgain look up that for coming off methadone. You need someone who is qualified to give it to you. It's a two day course and you dont feel no withdrawals. The problem is not meny people are qualified to give it to people. And you will have to travel to places like holland

  12. I'm on 17mg of methodone. I started methodone on 2002 ,120mg. first they started me on 30mgs and within the yrs I kept going up. Now 2017 I've manage to taper myself slowly. But on 2004 I tried to detox and did it to fast. I was on 1mg of methodone and still felt the withdrawals.Now I'm doing it very slow. I hope it works for me. But I'm noticing that I can't sleep. and I get hot and cold during the night. I just want off this drug and be my normal self again. Do you have any herbal recommendations for sleep. my email is [email protected] pls help

  13. Id been taking 180mg of methadone for 11 years I finally just had enough I just got pissed at myself for letting it control everything in my life I said fuck it an quit going to the was shitty to say the least but as of now I'm on day far from "great " but I'm better…

  14. I was on 60mil day methadone, I stopped taking it its been a week and I am feeling like shit and I need to detox of the evil hulk juice good video.

  15. Liquid handcuffs is bs and id rather not on heroin yea being fully clean would be nice im only on methadone no cocktail and will come of when im ready ppl need to do there own research but the guy in this video has a point its not as bleak as ppl make it out to be the clinic is a tool using it right works wonders

  16. Great video mate been on it for 13 years been tapering down for 2years got to 10mls then stopped as it wasn't holding me, am on day 20 tomorrow without that crap in my body I feel so weak, cramps crazy dreams light is very bright regarding colours what a horrible drug that should be stopped!! Any more advice would be much appreciated!! Feel like I've got eclecticity all over my body not nice but never looking bk no matter what happens to me my throat is also very tight to swallow!!
    Many thanks for the information
    God bless you John =)

  17. I met a Dancer in Las Vegas on Methadone…We got married after she detoxed…one Ml. per day…from 60mg…she was the absolute first person to ever get off methadone and they use my method to this day! She did take Valerian, hops, and skullcap every day esp at night! She did not have any physical withdrawl, but we were in loVe and that LOVE in our lives was the real cure!

  18. Would cbd help at all I'm in need of help and I seen things about people taking cannabis to help with withdraws

  19. i was at 105 mg methadone for 6 mos didnt dose for 4 days got 50 mg now am on day 5 with nothing.
    what i need help with is the restless legs and sweating and insomnia.

  20. only kratom and iboga can help…nothing else, no herb (other opiates like) has never worked for withdrawall
    plus the cost for herb treatment is very expensive

  21. Been on methadone 12 years going through blind detox 180mg am dwn to 27mil the withdrawal are bad they prescribed clonidine for withdrawal it's a high blood pressure medication and help I've been detoxing for 6 mth 8 mil a mth to 13 mil it's not easy but am done

  22. I've been on 95mg of methadone for about 9 years. I'm soooooo ready to be off of these liquid handcuffs! I wish I had done more research back when I first got on, I guarantee I wouldn't have been on this crap nearly this long. My mental and physical health seem to be so much worse than when I was actually on drugs…

  23. There ain't no herb gonna kill the nightmare of coming off methadone. Who are you trying to kid? Its liquid Hell!

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