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home remedies for gas during pregnancy
the beautiful experience of being pregnant is also associated with some
embarrassing problems one of which is gas and bloating many pregnant women
complain about this problem here are the top 5 home remedies for gas during
pregnancy number 1 avoid gas forming foods the food you eat has a direct
impact on the amount of gas you experience pregnant or not during
pregnancy you need to eat a balanced nutritious diet and avoid foods that can
lead to gas buildup in the stomach and intestines number 2 drink plenty of
fluids water is your best bet when it comes to improving your digestive health
and preventing the formation of gas the digestive tract functions better when
the body gets an adequate amount of fluid intake it also helps expel gas and
prevent constipation number 3 be active pregnancy does not mean that you need to
lie in your bed and rest all the time in fact this can worsen the problem of gas
during pregnancy walking is a good exercise that should be adopted by every
pregnant lady to prevent gas number 4 drink buttermilk buttermilk is a great
home remedy for gas during pregnancy but it should be avoided by those who have
lactose intolerance being rich in probiotic microbes it helps promote
digestion and thus prevents in digestion and excessive gas most people even like
the taste of buttermilk add a pinch of rock salt to a glass of buttermilk and
drink it once or twice daily number 5 wear loose clothing the clothes you wear
during pregnancy can also play a key role in reducing gas if your pants or
skirts are causing welts in your skin change them and wear something loose
loose clothing will not put any extra pressure on the abdomen and also will
allow the free movement of gases within the body if you liked the video
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