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Home Remedies for Managing High Blood Pressure – Tamil Health Tv Have you crossed 40, then this video is for you and due to changed lifestyle we take medication for everything. Watch this video to get a solution for this. A pressure is needed for proper blood circulation throughout the body and when it exceed the limit we tell we have blood pressure. We are going to prepare a drink to prevent or reduce Blood pressure. This drink cures the problems faced by diabetic patients too. We need amla powder, you can dry amla and grind it. Otherwise you can get amla powder in Country medicine shop (Naatu marundhu kadai). Take a glass of water in a vessel. Heat it lightly. Pour it in a glass. Add 1 tsp of Amla powder. Mix it well. Don’t mix it in chill water, then you will not get the results. The drink is ready. Take this drink in empty stomach and you can also replace tea or coffee with this drink. Take fruits and vegetables rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium to reduce blood pressure. Take low fat foods and avoid salt, baking soda, ajinomoto added in Chinese foods. Avoid taking pickles, ketchup, burger, pizza etc as more salt will be added in these foods.

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  1. Naattu marunthu kadaila irukara nellikkai podi kalappadam irukuma ? Nammalea araikkanumna nizhala kaaya vachu araikkanuma ??

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