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This is for the builders of cities and worlds, the creators of Jazz and Hip Hop, the scientists with bedrooms for a lab. We are paying homage to those
whose existence reminds us that there is more. Paying homage, always. There is a problem in the hospitality industry and really, what that is is that diversity
is not reflected in ownership or in management. And when you think about the history of hospitality, a lot of it was built on the backs of black and brown people. So many cities where we want to build properties, they’re sort of a hot bed of black culture. Our spaces should feel like that city and that cultural hot bed got packed into the building. We spent a lot of our own capital,
our own resources to get things done and we had to do a lot ourselves. Our Airbnb offering, we wanted to make sure that our guide book reflected the type
of experiences that we wanted people to have when they’re in New Orleans. We were very intentional about putting
a lot of black owned business on there. Some of those historic well liked businesses
that you would almost have to be a local to really know about. We’re having a community meeting tonight.
Are you going to be able to make it? -Yeah.
-All right man. Good to see you too. We wanted the Moor to provide our travelers with just a fundamentally different experience
in New Orleans. We create the things that we want
to exist in the world. Looking at the hospitality space,
there was nothing that looked like what we were trying to create. What we were excited to find out is if the greater public would still see our space
the same way our core demographic does. And I think now that we’re actually
on the Airbnb platform and we’re able to open up our doors
to more people of all different backgrounds, we’ve seen that people just appreciate
the space in general. Hearing from our guests,
hearing from customers are just informant every day of our operation. Allowing that exchange to happen is a beautiful
aspect of the Airbnb platform. We wanted to let people know
that there really is room for you. -I’m Damon
-And I’m Marcus And we’re hosts with Homage Hospitality.

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  1. "Airbnb is a platform that connects people from around the world to incredible places to stay and interesting things to do." … Unless we disagree with your (conservative) political beliefs, then we will deny you service!

  2. Very nice job Damon and Marcus. I too am an Airbnb host in Chicago IL and pride myself on trying to offer a similar experience. Hats off to both of you. Job well done!!!

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