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Hello friends! welcome to good life hub ! we are covering various topics about PCOS in this channel today we are gonna talk about “Menorrhagia” Heavy menstrual bleeding in women with PCOS/PCOD In this video you ‘ll know how to naturally stop heavy menstrual bleeding and naturally regularize your periods Before that, if you havent subscribed to this channel . Do subscribe and click the bell icon Lots of women have asked about this in the comment section telling that they have prolonged periods and asking for home remedies to stop periods I have replied to many i am doing this video for them and many others who are suffering All women with PCOS do not have same symptoms for a few PCOS women they do not get periods for many months and for others they have heavy menstrual bleeding because of losing blood for months they suffer from anemia They become weak, tierd, and have dizziness and headache The amount of Haemoglobin in blood also keeps decreasing During menstruation, both estrogen and progestrone hormones are low in the body So, to naturally stop periods we need to increase the level of the hormones in the body An effective remedy for this is seed cycling I have explained in detail about seed cycling in a video – also made in English check it out According to this, you need to take 1 tsp flaxseeds and 1 tsp pumpkin seeds for 14 days followed by 1 tsp sunflower seeds and 1 tsp sesame seeds for the next 14 days these seeds can be ground and taken with water More explanation to this seed cycling i have given in the Q&A video This is not just to stop prolonged periods but you can continue to use this till your periods are regularized. The next remedy is apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar can reduce blood flow and stop periods Cinnamon is also an effective remedy for menorrhagia So what type of cinnamon to use and how to make apple cider vinegar i have shown in detail in …. “10 herbal drinks to cure PCOS” video in this channel so check that out too Have this apple cider vinegar tea in morning and evening till blood flow is reduced and periods is stopped In a glass of water , add 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar, sqeeze some lime (optional) 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder and 1 tbsp honey & mix everything together & have apart from this you can also eat roasted gram dal and plantain flower to stop heavy periods Heavy menstrual bleeding should be treated properly & it is to be taken seriously I have suffered from this for many years Became too tired unable to do any work and finally Haemoglobin became very low (

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  1. Seed cycling panitu irukn mam.. Seeds lam water la mix pani dha Kudikanum ah…pumpkin seeds apdiye saparen athu dha kekaren…

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