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Welcome to Health Care At Home Here we want you to get rid of problems by home remedy and no side effects I received a mail of Priya from Darjeeling She has written she dont gets clear stomach after getting up in the morning For that she drinks lot of water sometimes this also dont work Her stomach get cleared in the evening some time Due to this she faces problem in job This leads to gases and she feels embarrassed Sometimes it happens in front of friends and its an embarrassing situation for me Constipation is my biggest problem I want a solution for this problem Priyaji I have a simple remedy to cure this When you get up in the morning Take 200 gms of papaya and cut it into pieces Put it in a blender And a boiled and cooled milk in it Cow’s milk is preferable. Make a Papaya milkshake Have this papaya milk shake every morning Do this for 15 days Within 15 days your gastric problem will be solved You will get rid of Constipation Your stomach will get cleared within 1/2 an hour after having this First day when you will take papaya juice it will show effect on second day Slowly and gradually this duration will be shorten After 15 days you will yourself got to the toilet first and then have papaya milkshake You can have it everyday as it is healthy As we are getting many response from viewers you also try this be healthy and keep watching us Thank you

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