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Hello and Welcome Friends!!! You most welcome on ‘Lakhaipurtv’ I am telling today about the benefits and use of for prostate gland enlargement Himalaya herbal’s Himplasia But before that I would like to tell you that if you still not SUBSCRIBED our channel then first subscribe it by clicking on SUBSCRIBE button we provide tips to be healthy and info to cure disease and free health advice As you all know that prostate gland is the part of male reproductive system which is situated just down side of urinary bladder and urethra passes from it Himalaya herbal’s Himplasia is used to normalizing prostate size to cure prostate gland I provided classical herbal medicine info in another video there is info of 2 ayurvedic yog Himalaya herbal’s Himplasia is easily available every where and any one can use it Prostate gland enlargement is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH and you can say it abnormal growth or prostate gland prostate gland size grows as per age but if grows more then it gives pressure on urethra and due to that urination obstruct and inability to empty bladder completely due to this urine problem occurs such as- frequent urination specially at night burning sensation, pain during urine passing no urination or urine comes in drops urination desire just after passing urine urine holding strength reduce like symptom seen This diagnosed by ultrasonography to cure these symptoms and problems Himalaya Himplasia tablet is very effective medicine So let’s know what is the composition of this – this is made from these herbs such as Gokshur(Tribulus terrestris)- best herb to cure urinary disease Purikaranj(Caesalpinia bonducella)- best medicine for prostate gland Puga(Areca catechu)- it called supari in common language this helps to reduce size of prostate Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus)- tonic and effect on urinary system Varuna(Crataeva nurvala)- bark of varuna is medicine for bladder, kidney disease and to reduce gland size Akik pishti- this is made of akik stone which have cold properties useful in hypertension and heart disease except of these extract of some herbs also included in himplasia which are following- Babool(acacia nilotica)- useful in urinary disease Kulthi(Dolichos Biflorus)- this also useful in urinary disease, cures stone and gland. This also used as pulse for food Ghrit Kumari(aloe vera)- this known as aloe vera which is best anti oxidant Powder of 6 herbs and extract of 3 makes Himplasia very effective medicine to normalize the size of prostate gland Now know the benefits of Himplasia tablet- Himplasia tablet is having 5 alpha reductase enzyme which used to cure BPH this reduces size and weight of prostate this has anti biotic, anti inflammatory, anti hypertensive, anti oxidant and anti spasmodic properties By using this urine comes clear and freely it cures frequent urination prevents from urinary tract infection or UTI Himlpasia makes prostate healthy as natural medicine Dose of Himalaya Herbal’s Himplasia tablet- 1 to 2 tablet twice daily with water Himplasia tablet is completely ayurvedic medicine which have no any side effect it can be use for long time also it used up to six month on many patient If ‘Chandraprabha Vati’ taken 2 tablets twice daily with this then it cures fastly So friends this was the info of benefits and use of Himplasia tablet which use can cure enlarged prostate gland Must SUBSCRIBE our channel to know another info like this and to get new update and to know herbal formulas and home remedy to cure disease If you found today’s info useful then LIKE & SHARE this then other people can get its benefits too your one share can help someone to get rid from disease you can read today’s info by clicking on link in description below If you have any question about today’s info then feel free to ask us through comment your view, advice and queries are welcome you be healthy, this is our wish THANK YOU

100 thoughts on “Himalaya Himplasia प्रोस्टेट ग्लैंड वृद्धि के लिए | Himalaya Himplasia For Prostate Gland

  1. कृपया यह बतये एक या दो टेबलेट खाने से पहले या बाद मे

  2. sir mere age 23 year hai. mera prostate gland badh gya hai. sir thik karne ki dwai pata di jiye.
    .urin mai jalan bahut hoti hai

  3. Kripya ye bataiye ,ki agar kisi ko high Blood pressure hai to vo Himplasia aur Chandra Parbha vati le sakta hai,jaise ki mujhe pata hai chandra prabha vati High blood pressure me nuksan pahunchati hai..

  4. Jisko prostate enlarge problem hai uske liye sex k liye kya instructions hain,ya kuch usme kami aati hai,aur uss position me kaun si aurvedic medicine leni chahiye,Pls details me bataiyega..medicine lene k fayede aur nuksan dono..

  5. sir my father age 73 ek din achanak bleeding piles hua khoon bahooth jarahatha tho docotor ko dhikaya tho vusne ointment tablet diya tho kam hogaya, rath ko pishap me jalan hua tho doctor ne kaha ki prostate enlargement hua hai tho operation karna padega bol dhiya hai phir urologist ko dhikayatho grade II may hai vus ke liye tablets dhiya hai ye vumar me operation kar na kya bol ke hum soch rahe hai now i had seen ur programme in u tube and he had sugar 200-250 now he is under control he is using one tablet
    morning,1 tablet afternoon, 1/2 tablet at night for sugar and one
    antibiotic tablet 200mg, morning night. from some days he also suffering
    rashes in head, and under knees suffering prostate enlargement 50cc, , urine bahuthbar jatha hai tho us se admi ko kamjori hothi hai tho vus ke liye one multi vitamin tablet de rahehai tho is may is tablet kaise use karna chahiye kya kay use karna chahiye

  6. Sir USG kub kiya to prostete gland pahely sea 6cc suta hua hai par presab raheny ki jaga suta nahi hua . kabi kabi gutne ful jata hai

  7. Sir' l 60 years age l am suffered prostate enlarged as per your instration I use himplasia+ chanderprabha vati use kar raha hone phadha horha hai. parthu also I suffered sex weakness problems and joint pains also low back pain
    pl.advice me in Hindi
    thanking you sir

  8. Sir
    as per your instructions mein himplasia and chanderaparbha vati Latah hone ya dawa SE prostate tik hojayaga ya Aur dosari dawa Lana phatha kha ya medicine SE lab horahai

  9. कृपया बताये, कि क्या चंद्र प्रभा वटी का प्रयोग से उच्च रक्त चाप के मरीज को कोई नुकसान तो नहीं होता है?

  10. Sir yough no 1 our himplasia tab, BP kylia allopathic 1mahiny say ly rahi hai. Bangashil our Frotege abhi mil gai hai kiya a bhi lay sakygi sir

  11. हेलो सर , मुझे कुछ दिनों से ये लषण महसूस हो रहा है क्या में इस दवा को ले शाक्त हूँ इसका कोई दुषप्रभाव तो नहीं है

  12. Sir himplasia,bangashil aur Frotege in tinoka 1,1 tab dinmy AK bar yah subo Sam dobar Lena hai. To kiya yough no 1 Lena band kardegi, sir sarir dubla patla our kamjor hua hai kiya isky lia dawa liya ja sakta hai.

  13. Sir himplasia, bangashil, fortage kha rahi hai . kabi b p bhi kam hogai hai par ek sapta sy sar dard ho rahi

  14. Dear sir my age is 43 sugar normal BP 90/135 prostate 25 gram bar pashab atha hai gentile area Me booth pain hothi hai .

  15. Sir jo bhi Sal be bataya unme kuch lakchan mujh me BHI hai jaise pesab karneke bad kharehone Ke baad pesab ka tapakna aur pesab joro Lagna aur karne per thora hi hona kamar me dard hona pesab dhire dhire hona samay lagna 5/7 minat lagna salah De main Kya karun

  16. sir meri mother ki age 50year hai jb vo kio english tablet ya koi fever vgera ka injection lgvati hai to uska pishab ruk jata hai uska bchedani ka operation v hua hai sir pishab problem ki laye use kon si tablet de please respons sir

  17. sir chandraprbah or goksuradi ki goli grmi (summer) season me le skte hai yeh grm to nhi hai kya ?

  18. sir mere paresani .urine me jalan hoti hai aur .urine jalli jalli aati hai . sir paisab karte sme vire ka kat ra aajata hai.laytren me takat lagane se bhi aajata hai.kamera me dard bhi hota hai.5 sal se ye bimare hai .docter ki dawa bhot ki hai koli fayada nahie hai .altra sound me aya hai urine bleder me sujan hai .aur urine infeksan hai .aur pet sahie nahi raheta hai.gais ki probilam hai

  19. sir mere papa ko prostate enlagrment ki shikayat hai unki umar 65 saal hai. doctor ne operation karne ko kaha hai. unhe kya dawa leni chahiye plz bataye

  20. मेरा 37.5gm.का प्रोस्टेट हौ अबि एलोपेथिक औषधि खानेका वाद37.3gm का होग्या।मेरा ए पता लाग्या 3 साल हुवाहै मेरा उमेर 36 साल का है बादमे बिसाब किल्यार भि नै होताहे और युरिनरिट्र्याक इन्फेक्सन भि है और दर्द भि होति है लिङ्मे थोडा अन्दर का नलि दर्द भि होते है सुजन भि है जो मेरा सिफारिस का इजेक्सन्देनेका मुजेसे यैसा हुवा डक्तर ने अन्दाजा से दबायादिया ग्या यिसिलिए यसा समस्या मेरा 11 साल्से होरै हे और सिमेन्ट पास हुनेके लिए बि ठोडा सम्स्या है सिपिड मै बाहार नै आता है मे औसदी चाता हु अभि मे साउदी अरब मे हु आपका औसदी कैसे हासिल कर्सक्ता हु और कित्ना महिने खाना चाहिए जवाफ दिजिए ।0596817743 मे सम्पर्क भि।कर्सक्ते है

  21. मेरा प्रोस्टेट 69ग्राम का है अल्ट्रासाउंड में आया है, यूरिन में कोई इंफेकशन नहीँ है, रात्रि में बार बार पांच से छह बार पेशाब जाना होता है, नींद भी ठीक से नही होता है, एक माह से Himplasia, कभी Prostaty चंद्रप्रभाबति और तारकेश्वर रस लेता हूं, उम्र 60 साल के लगभग है समाधान बताने का कृपा करें

  22. namaskar may nepal se hu mere pita ji umar 82 he pichale 4 mahino se pita ji ko posted se paresan he kirpa kar ke iska upachar karneka tarika batay

  23. Bahut achha .Aaissai hi JAARI rakhain. Agar sambhav ho toh DEVI AYUR.BHOPAL ki PROSTRATE ki dawaa ASHTILARIL ka review ki vedio banain.Iss dawaa.kai baarai mein kaafi pada aur sunna hai.DHANYAVAD

  24. सर मेरी उम्र 27 वर्ष है मुझे भी BPH की शिकायत है, डॉ. हिम्प्लासिया रिकमेंड किये है। शादी अभी नहीं हुई है मेरी, 7 अक्टूबर 2016 से दवा कर रहा हूँ। दवा कितना लंबा चलेगा और सेक्स लाइफ पर BPH का क्या प्रभाव पड़ेगा, कृपया बतायें।

  25. सर मेरी उम्र 40 वर्ष है मुझे पेशाब में जलन होता है तथा पेनिस और गुदामार्ग के बीच हल्का हल्का दर्द रहता है! क्या यह प्रोस्टेट की समस्या हो सकती है! पेशाब रुक रुक कर नहीं होता है पेशाब की धार भी ठीक है!

  26. I have a BPH and taking Himplasia but its not working I am taking it daily 2 each morning and evening. Shall I have to take any alternative medication for himlasia. Please do prescribe what shall I have to take for combination

  27. मुझे ऐसा लगता है की Mauritius में कोई कंपनी है जो आप के दवा मंगाते है कृपया अगर वो हिमप्लेजिया मंगाता है तो आप उस कंपनी का नाम पत्ता इमेल या फोन number मुझे भेजने का कस्त करें मेरा मेल है : [email protected] अगर नहीं मंगाता है तो मै आप से कैसे ये दवा प्राप्त कर सकता हूँ |

  28. I am 28 year old suffering from prosties 22 grm(frequently urin leaking of urine and low sex drive )
    Kya sirf himplasia lene se mujhay fayda hoga.

  29. It is an excellent medicine and very efficacious effect and completely remove infections and free flow of urinary tract. Again it is very cost effective. Of course it can be taken with Chandra Prabhavati.

  30. Sir Mujhe Bar Bar pisab lagta hai or raat ko bhi baar baar uthna padta hai iske liye koi sahi or achi dawai bataye my age is 25 and I have this problem from childhood

  31. क्या हिमप्लेशिया टैबलेट के साथ कोई परहेज भी करना है एवं पोषिटक आहार ले सकते हैं।

  32. Sir mujhe kampan hoti ha aur 102 103 bukhar ho jata ha aur peshab men pus cell 50 se 60 ho jate ha bhut pareshan hu bhut ilaj karaya ha please koye ddava bata deejye

  33. Sir नमस्कार,
    मैं किडनी स्टोन और प्रोस्टेट एंलार्ज से पीड़ित हूँ मेरे दोनों किडनी में कुल 05 स्टोन है मैं कई देशी और घरेलू नुस्खे का इस्तेमाल किया हूँ लेकिन कोई फायदा नहीं हुआ तो आप मुझे दोनों का रामबाण इलाज बताइये
    मेरा स्टोन 5-6 mm का है

  34. Ser mere ko pashab bar bar ate h water ya milk pene k 10 ment bad pasheb me koi jalen be nhi h meri age 25 year h ye tablet kitne din use karni h

  35. Sir muje toilet khulke nahi aata or toilet karne me bhi problem hoti h kya aap koi medicine suggest karenge plz m bhut jyada pteshan hu plz?

  36. Sir please help me I m too much worried
    I have urethra stricture since last 15 years at the age 13 and now I m 28 I have taken a lot of treatment I have urethra dilation in2010 but no relief please reply me

  37. Dr sahab mere uncle ko azoospermia huwa hai unka test me pata chala hai unka andkosh bahut chhota hai andkosh badhane ka koi egg badhane ka koi upay ya medicine hai india mein

  38. sir mere uncle ko prostet ki problem thi bad me opresan kiya 2month ke bad vahi problem he pesab me blod ata he jalan hoti he pls sir koi upchar bateye

  39. मेरी auu 85 years है,,,, और जब की मेरी Prostrate 33grm hai,
    क्या मैं इस दवाई का इस्तेमाल कर सकता हु,,, और मैं इसे खाना खाने से पहले लु या बाद मैं,,,

  40. Sir meri age 22 year hai mujhe baar baar peshab aata her 25-30minute me raat ko bhi baar baar peshab aata hai sir me bahut hi pareshan hu koi samadhan bataye

  41. bacha paida karne ki sakti kho deta hai sir…
    logo ko sahi jankari do,. iska sevan mt kro bhaiyo,,. isme alfa. hai.
    jo mardangj k ley khatarnak h

  42. Mere father ki age 70 years h..wo iss smasya se pidit h..kya unhe iss dwa se fayda hoga ya unhe ab operate kraya ja skta h..plzzzz reply..

  43. Sir paesab lagny ki problam kafi purani hai or ab pesab ruk ruk ky anda hai ji and pesab karan to baad kuj katry fir vich nikal jandy ur mai 1 month ho gy yeh wali tablet ly rhan hon farak to pda hai lakin jad sy khatam krna hai is prablam ko to kb,tk khanni padygi ji yeh tablet plz reply krna sir thankful hovanga jy mob no v tuhada mil ji .

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