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for septicemia blood poisoning septicemia is a serious medical
condition and it occurs when bacteria entered a blood stream it could happen
from an infection anywhere throughout the body like infection in the lungs
stomach urinary tract etc the bacterium contaminates the blood which leads to
poisoning it the symptoms of septicemia include low pressure high fever high
heart rate and a wound with pus the problem is serious and can be dangerous
at times but can be controlled with proper care and treatment so here are
some home remedies for septicemia potato it’s a great wound healer and works
really fast if you have a wound or have hurt yourself badly do not wait for it
to get septic and you must read it immediately first wash the wound clean
and then just before you go to bed take a potato and slice it into half scrap
out a huge chunk of the soft potato from the center of the sliced potato put it
over a soft plastic or polythene sheet and wrap it around the wound leave it
there for the night in the morning you will see the healing process has begun
garlic to cure septicemia garlic is one of the foreigners take one clove of
garlic and squeeze the juice out of it if you want you can add honey to this
take this early in the morning on an empty stomach its antibacterial and
antioxidant properties will work magic green tea it’s a healthier option
compared to the normal cup of tea we usually have research has proved that
green tea is very effective to cure septicemia
green tea has a compound that can enable and help reverse the effect of the
sepsis half is green tea twice a day once in
the morning and once in the evening chlorophyll supplements flushing of
toxins from the system is absolutely necessary in the condition of septicemia
chlorophyll supplements do exactly that supplements such as barely grass wheat
grass and blue-green algae help remove all the toxins from the
system and thus help in the treatment while removing the toxins these
supplements also help in restoring the blood levels honey we all know the
effective healing properties of honey honey is proved to be a super healer in
most of the ailments be it stomach disorders or wounds or in the case of
surgeries the antiseptic properties of the honey make it a very effective
healer in the condition of sepsis you can include honey as a part of your
daily diet consume it with warm water in the morning you can also mix a teaspoon
of honey with a glass of warm milk and have it thanks for watching this video
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