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Garlic’s medicinal properties have been
touted for decades. It’s used widely in natural remedies but
also has a fantastic flavor, that makes it one of the most versatile root vegetables
known to man. Research shows that in order to get the most
out of it as an antibiotic, you’ll want to use recipes that call for garlic to be
taken on an empty stomach. Take a look at 9 important benefits of garlic: High blood pressure
When garlic is pressed, it releases a compound that fights high blood pressure. This compound called allicin works to relax
the blood vessels so that the blood flows more freely. Digestive problems
When taken on an empty stomach, this powerful bulb is capable of destroying the bad bacteria
in both our small and large intestines. It also battles stubborn digestive ailments
like, colitis and dysentery. It’s also been known to reduce swelling
in the gastric canal. Eye Care
The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic reduce swelling and help treat infections,
especially in the eye. Both Vitamin C and Selenium are found in high
levels in garlic, and both are great sources of antioxidants. Anemia
When consumed, garlic increases the production of a protein that helps in the absorption
and release of iron. Since it helps with these tasks, those who
consume natural remedies that contain garlic are less likely to suffer from a lack of iron
in the blood. High Cholesterol Levels
LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, can’t oxidize when allicin is present. Garlic’s high allicin content ensures that
the LDL is kept in check and the overall cholesterol level remains within a manageable level. Cancer
Maintaining a diet rich in garlic lowers the probability of cancers that affect the colon,
stomach, and esophagus. It battles carcinogenic compounds and cuts
down on the occurrence of tumors found in breast cancer patients. Common colds
When you start feeling run down, try eating two crushed cloves of garlic. It will attack the cold and work to boost
your immune system. Blood sugar problems
Oil extracted from garlic is believed to reduce the side effects brought on by diabetes. These can include poor eyesight, kidney damage,
and heart disorders to name a few. Libido issues
Used as an aphrodisiac, garlic has been shown to raise the libido in both men and women. It can bring life back to a tired sex life. Keep in mind that if you’re allergic to
garlic, you should never try to eat it raw. Look for side effects of an allergic reaction
such as a headache, increased temperature, or a rash. If after using raw garlic, any of these symptoms
are present, stop using raw garlic immediately. Garlic also comes in pill form for anyone
who’s tired of its smell. Experiment with garlic as a remedy this way,
before assuming that you can’t use it because of the taste or smell.

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  1. Very interesting informations! Wonderful video! 😊😉😎 Thank you very much, dear friend! 😉😊😎 Best regards from London!

  2. GET OUTTA HERE! Wow! This was an amazing bit of information. 😀 I use garlic, powdered and dry minced, but I will soon try the fresh cloves.

  3. The problem with all of your videos is no information regarding recommended amounts of the herb(s), plant(s) cited to achieve the results nor dosing. Without such informal, you might as well be recommending "eye of the newt and ground unicorn horns".

  4. Another tip- Let the garlic sit for ten minutes after crushing/chopping the bulb. This allows the alliin to fully convert into allicin, and you'll reap more benefits ^-^

  5. I did it years ago… I was super stinky for 3 days AFTER I stopped taking it… I mean REALLY STINKY. Only one clove in the morning and I was like Pepe le pew

  6. Sad thing is people actually believe they need to do this to be happy and healthy. We are brainwashed.

  7. I from PAKISTAN.Your this video is very informative and honestly I am very thankful to yoy.God(ALLAH) bless you.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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