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Hi, I’m Deirdre Layne from Earth Clinic. Today, I’m excited to share with you one of Earth Clinic’s most important remedies for dogs first shared with us over 15 years ago by Ted from Bangkok. Since then, thousands of dogs and even cats around the world have been relieved of the misery of mange and other parasitic skin problems with this simple, safe and inexpensive remedy… borax and hydrogen peroxide. Let’s get started by preparing the mix ahead of time. The first thing I’m going to do is add 3 heaping Tablespoons of borax to a clean bucket. Now I need a total of 4 cups of warm water but I need the borax to dissolve first so I’m going to to start off with 2 hot cups of water. The borax hasn’t quite dissolved so I’m going to stick my hand in there and agitate the water until all of the borax granules have dissolved. I’m making an effort to dissolve the borax because I don’t want these little granules that haven’t dissolved to be too itchy on the dog. Now test… See, there are no granules. Perfect. Now I can add my final 2 cups of water and this water can be warm. Keep in mind that you’re going to bathe your dog first so the solution is going to start to cool off so it can be a little bit on the hot side. Now I’m going to add 2 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide. That’s exactly what this is – 16 ounces. So I’m going to add this entire bottle to my solution. I’m going to stir thoroughly again with my hand. Now I’m going to set the solution aside because I’m going to shampoo first and apply the solution after she’s shampooed and rinsed. First I’m going to shampoo my beautiful friend Emmy with a good dog shampoo. I particularly like Dermabenss for dogs who have any kind of skin conditions. I’ve been using this product for years and it’s excellent. Now I’m going to see if I can get her to shake! Finally I can apply the borax solution. I’m going to put my bucket in the tub take my measuring cup and I’m going to just apply it everywhere. Make sure it’s a comfortable (temperature) I’m going to massage it into her skin. I’m going to stick each paw in the solution. Good girl… Keep the solution out of their eyes. I’m using both hands to massage it in gently. Yay, we’re done! Do not rinse off the solution once you’ve applied it. Now if you’ve given your dog a bath outside you can let him or her dry out in the sun. It’s a little chilly here in Los Angeles today so I’m going to towel dry Emmy and leave her in a cozy cozy room on her bed. How often should you give this bath? The first week, use the solution every other day. The second week, use solution every 3 days. Weeks 3 through 6 – use solution weekly. Weeks 6 through 12 – use the solution every other week. Unfortunately, you must make a new batch of the solution every time you give your dog a bath because it doesn’t keep. Your dog should begin to experience relief after the first or second treatment. But keep in mind it can take several weeks for the healing to be complete. On treatment days, wash your dog’s bedding in hot water and dry in a hot dryer. Add 1 cup of borax to the wash water as well. I would do this out in the yard if it’s a hot summer day. However most of the time, I prefer to bathe my dogs in a warm bathroom. I often bring in a little mini heater if the room is chilly. Be aware that older dogs get cold fast in baths and it can actually take hours for their body temperatures to warm up after the bath. This is why I make sure the bathroom that I bathe them in is warm as well as the room where they dry off. So if, at any point during the bath or after, if your dog is shivering, it means he or she is cold so warm them up. Now, if you have a different dilution of hydrogen peroxide and need help converting it to 3% I’ve included a link in the description below with conversion help. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel to keep up to date on fantastic natural remedies for pets… and their people! Get it right.

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  1. I did this today but put in a spray bottle. After his bath I put his coat ( he stole from me, lol) on him and he is in bed sleeping. Thank you again for the video.

  2. Can cut the mixture in half when the solution is applied with a spray bottle. I treated 2 medium sized dogs with the solution made as directed and there was a third left over. Treated my "nieces" this afternoon. Both bolted out the tub once regular bath was done. They like to be dried off immediately. Surprisingly they both remained still as I misted and rubbed in the solution like they were happy to get a bonus spa treatment. They do not have mange but sometimes take with itchy fits. Will try to remember to update on results in a month.
    UPDATE: the solution did stop the itching. My sister had to resume their expensive allergy pills. I felt it helped with oder suppression. The solution did not make their coat tacky. They were very soft.

  3. My Bully has just been diagnosed after several tests, with demodex, only her paws are effected. She has been on a free range RAW diet for over a year now and her feet flared up about 8 months ago. I tool her off all poultry meat about 5 months ago, but after no change to her paws, i decided to get to the root of the problem, which is now proving to be quite a complicated matter. I believe in everything natural and will only resort to drugs if there is no alternative.
    I started this bath today and will follow through and let you know if we were successful or not.

    I dont believe in dr

  4. Olive oil. My cat had mange and I rubbed it all over every few days till his hair started to grow back.

  5. What is the temperature for hot water? Same temperature for milk powder or raw honey? Btw, for putting into washing machine do you also dissolve in hot water before doing laundry? Will the undissolve borax stay in the washing machine?

  6. i think if u put the borax in a blender w some hot water maybe it will help? Well thanks for a great video

  7. My dog has not been diagnosed with mange, but I am pretty sure, after several days of itching and chewing on her hip I found there is a red scabby spot about the size of a half dollar! I ran right out and bought the borax and Peroxide. Bathed her, shaved her and used the solution, let it dry and covered it in OLIVE OIL. That was day before yesterday, today i noticed the red open scabby scales are gone and she has stopped chewing on it. I washed it off and used more solution and olive oil. Will come back when I see more results, but so far LOOKING GOOD THANK YOU FOR THE INFO. <3

  8. Ok, I am back after 2 weeks. After bathing and using this solution, the itching seemed to stop. I did use leftover solution to clean wound for several days,, as long as it bubbles it is working, then I applied some "TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT" several times a day. After solution ran out I just used peroxide to clean and then apply the ointment several times a day. I knew it was working but boy this has been some mean stuff and you have had to stay on top of it, today the wound FINALLY is closed… this was only one spot about the size of a silver dollar, SO THIS BORAX SOLUTION, WORKS, just be consistent, I think the ointment helps relieve some of the dryness and helps with healing too..So, now waiting for hair to grow back…THANK YOU SO MUCH and PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME, YESHUA/JESUS…

  9. 3 tablespoons borax
    2 cups of hot water (let borax dissolve)
    2 cups of warm water
    2 cups of 3% peroxide

    Wash dog normally then solution
    (Don’t wash off solution)

  10. I've been frantically searching for anything and everything I can find on mange. Thank you for your video. After all the things I've tried this really helps.

  11. I just did this with my dogs, is it common to see them looking quite dandruffy afterwards? (They are black labs so its easy to see dandruff on them)

  12. My dog is black, has mange but I'm afraid if I do this his color will change? Anybody knows if using the hydrogen peroxide will change my dogs coat color? And if so is there any other substitute I can use to prevent the color change?

  13. I used this on my pug. He has mange on his hind legs. I put a cone on him yet he manages to take it off. Is borax safe for him? Like if he licks his legs after doing the solution?

  14. You added some things to the original instructions and I believe that some of them are incorrect. The formula does not have to be remade every time you apply it to your dog. It keeps just fine. My dog only required the formula every 7 days. One batch would treat him four or five times. I never remade the formula and the 4th or 5th batch work just as good as the first. While it's okay to bathe your dog before applying the treatment, it is not necessary. If you do bathe your dog prior to the treatment, make sure to use a shampoo that does not contain any soap whatsoever.

  15. I have tried this and it works great! Problem I had is my dog is black… and this made her hair a blonde color! I want to do this treatment again but am wondering what I can substitute for the peroxide so it doesn't bleach her hair.

  16. I would assume once you give your dog a bath that the dogs pores are filled with water like a sponge that is already soaked… Wouldn't it be more effective to soak the dog first in the borax solution or give the dog a bath and wait till it dries and then put the solution on… Maybe not I don't know but I do know we soak up a lot of water when we take a shower or bath so I thought putting the solution on first would be good

  17. i have a dog that i am starting treatment on an he is staying under my house that is up in the air 6ft with concreate floors should i spray the floors to or no?

  18. I'm glad you said, specifically, not to let that stuff get in their eyes. Hydrogen peroxide will burn the heck out of your eyes (said the girl who accidentally used that AOSept stuff as rinsing solution and burned her cornea badly with it. Felt like fire in the eye)

  19. My dogs tend to lick themselves after a bath. Do I need to worry about them ingesting the Borax? Once it's dry is in no longer dangerous for them to lick? Please let me know. Nice video.

  20. Would these products be okay for a cat? She has some kind of skin affliction that causes her too much itching and some scabby areas that change location.

    It's not contagious mange or mites because my dog and cat are near each other daily, and he has the best coat and cleanest dog ears I have ever seen. They are completely clean all of the time.

    Could I use this solution and just rub it in, soak it in, with a baby wipe or cloth, and then rinse her off afterward, or let her dry?

  21. Just to let you know, a greyhound breeder recommended "Vicks vapour rub" on the back of my dog, I was desperate and tried it. One week later the sores cleared up and it appeared as if everything was hunky dory but it only moved the trouble spots to an area not treated. Now the trouble spots have moved to his hind legs and tail … and I am constantly brushing the tail and gently wiping legs with a clean rag. It seems to alleviate the itching somewhat, but it won't clear up completely. I am so glad I have watched this video and will go to Chemist to see if I can get the necessary products. Am a bit worried about the measure of 3% and may have to ask for a measuring cup … or something.

  22. While massaging treatment onto my cat I found my hands
    healing. Began using
    Borax + H2O2 as a
    Splash all over after shower, air dry.
    I have Morgellons and this
    Has quieted the itch.
    Don't know if it's a freaky
    Remedy but seems to be
    Working. Life changing.
    I ve had rashes +itching
    For over 30 years. Told
    My Dr. +got the eye roll.

  23. Is it safe to wash them so often is they have a skin infection? My vet told me that my dog had mange and he said I caused it cause I bathe her to often? Now I'm afraid to bathe her. I did today and tried your way. I hope it works she is my baby and I hate to see like this all itchy and with sores😕

  24. YO I just wanted to check in at about two months of this procedure…
    Within a few days the hair started to regrow. she had a bald spot the size of a sugar baby watermelon and now one would never know. Make sure you follow the instructions and stick to the schedule!!! Good luck dog lovers!

  25. tried this and my dog seems even more itchy especially in the areas that are still wet. any explanations?

  26. My Rescue dog has had a skin condition where much of his hair has fallen out on the underside of his body and around the eyes. His skin turned a crusty blackish/grey color with the hair gone. He tested negative for mange and no Vet could figure out what he has. I have been doing this treatment for two months now, and I see pink skin coming through in areas where he had the black scaly skin. He has a ways to go yet, but it seems this treatment is working. I have my fingers crossed that it will cure him of this terrible skin condition. Thanks.

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