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Welcome to Health Care at Home One of our viewer has e-mailed us told us that someone in their family is caught by Chicken Pox. and she asking for a detailed home remedy as she is unable to get the treatment out of Allopathic medicines. as only Anti-Allergic is advised to the patient. See, first of all let me tell you what is Chicken Pox and who all get suffered by this. Due to Varicella Zoster virus we get caught by Chicken Pox and it is highly contagious that means it get spread with just a touch and also get spread in the air also it will also spread by touching and also by touching Saliva So, anyone in your family is suffering form Chicken Pox then their are 100% chances of others to get caught by the same disease And more thing i will tell you, that this happens once in the life time because once this Virus get entered in your body then doesn’t get out of the body and once this Virus reached in our body, the body generates that much of Antigen that it doesn’t happen again. Only once in lifetime Children ages less than 12 Years are seen mostly caught by this disease. Pregnant Women and those whose immune system is weak they are having the maximum chances to get by this disease. Now let me tell you a home remedy for those who are suffering from Chicken Pox and how to protect yourself . and how can we protect others members. Take 7 Pink Margosa (Neem) that means the fresh petals of the Neem and take 7 Black pepper and chew them wisely and swallow with the help of water with an empty stomach. You have to do this remedy for complete one month and with this possibilities of chicken pox will be very decreased. And now those who are already suffering from Chicken Pox, let me tell you some remedies for them. See, first of all who is suffering from Chicken Pox Whose bed has to be covered by Margosa Leaves from all the sides. At his bed and bed sheet , all around the room hang the stems of Margosa Leaves take out the stems of Margosa leaves and hang them on the windows and along with this you have to pass him air by blowing the Margosa Leaves Stem. They way we blow fresh air by handy fans similarly we have to blow fresh air by Stem of Margosa Leaves With doing this patient will get maximum relief. If the patient is an adult means not a children then what you have to do wash the Margosa leaves with fresh water and prepare a paste by adding some water into them grind it well and prepare the fine paste and then apply this paste all over your body and let it dry. after that how to make the patientt bath, that let me tell you Boil 1/2 kg of Margosa Leaves into 1 Bucket of water Once the water is boil and the strained water, once it is Lukewarm that means as hot as the body is able to tolerate with that water only you have to make patient bath. doing this also chicken pox is not able to be act that much dangerous. and the scars which usually get after hat possibilities of that also get reduced. If you will do these remedies for 5 days regularly you will see the problem of the patient will be far away. One more remedy i will tell you, We got itching & scars during Chickeen Pox and sometime it also get bleeds, for that i am telling you a remedy. Take 2 Cup of Rock Salt And mix it in 3.5 Liter of Luke Warm water and once it is mix then with the help of Cotton or any cloth just pat or press light handly on you body where all the patient is having Chicken Pox accordingly apply it on the whole body. By doing this the problem of itching, that mostly itching happens and as well as fever also comes so the problem of itching and the problem of scars on the body as it is the main tension so that this problem get solve to an extend. Apart from that whosoever get caught by Chicken Pox, He has to apply the Honey wherever he has chicken pox Honey as Antibacterial properties which helps us to get rid of itching and all other problems which happen due to Chicken Pox. So, must apply honey as with this also you will get relief in Chicken Pox. As well as possibilities of scars of Chicken Pox may get very low. Apart from that you must do one more remedy, boil 2 figs in 1/2 Cup of Milk and let it leave for overnight and in the morning as the patient to chew the Figs and drink that milk with empty stomach. With this remedy also he will get relief. Apart from that make patient drink at least 8-10 Glass of water in a day with this also patient will get maximum relief in Chicken Pox. So, isn’t it all the remedies were very-very easy? We have so many remedies left with us. that all i will tell you in our next episode. Till then our wish is only that you stay healthy, Busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits while sitting at home and Yes, do not forget to support us in out motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people should get helth benefits. So, share our Videsos as much as you can. Thank You…

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