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Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about Gallbladder Stone In other words you can say its a disease of Gallblader Now, why this disease occurs? There are so many reasons, Obesity is one of the major reason of Gallbladder stone. If you are suffering from diabetes then there are major chances of Gallbladder stone. Or if you have take any hormonal replacement therapy, even the gallbladder stone can happen. Or genetical reasons are also the causes of gallbladder stone. Now, how would you came to know that you are suffering from gallbladder stone. If your skin or eyes colour start getting pale yellow or the colour of urine become very dark Or you have prolonged fever or nausea or backache So, these all can be the symptoms of gallbladder stone. If you are unable to dissolve gallbladder stone with oral drugs Then its not possible to get this out with surgery With surgery the whole gallbladder gets removed So, if you have gallbladder stone then what to do There are very simple remedies. Grapes juice If you drink 1 cup of Grape juice daily, then it dissolve the gallbladder stone and flush it out through urine. Similarly sugar cane juice break the gallbladder stone and get it flush out with either urine or stool. Now, i am telling you a remedy and you have to do this for 5 days if you have gallbladder stone. If it is small in size then it will flush out in 5 days , what you have to do for this Take a jar full or almost 1 litre of Apple juice And you have to consume this juice for 4 days thrice a time in a day. During this period have normal food instead of spicy After 4 days, last meal of the 5th day you have to skip the dinner At that place, take 1 spoon of Epsom Salt in 1 glass of warm water which is called magnesium Sulphate Mix it and drink this water. After that wait for 2 hours After 2 hours you have to repeat the process and dissolve 20 gm of Epsom salt means 1 spoon of it Mix it with 1 glass of warm water & drink this. Now what you have to do is, in equal quantity or 250 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( Make sure Extra Virgin only) And 250 ml Lemon Juice. Mix them and you have to start drinking it. After 10-15 minutes you have to drink 1 cup of this And you will notice that within some time you will feel pressure to pass stool. When you will pass stool then its colour would be green. Or it may possible that you go for stool passing multiple times Even diarrhoea can happen, so don’t get panic. With every time of passing stool the stone of gallbladder will flush out. So, within 5 days your gallbladder is at right place so its clean without surgery and now without stone. But, follow this remedy on the small stone. If the gallbladder stone is bigger in size, then consult your doctor & then follow this remedy. Still there are so many remedies which are available in your kitchen. By using them you can remove gallbladder stone completely. But that all remedies i will tell you in any other remedies. Presently, our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people Should get health benefits at home only.So, don’t forget to share our videos as much as you can. Thank You…

100 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Gallbladder Stone II पित्त की पथरी का घरेलू इलाज़

  1. sir I have multiple stone largest size is 6mm all stone together cover an area of 13mm should I try this

  2. सर ! आपने बताया की यह प्रयोग छोटे स्टोन के लिए है ! छोटे स्टोन यानि कितने mm तक के स्टोन को हम छोटा स्टोन कह सकते है ! मेरे पितासय में 8mm ke 3 ston है क्या इनका निकालना संभव है !

  3. Sir mera gallbladder remove ho chka hai but now I have stone in CBD plz plz tell me some treatment thanks

  4. Hello sir meri sonography mai gallbladder ke snudge ball aye hai kya gallbladder k 2 ya 3 snudge ball nikl sakde hai and one thing epsom salt toh bahut dangerous hota hai iska body pe kuch side effect toh nhi hoga please jldi rply kre mai bahut preshaan hoo

  5. Hello Sir, i have 14mm Gallstone so mein ye pryog kar sakti hu stone nikal jayega koi side effect to nahi hoga or loose motion hone per medicine leni hai ya apne app tik ho jayega.

  6. Hello sir I have 5mm gallblader stone. I want to follow your procedure but I could not get Epsom Salt which can eat. Just I get external use only (magnesium sulphate) plz give me advise where will get ?

  7. Hello sir, I was recently detected gallbladder multiple stones of size 3-5 mm. I tried apple juice therapy but instead of 250ml I took 50 ml of both (lime juice & olive oil)…I did not have any stools after drinking it immediately. But I had stomach pain after 10 hrs and then immediately passed stool. I could detect stones after that. Thanks for passing your valuable inputs and for this Wonderful therapy. I would highly recommend for people with stones to follow this therapy for effective results.

  8. the 5th day procedure is not correct.
    take olive oil with grape fruit at 10pm in night and lie down immediately at right side keeping right leg knee to upwards close to chin. this will allow gallstones passing through ducts.

  9. Gallbladder and kidney stone removal treatment without surgery within 24 hour
    100% herbal and without pain
    For more details call on 9996454450

  10. Meri maa ko bachchedani me rasoli tha jiska operation 2007 me hua jisme unki aant me cut lg jane ke karan case bigd gya septik fel gya

    Unka saptosemiya ka major operation 2007 me he hua uske baad calestromy ka operation 2 month baad 7 march 2008 ko hua
    1.5 year baad unhe harniya ki shikayat hue right side me or uske baad 2013 me gallstone hogya jiska size 13mm ho chuka h abhi 2016 me
    kya ye treatment kaarigar h unki is condition me?

  11. hello sir unfortunately my gallbladder is removed since 2013 and due to this i m facing severe acne problem and constipation problem please​ help me to cleanse my stomach and my vital organs i hope you will help me

  12. Hello Sir…When we say small stone then how we define it based on size…
    M askin as i have multiple calculi and the largest one is of 8-9 mm and i don't know what we call it as small and big…

    Thanks in advance

  13. sir meri umr 36 saal hai. mujhe gallbladder me 11mm ka stone hogaya.. apke video dekh kar maine apple juice k saath sari chij ka upayog kiya aur 1 mnth me 18mm ka stone hogaya .. doctor ne operation krne ko kaha hai.. mujhe upaye bataye plz.

  14. Doctor recently found gallstone in my mother's gallbladder so i am thinking of using this remedy. Is it 100% safe or is it risky??? please do reply me cause i don't want to take any risk . And can you tell me what Epsom salt is called in Hindi.

  15. hello,
    My husband is suffering from gall bladder stone(10mm).He is also suffering from diabetes.What will be the best?

  16. mujhe 10 mm 2_3 stones aaye h ultrasound mai ! wo kya big size h ! jaisa aap bta rhe h ki dr se cunsult kre ! mai kya apple juice wala nuska apna lu ?

  17. please give ur contact nomber i have a gallbladder stone 24.9mm and 2-5mm sotne. how can remove it … reply me as soon as posssible thanking u

  18. hello sir ,meri umr 23 saal hai or pichle 6 saal se mere gall bladder me stone hai jo abhi 11 mm ka ho chuka hai .so please bataiyie ki itna bada stone kaisa nikala jaae qki mai operation karke stone nahi nikalwana chahti hu.qki doctors ka kahna hai ki stone k saath pura gall bladder hi nikaalna padega.

  19. Sir, mujhe gallbladder polyp hai. Is ke bare main kuch bataye. Kis tarha polyp ka upchar kia ja sakta hai? Is ke uper ek video banaye.

  20. Sir mujhe multiple bde chote dono tarah ke atones hai 12 mm 9 mm 6 mm Kya wo isse nikal jaenge plz reply me sir

  21. Hello sir Meri mom KO hai gallbladder stone but 10mm ka hai doctors surgery ke liye bolte hai Tuo Kay Ye upay se nikal jayega

  22. Sir gallbladder mein 10 mm ka calculi noted kehra ha hai,calculi means what sir aur aap bataye hue method diabetic patients par prayog karsakte hai plz reply..

  23. Great Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Parlandealey Escaping Gallstone Process (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning how to eliminate Gallstones naturally minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate finally got great results with it.

  24. I tried this grace of allah we are sucess removed 8.5 mm stone ,6mm stone and many other small stones.only coution while taking epsum salt not to be over dose

  25. sir epsom salt ka link dijiye please Amazon par bathing wala mil raha hai khane wala Kahin Nahi Dekha?

  26. Sir, can a sugar patient drink apple juice? Also is it 1 litre apple juice for the entire day or 1litre to be taken each time for three times in a day?

  27. Sir, ye olive oil and lemon juice kab lena hai. Jis din epsom salt lenge usi din lena hai y fir agle din lena hai ????

  28. Thank you! This remedy worked perfectly for one of my relatives! Though the stones kept coming till the evening of the next day. Can confidently recommend it.

  29. सर आप मुझे अपना नम्बर दे दो हमे बहुत जरूरत है

  30. Mere multiple small stones hai. Upto 2.6 cm.
    Me aj se ye remdy start kar di.. 5 dayz bad me update karongi. Kia hota hai..

  31. Hello sir… My granny is 76 years old and she is suffering from the same… But her stone in gallbladder is 9.8mm which is big. What can u suggest for her because going under surgery will be difficult at her age. Please reply

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