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Welcome to Health Care at Home In the previous episode we were talking about Anxiety Will take that conversation further, see those who got anxiety attacks You need to have a little conscious about their eating habits Try to decrease the consumption of those who items who increase the acidity in your body Just like try to decrease the consumption of Red Meet & deep fried food. As much as seasonal vegetables which comes in season like as much as of green leafy vegetables , consume them. One more remedy you can do if you got whet grass juice, now days wheat grass powder is also available then you must consume it empty stomach in morning and in evening. this also gives you relief in anxiety because what is does it increases the quantity of blood in your body also improvise the quality of blood, and the blood which goes to your mind with this your mind gets proper oxygen, nutrition.and due to this your mind stays calm. and it makes you stay away from anxiety apart form this don’t consume the cold drink those who have anxiety. because cold-drinks dehydrateour body and when our body get dehydrate, then there are so much of chances of increasing of anxiety. Now i will tell you one remedy, if you have anxiety problem . What you have to do soak 7 almonds for overnight and next day make the fine paste of those almonds you can also add some milk to make this paste, now you have to mix the entire paste into 1 glass of water. and mixing you have to add some saffron in it. saffron is easily available in the market, so add the saffron and mix it well. if you want you can add some honey to make it bit sweeten. and after mixing honey if it is possible for you Then Brahmi Churan is available in the market, then add 1/2 spoon of it in this milk and Shank-pushpi is also available now a days. It is also available in the form of syrup in the market. it is also available in the form of powder, so suppose if you have syrup then add 1/2 spoon of it mixed in this glass of milk and you have to consume this milk empty stomach in the morning As soon you will start consuming this milk with in 7-8 days you will start feeling relief in the problem of anxiety. It is often seen that when women has Menopause means when their periods gets stopped even then they get anxiety attack, what you have to do then Do self-pampering get the massage nicely with the sesame oil of your whole body you will notice that you will get relief in anxiety , along with massage your head with almond oil before sleeping get the massage of almond oil this will also give you relief in the anxiety. apart form this you can do one more remedy, take orange juice or any juice which is full of vitamin C add 1/2 spoon of nut meg powder jaifal (nut met) grated it and freshly add into the juice and consume that juice with this also you will get so much of relief in anxiety. Along with dark chocolate also work good in anxiety so, keep dark chocolate always with you, so if you even feel like having anxiety attack then immediately eat a small piece of dark chocolate if you have dark chocolate , and if not then you can even have any other chocolate’s small piece. then also you will get relief in anxiety. along with this drink at least 3 liter of water. Because you need to keep your body hydrate. Along with one more thing you can do instead of drinking normal tea you should drink green tea Green tea also helps in to get rid of anxiety and depression. There is one more thing called Chamomile Tea, So if you start using Chamomile Tea only in night, as in we get sleepy after drinking this so you consume Chamomile Tea in the night, this will also help into come out of anxiety. You won’t get attacked by anxiety any more. So, isn’t all the remedies were very easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree & be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel.Tell your friends & relatives to subscribe this channel. Support us in our aim, Our aim is that maximum number of people get health benefits while sitting at home only. So, don’t forget to share our videos as much as you can.Thank You…

36 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Anxiety and Depression part 2 II चिंता और उदासी के लिए घरेलु उपचार – भाग -2 II

  1. while done anulom vilom today… My brain became so relaxed and calm…… I never imagined it would be so much powerful… So much better than the last time….

  2. Sir, my wife has little growth of hair on her upper lip, kindly suggest your special home remedy, thank you

  3. Hello sir i am 23 year and my problem is that my memory is too weak even i forgets words during talking others. I am always wander in my wn imagine world which is create problem to focus my study. And i became nervous to meet new people so plz sir tell me a remedy to get rid of these problems

  4. I like that you highlight unhealthy foods such as deep fried food for instance. Not only is it good for general health but also a very overlooked factor of panic attack relief. Thanks

  5. Dear Sir
    after watching your video today morning I was drink one glass of wheat grass in empty stomach. but at afternoon I have two times of loose motion and headache also. plz guide me for continue it or discontinue. o have sleeping problem and anxiety also. plz refer some good remedy for it. Niranjan Maharana

  6. sir, mujhe becheni hoti hai kbhi kbhi ghabrat b hoti h is wajah s neend b nh ati h little fear b… plz solve this problm😐

  7. hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for how to cure panic attacks forever try Loctavan Amazing Simple Stress Strategy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got great results with it.

  8. sir ,thank u so much for these remadies ,kuch aur remadies nd treatments bataaye for depression due to menopause ….

  9. guru ji,, mujhe anxiety ki problen hai aur me allopathic anxiety medicine le raha hun. me ye medicine chhodna chahta hun kya me brahmi allopathic medicine ke sath kha sakta hun. Please reply…

  10. I have spent months investigating top natural cure for panic attacks and found an awesome website at Trevs panic fixer (google it if you are interested)

  11. may I say indians are very intellegnt people producing natural medecinr which works and gets u better unlike chemical med

  12. Sir,mujhe 5 saal se anxiety ki problem hai Maine her ek sacatrist ko dikha liya,sir mujhe din bhar saans lene mai taklif hoti hai,aur ghabrahat hoti hai,doc ka kahna hai ki mujhe anxiety ki problem hai,sir mai 6 months pregnant hun,aur abhi bhi dipression pills leti hun,sir mujhe aap hi bataiye? Ki mere hone wale bachhe ko koi problem to nhi hogi?plz sir reply🙏🏻

  13. sir mai 60 year old lady hun aur mai3 years se anxity ki tablet kha rahi hun habit ho gai hai nahi lene se bahut bechani hoti hai please aap kuch remedies bataiye meri anxit tab kam ho jay

  14. Sir g jab ma kissi se baat karta hu tab ma ruk ruk kar bolta hu but jab ma single hota hu tab ma bilkul saaf bolta hu. Sir kon si medicine use kru

  15. "When you sweat a lot you loose salt (and water) a lot. That's why you have to add the salt to the water.
    I know this feeling to loose consciousness. For me it worked to find out where the panick attacks were coming from. And then deal with the situation that your subconscious mind is fighting with. and for more health and live related remedies please visit at live a little longer"

  16. "I have been hospitalised several times in the past year due to my anxiety attacks. doctors just keep filling me full of medications and telling me it's all in my head. But i can’t control my stress. So i just contacted now my life is being smooth.

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  21. Very helpful video. I was suffering with anxiety disorder and was totally frustrated. Then i heard about planet ayurveda and started taking ayurvedic medication. It really works.

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