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when you get a sensation that everything
around you is spinning you start to feel weak and on the verge of fainting this
condition is called dizziness dizziness can be caused due to fall in sugar levels a sudden drop in blood pressure leading to insufficient flow of blood to
the brain weakness due to anemia and several other reasons the first thing to
do when you experience dizziness is to sit down and put your head between your
legs to allow free flow of blood to the brain take two to three amla’s or indian
gooseberry wash them well and crush them coarsely make a paste out of this keep
this a side take a glass of water now add this amla paste to it also add 2 teaspoon of coriander seeds soaks this overnight and in the morning strain and drink the liquid take a glass of water and add quarter teaspoon of mustard powder
quarter teaspoon of pepper powder the same quarter teaspoon of salt and
finally quarter teaspoon of vinegar mix this well and have a daily to enhance
blood circulation if you have frequent dizziness take a glass of water and add the juice
of about half a lemon and to this add 2 teaspoons of sugar mix it well and have
this lemon juice every day take five fresh tulsi leaves or basil leaves and wash them and now to a pan add a cup of milk and add the Tulsi leaves to it and
now allow it to boil once it boils for this into a cup add a teaspoon of honey
or sugar drink this at night to relieve yourself from dizziness episode consume
a well-balanced diet low in carbs drink plenty of water and stay healthy if you
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9 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Dizziness

  1. Nice information plz tell abt milk with basil leave shld it be cow/buffalo/goat &shld it be toned /full cream

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