Taking Charge of Your Health

Namaskar friends!. I am Dr P.S. Tiwari, at
your service. Today I’ll talk about cholesterol because we cannot live without cholesterol
because it is a very important component of our blood as it helps in discharging very
important hormones. Those whose cholesterol is low, their immunity
decreases and they have high risk of infections. Cholesterol helps in formation of bile acid
which helps in digestion of fat in our body. Cholesterol helps in formation of sex hormones
like estrogen and progesterone. Cholesterol helps in soaking the toxic released by the
bacteria. Cholesterol is very important for brain activity. So now we will understand
about the types of cholesterol – H.D.L and L.D.L. H.D.L is called high density level and L.D.L is called Low density level. H.D.L is our
friend and L.D.L is our enemy. H.D.L should be above 40 and L.D.L. should be below 100. For knowing the cholesterol you must undergo a test once in a year which is called Lipid Profile. So if you have high cholesterol, then there are some homeopathy medicine which
you can take to lead a happy life. Aurum Met 30 – this is for those person whose B.P is always high and who are depressed and fed up from their life, alongwith over sensitive
to noise with suicidal tendencies, then those person can take Aurum Met 30 – 4 drops twice
daily, they will feel relieved. Next medicine is Calcarea Carb 3x, this is
for those who are fat, fair and flabby and whose forehead are always covered with sweat.
And they also have craving for eggs with over sensitive to cold air, then they can take
Calcarea Carb 3x – 2 tabs thrice daily for some days, they will get relief from this
problem. Third medicine is Allium Sativa Q (mother
tincture) which is made up of garlic. This medicine is for those person who have high
pressure and have excessive hunger for meat, then they can take Allium Sativa Q – 10 drops
twice daily for some days, they will get relief from this problem. Fourth medicine is Nux Vomica 200. Those who
are alcoholic and because of this they are suffering from constipation from this, then
they can take Nux Vomica 200 – 4 drops at bedtime, they will get relief from this problem. Fifth medicine is Fel Tauri 3x. This medicine
is for those who have tendency to sleep after eating. Then they can take Fel Tauri 3x for
this problem. So the last medicine which I’m going to say
is Crataegus Q (mother tinctur). So in this, you get weakness after working for a while
alongwith air hunger, then they can take Crataegus Q – 10 drops thrice daily. Even if you don’t
have this symptom then also you can take this medicine because it has heart tonic because
after an age of 45 or more you will not have any heart related problems and your blood
pressure will also be at normal level. So these are the medicine which you can follow.
If you want to ask something then you can WhatsApp me.
So this is it for today. I will meet you in the next video. Namaskar, Thank You.

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