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the body is a well-known fact that’s why your herbal this will tell you don’t take this earth more than X number of days around people it’s do you really think consuming something toxic is going to heal your body your healing your body’s now you guys are gonna see something most people have never had the chance to see which is 10 or 11 other amazing transformations if you stay in touch with each other because you won’t always you won’t all achieve that pinnacle while you’re here it’s gonna take you 4 to 6 weeks after the leave most of you to be 100% stay in touch with each other find out what happens you’re gonna see some amazing things happen you can’t get better than them so I’ve talked about this before on the video but you know I think what’s confusing there there people out there still saying MacDougal that works right I mean that’s cooked grains are perfectly fine MacDougall’s help help a lot of people sure I mean listen your body in every single moment of your life is attempting to take itself to the highest level of health and vitality possible in every moment of your life that’s what it’s attempting to do now if you’ve been walking around a hundred pounds overweight and consuming stuff that’s not good for you it may have had a hard time doing that ok but in every single moment doing the best it can given the conditions that it’s feeling with what that means is that as soon as we improve anything so let’s say you’ve been cruising along getting 5 hours of sleep every night on average and you start sleeping for 6 or 7 what’s gonna happen to your health it’s likely to get better well maybe significantly better ok if you go from a standard American diet a standard English diet or you know standardized whatever you guys to the mcdougal diet you’re going to be much better not because the mcdougal diet is the optimal diet necessarily in other words you’re gonna do better with any diet that’s better than the one you’ve been consuming okay I have a concept I haven’t shared with you guys yet I know for me you have a notebook right no bar for just a second and going to you know be complete optimal diet later let’s just say that decided to make some stuff up or do something that’s not here yet but eventually grow into it I mean wouldn’t that be I mean it’s not so extreme like medical transition not so like the transition over to that well you guys are free to do whatever you want just once again yes clear for yourself what it is you’re committed to you’ve told me a couple of times what you’re coming into maybe you’re not clear you’ve already done the transition okay your body is going to be considerably cleaner and better functioning that someone’s been eating an optimal diet for 10 years absence of leading this process you don’t need the transition you’re already there you just change your mindset no if you’re if you’re looking for an excuse to go back and eat more comforting foods that’s why you don’t have to make an excuse just say I want to feel better and we can change that we can change this up that’s what we’re tired so we’re here to do I mean we’re not here to accept our limitations we’re here to grow beyond our limitations you can argue for your limitations all day long and you’ll have tons of people supporting you if that’s what you want to do I think that’s what you’re saying I mean I understand people have limitations but that’s why I’m asking you what are you committed to when you get really clear about what that is you want yourself in that direction and you move in that direction as steadily as possible there may be some steps backwards but why would you do that on purpose if you go to a you know prepare a gourmet raw food for instance just to know there’s lots of people we could name you guys do some of these other things you’re taking a massive step backwards from when you leave here you’re gonna re intoxicate your body you’re not moving forward you’re not transitioning to something better you’re transitioning something much worse you’ve already done the most power you’re doing it right now the most powerful thing you can do get clear about that what you’re talking about is your mindset it seems radical to sit down with five peaches and call that a meal but it doesn’t mean it is radical it seems that way because you’re not used to it you get used to it it’s not a big deal don’t make it a big deal and he said he has patients that don’t get better of course yeah yep he sends him specifically a true dark because because they have an MD right but it was just the idea that he was admitting that he has absolutely so any any time anybody improves what they’re doing from what they were doing there’s going to be a corresponding improvement health but there’s a limitation to how much improvement they’ll get so I just got a question from someone the other day who said it said Lauren I’ve been eating a raw vegan diet for you know what six months my my condition hasn’t improved in fact I got another one the other day Lauren I just did a 30-day juice fast and my condition didn’t improve do you think a water fast would be more powerful yeah there’s no comparison juices contain calories and nutrients their food there are natural food we can still talk about that at some point but there’s no comparison I’ve literally had people who’ve done I had one woman she’d been diagnosed with cancer she happened to be very wealthy and so she’d spent a year traveling from one healing center to the next she went to see a chai and Ohi and hippocrates and Ann Wigmore it was at the end with warrants to Porto Rico or someone said call Loren Lockman and she called me and said what do you think can you help me I’m like uh-huh we you know here’s the thing if your body can heal there’s no better way and I mean there’s no better way I mean there’s no better place either and I am I biased of course I am I’m offering you guys what I we believe is best if you go to true north as I’ve explained before and we’re with doodle sassy he’ll never send people to me because I’m not in that mean if I had an MD on staff maybe but until then it’s never gonna happen okay it’s a little fraternity now interestingly Michael clapper the MD at true north it’s an old friend of mine because he had a radio program in Washington DC 20 years ago when I was in the board of the vegetarian society used to come to our events I’m the one that told him about fast food got very little experience okay I fasted I don’t know 500 times more people when he asked probably not really you know but and he is an MD so very few MDS ever get past the brainwashing that they went through about the school they’re stuck so what do they do they make sure that you’re all the things we’re reading every day or every week like blood sugar they’re everything has to have been normal ranges or they end your fast that effectively ensures you don’t get as much benefit as possible because part of the process of healing means your body’s going to do what it needs to do so some of you with normal blood sugar are getting you know who don’t have blood sugar issues like diabetes are gonna happen abnormal blood sugar readings fast is over they break your class that’s what they do that’s their policy yeah well I mean basically they got into some trouble years ago and now they make sure no one ever has any potential issues but it means you can’t you can’t also get the maximum healing better it’s not gonna happen unless you’re that young I guess some people like but it means you might not it could be that you can because your readings would always be in the normal ranges but that’s not going to be true for a lot of people a lot of people are gonna have readings outside and they would stop the fast and a story so can you can you tell us when you subdue you decide to stop fussing well when I believe somebody’s actually endangered I don’t think those readings are necessarily the be-all and end-all remember those ranges are based on where the average population is where normal people are so for you when is it the same Gunja it’s not it’s not an easy question to answer there’s no I can’t give you a pat answer well if spread goes down to ten you go to the hospital which effectively means you’re fast is over because they’re gonna give you an IV with nutrients but there are various things that could happen in different situations I can’t list them all for you it’s yet it’s just I mean this fasting is an art it’s not a science because there’s no way to measure what’s actually going on in your body we can only measure these certain things and again there are beliefs about where they should be they’re just beliefs they’re not facts any more than it’s a fact that your blood pressure should be 120 over 80 that’s definitely not fat VESA mount says no maybe not better lower for years they said no that’s that’s the perfect blood pressure when in fact it was never the perfect blood pressure was always normal blood pressure that’s all of us just average we’re looking at something here that is not so easy to to measure all the time it’s really more an understanding of what is an okay based a lot of experience of what is it isn’t okay again I mean now on Goldhammer he runs the place he owns the place he doesn’t actually see most of the clients anymore he does all you know he’s just running the show he’s the only one that’s actually been around for a long time right and from numbers alone you can’t you can’t always get the whole story anyway I mean it’s listen it’s you know true north is perfect for people who think they need to have a doctor all the time some people want something that’s more funny some people only gonna feel safe great they’ve done okay personally I don’t think we want to be I don’t think we want to be in a clinic tomorrow I don’t want to be the one I don’t think you’re gonna heal the best I think you’re gonna have a place where you’re surrounded by nature where you’re not being scared by tests unnecessary to what test etcetera but you know it’s it’s a different viewpoint and the fraternity but these guys all belong to which I’ll never be a member of you know I’m gonna go back to that guys doing that’s crazy may you saw I guarantee we seem far more dramatic results than they do consistently you

18 thoughts on “Herbs, Vegan Diets and Fasting: getting clear about true healing vs. suppressing symptoms

  1. Hey Loren, great video as always. love your stories and little extra insights you share which are invaluable 🙂 I wanted to accentuate the importance and power of the sun. In true north, you're still going to be lacking sunshine and nature. I've found my health rocket in the tropics here, and I largely believe its got to do with the sun, getting adequate sunlight, (as well as much better quality food). I think fasting while being deprived of the POWER of the sun is missing out big-time. You therefore offer MUCH better value, and id personally recommend Anyone to fast in a place with enough sun to optimize their fasting experience and healing. love and blessings lovely man, Owen

  2. Well done for doing what you do Loren, and sticking to what you feel and know is right. Way too many programmed limited, fearful operating people around in general. Glad you have cleaned yourself up in terms of energy, mind, psyche and emotions a great deal. <3 The people I trust most are the clearest energy and highest heart open and wisest people. "When the mind is unobstructed the result is wisdom. The the heart is unobstructed the result is love" – Anthony De Mello

  3. Sure I agree fruits and vegetables are nutritious, but what about shellfish, omega3 enriched eggs, offal? These foods are really nutrient dense, especially the offal, correct?

  4. Loran, your diet is incredible, simply the best humans were created for (Genesis 1:29), water only fast is also very very good, but the absolutely most incredible would be dry fast and this diet combined. Why don't you do dry fasting? What is your opinions about it?

  5. Loren Lockman is tops! Loren is truly concerned about human beings reaching their best possible health and life wellness. This McDougall guy is a total quack!! All the BEST Loren. Wow, great to hear you mention TrueNorth and those guys. I just comment on Dr. Lim's recent video. Wishing you much peace, joy, happiness, love and long life. But having skilled emergency "doctors" nearby wouldn't hurt? Right

  6. Loren, you work so hard doing so much good work. Thank you. Take care of yourself, pamper with a spa day (ok that’s what I would do) after slaying all the naysayers today.

  7. Last night I decided to research the biblical correlation to an optimal diet. Loren I know you aren’t terribly religious but everything you’re saying in your videos match up perfectly. I started in Genesis since that’s where the creation story is. I figured God wouldn’t create a being without instructions on how to feed it. Less than 5 minutes in chapter 2 God instructed Adam that he was going to be fed by all the Fruit trees of the garden except for 2. ( we all know how that went. Lol. ) After Adam and his wife disobeyed God guess what was part of Adam’s punishment? to eat HERBS!!!!! OMG. My eyes popped out of head! 3v19. What’s this telling us? We were never meant to eat herbs to begin with! Nowhere in chapters 1-2 did it mention anything about vegetables or anything that had to be harvested from the ground for food. So I’m assuming all of that was meant for the animals and the birds. They were to consume from all the trees bearing Fruit. It’s funny how I come to YouTube and the first video in my recommendations is this video talking about herbs. Wow! PS I had no idea this whole story was played out somewhere in Africa! Chapter 2 v10-14. I’ll continue to read to see when vegetables came into play. I called up my 92 yr old vegan mom who said vegetables came into play after the Noah flood. They were the first to grow back since fruit trees took a while to grow to mature trees and bare any fruit. That’s when Noah was instructed by God to eat ‘ clean meats’ and vegetables. She couldn’t remember the exact chapter but she told me to continue reading. She did however tell me that once fruits grew back to abundance we didn’t have to continue eating meat etc but the palettes were forever tainted. Most of the high priests and holy men however, reverted to the eden diet of fruits and fasting.

  8. My experience is that after transitioning to an optimal raw vegan diet, pre-fasting, the body got cleaner and no longer tolerates non-optimal “comfort” foods well at all. In fact, they no longer provide comfort and can be quite uncomfortable. There’s a mental/emotional/spiritual component that needs to be addressed at the same time as the physical for complete transcendence🙏🏻

  9. But Loren, what about all of the miraculous results claimed by people like Dr. Sebi, who promote herbal consumption?

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