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100 thoughts on “Hilarious MEDICAL Whisper Challenge! | Doctor Mike

  1. He’s screaming at you because he thinks you can also hear the sounds from the headphones so his brain tells him to shout (at least that’s my theory)

  2. I have asthma and pneumonia right now 5 days off school & rapid fever temp right now is 100.4 .1 more from having a fever

  3. somewhere around 7:40
    You can hear the music that mike is listening to
    its "I Love It – Lil Pump". I guessed that, deserve a like

  4. This is a lipreading challenge. Glad to see this. When you have a Deaf patient you will understand why you need a qualified ASL interpreter! Awesome!

  5. It is not a dr. Mike's video if he did not mention either one of these two things:
    1- Russian background
    2- Chest compressions

  6. How come they are both so attractive?! Anyone wanna tell me what school they went to? Cause ya girl needs to sign up!!!

  7. Omg these videos kill me. They are funny with just the RIGHT AMOUNT of distraction….. ? needed this after a hard day…thanks guys!

  8. Start to end…

    Laughing ?
    Laughing ?
    Laughing ?

    We all watching u both,
    And U make all of us laughing, laughing, laughing ?

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