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18 thoughts on “Herbs, Vegan Diets and Fasting: getting clear about true healing vs. suppressing symptoms

  1. Hey Loren, great video as always. love your stories and little extra insights you share which are invaluable 🙂 I wanted to accentuate the importance and power of the sun. In true north, you're still going to be lacking sunshine and nature. I've found my health rocket in the tropics here, and I largely believe its got to do with the sun, getting adequate sunlight, (as well as much better quality food). I think fasting while being deprived of the POWER of the sun is missing out big-time. You therefore offer MUCH better value, and id personally recommend Anyone to fast in a place with enough sun to optimize their fasting experience and healing. love and blessings lovely man, Owen

  2. Well done for doing what you do Loren, and sticking to what you feel and know is right. Way too many programmed limited, fearful operating people around in general. Glad you have cleaned yourself up in terms of energy, mind, psyche and emotions a great deal. <3 The people I trust most are the clearest energy and highest heart open and wisest people. "When the mind is unobstructed the result is wisdom. The the heart is unobstructed the result is love" – Anthony De Mello

  3. Sure I agree fruits and vegetables are nutritious, but what about shellfish, omega3 enriched eggs, offal? These foods are really nutrient dense, especially the offal, correct?

  4. Loran, your diet is incredible, simply the best humans were created for (Genesis 1:29), water only fast is also very very good, but the absolutely most incredible would be dry fast and this diet combined. Why don't you do dry fasting? What is your opinions about it?

  5. Loren Lockman is tops! Loren is truly concerned about human beings reaching their best possible health and life wellness. This McDougall guy is a total quack!! All the BEST Loren. Wow, great to hear you mention TrueNorth and those guys. I just comment on Dr. Lim's recent video. Wishing you much peace, joy, happiness, love and long life. But having skilled emergency "doctors" nearby wouldn't hurt? Right

  6. Loren, you work so hard doing so much good work. Thank you. Take care of yourself, pamper with a spa day (ok that’s what I would do) after slaying all the naysayers today.

  7. Last night I decided to research the biblical correlation to an optimal diet. Loren I know you aren’t terribly religious but everything you’re saying in your videos match up perfectly. I started in Genesis since that’s where the creation story is. I figured God wouldn’t create a being without instructions on how to feed it. Less than 5 minutes in chapter 2 God instructed Adam that he was going to be fed by all the Fruit trees of the garden except for 2. ( we all know how that went. Lol. ) After Adam and his wife disobeyed God guess what was part of Adam’s punishment? to eat HERBS!!!!! OMG. My eyes popped out of head! 3v19. What’s this telling us? We were never meant to eat herbs to begin with! Nowhere in chapters 1-2 did it mention anything about vegetables or anything that had to be harvested from the ground for food. So I’m assuming all of that was meant for the animals and the birds. They were to consume from all the trees bearing Fruit. It’s funny how I come to YouTube and the first video in my recommendations is this video talking about herbs. Wow! PS I had no idea this whole story was played out somewhere in Africa! Chapter 2 v10-14. I’ll continue to read to see when vegetables came into play. I called up my 92 yr old vegan mom who said vegetables came into play after the Noah flood. They were the first to grow back since fruit trees took a while to grow to mature trees and bare any fruit. That’s when Noah was instructed by God to eat ‘ clean meats’ and vegetables. She couldn’t remember the exact chapter but she told me to continue reading. She did however tell me that once fruits grew back to abundance we didn’t have to continue eating meat etc but the palettes were forever tainted. Most of the high priests and holy men however, reverted to the eden diet of fruits and fasting.

  8. My experience is that after transitioning to an optimal raw vegan diet, pre-fasting, the body got cleaner and no longer tolerates non-optimal “comfort” foods well at all. In fact, they no longer provide comfort and can be quite uncomfortable. There’s a mental/emotional/spiritual component that needs to be addressed at the same time as the physical for complete transcendence🙏🏻

  9. But Loren, what about all of the miraculous results claimed by people like Dr. Sebi, who promote herbal consumption?

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