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Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer has written has that we haven’t done any episode on paralysis. Alright, So, today will do the episode on paralysis only First of all let us understand that what is paralysis The main reason of getting paralysis is that the disturbance of blood supply towards the brain. Its seen sometime that due to blood clotting also paralysis attack occurs. And along with some other reasons like if any severe head injury happen, due to that also paralysis attack can occur. And if you have got any major injury happen in your spinal cord. Since all the organs are attached to the spinal cord only An when brain doesn’t get all the signals of other organs then due to this reason also paralysis attack occurs. Now what we have to do for its treatment Basicially as i said its just when the disturbance of supply of blood to brain So, first of all we make sure that our brain should get proper blood When the brain will get proper blood, it will get proper oxygen & it will work properly And when the brain will start working properly then the capacity of moving the muscles which got decreased that capacity will get renewed again. So, what we have to do? We have to do such remedy That brain should get proper blood supply Once the brain will get proper blood then , brain will get proper oxygen And all the signals released from the brain they will be in proper manner So, your problem of not able to move will slowly-slowly be decreased. Take care of one thing that these paralytic patients are emotionally weak Because a normal & healthy man when got suffer with such problem then he become shattered So you have to have strong will power & you have to admit that That this problem is temporary and this will disappear slowly-slowly Now I will tell you that what you have to do to get proper blood supply to the brain You have to drink wheat grass juice Plant some seed into some mud & take out the juice at your home only And by when the wheat will grow this much then take out The grass portion, wash it thoroughly and put them into the blender
Blend it nicely & make its juice After straining you have to consume this milk empty stomach in the morning And in the evening or night when you are hungry Since you have empty stomach , so that then you have to consume the juice of wheat grass Wheat grass is also called green blood so with this the quantity of blood will increase in your body And the quality of blood purity will improve & when this will improvise then Then your brain will start getting proper blood And when your brain will start getting proper blood then you will start getting relief in paralysis But it is very important to have strong will power You, yourself have to admit that I will get rid of this weakness of mine Now the second way out to supply the blood to brain Which is very necessary for every paralytic patient That is pranayama. How will you do pranayama ?
If you have the capacity to walk then what you have to do Walk slowly-slowly & go to any nearest park or garden And you have to walk for almost 10 min, that also very slowly-slowly Don’t do extra labour from your body As excess of labor this problem will increase so walk slowly-slowly that also how much you can do easily After walking you must sit somewhere & then do deep breathing Inhale deep breathing & exhale, inhale & exhale After that do anuloma viloma pranayama for half n hour There is a benefit of anuloma viloma pranayama that it provides proper oxygen to brain So, once the proper oxygen supply will start then this problem will solved very soon And some patients are bid ridden So, you should do this anuloma viloma pranayama while lying only. What you should do for them, Place 4 plants of basil at their bed or on the window Let the window & doors open so that fresh air should enter And then do anuloma viloma pranayama while lying on bed only. If your right hand is working then do it from your right hand If your right hand is not working, then begin with your left hand But you must do anuloma viloma pranayama, with this your brain will get oxygen And when the brain will oxygen then very fast you will get rid of this Along with this one more remedy you have to do that is in your meal Drumsticks (Sehjan ki Phali) Take Drumsticks almost 250 gms & peel them nicely Dip them into almost 250 ml of water & along with put 4 cloves of garlic in it And a pinch of turmeric powder & let it boil & make it like a soup If you have the capacity to eat them, so by when these sticks will cook, eat them by chewing properly And drink that leftover water If you are unable to eat. In that case when your soup is perfectly boil Let is cool down & then put it into blender & blend it well After blending , strain it & after straining the thick soup will be ready You have to consume this soup twice a day With this also you will start getting relief in paralysis Along with do message & prepare oil for that. Take mustard oil put Asafoetida Along with asafetida add dry ginger or if you don’t have dry ginger then you can put ginger juice And make that oil heat up well If you want you can put almost ½ spoon of carom seeds in it also And when the oil will heat up & all the ingredients will burn, then you have to strain this And when this oil is lukewarm then massage with this oil to your problem areas So that blood circulation will improve in those parts & when the blood circulation will improvise And due to luke warm, as in with this blood vessel will open op otherwise also And when the blood vessels open up then their flow also get increase Once this flow is increase, you will notice your muscle will start moving slowly-slowly Along with this you have to be very careful for one thing You have to quit smoking completely Because smoking, ban the supply of oxygen
Specially the oxygen which goes to brain, due to smoking end no of toxins goes to the brain Due to this there is a congestion in the supply of oxygen And the problem of paralysis can increase more. Along with this if you consume alcohol then you have to stop that also In your food, you can take coconut water its really good It works really wonder in the problem of paralysis Along with you must consume Pomegranate, there is a famous proverb also “ Ek Annar Sau Beemar” You must consume 1 glass juice of pomegranate , this will work wonder for you Along with this, what you have to do? Seasonal vegetables Prepare their soup , by boil them nicely & blend them. Because seasonal vegetable contains all types of vitamins And by when you body will get all those vitamins then your body will get proper nutrition Similarly you can consume the seasonal fruits as well As they will also work wonder for y ou Along with this you should consume Aloe vera & Gooseberry juice.. If you don’t get gooseberry juice then you can even consume its powder in the night also This also works really well in paralysis Rest, you have to have strong will power & you have to admit That this problem is temporarily & within few day will over come from this problem And with in 2-3 months you will be fit & fine as earlier So, isn’t the remedies were easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people should get the health benefits while sitting at home So don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can. And if you any problem, you can email us We will definitely try to solve your problem Thank You…

80 thoughts on “Home Remedies For Paralysis II लक़ुए का घरेलु उपचार II

  1. Sir any remedy for spinal cord injury? I had spinal cord incomplete injury 7 years back. Right leg muscles became spastic. Any remedy to release this spasticity ? Also is there any herb that can regenerate the spinal cord nerves?

  2. sir my problem is when I sleep and then mid night full body not work and then 24 to 48 hour again properly work it's problem is my me and my father and yelder sister its problem is day to day fall so what I can do

  3. right arm,hand ,lòwer part òf right leg and foot. cannòt move properly.becoming week day by day.pls suggest remeđy


  5. Please upload a video bells palsy (facial paralysis). as it would be very helpful for those who are suffering from it. Thank You.

  6. very good information sir .its really helping me sir,my father is paralysis patient. i want to use all these things

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  8. is it true that applying of copper coin on arm helps to recover from paralysis.?? if yes then which pressure point is good to apply pressure with copper coin

  9. hello sir, my uncle had a ischemic stroke in a month ago due to that left side was paralyzed although foot is in reached on a working position but left arm still have no movement but massive pain and swelling is there, please suggest what can we do in this regard now for a quick recovery.. thanks in advance

  10. I had face laqwa I feel pain all time one left side and my face boons are bended since my childhood 12 now I am 36 is there any cure for me…

  11. dear sir,you are too good person.god bless you.i will apply Ur suggestions for my father.he has right side paralyze

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  14. use our certified world's best natural products which are 100% result oriented call or what's app me on 9987320972.. kindly mention you got this no from YouTube while calling..

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  16. Sir .. recently mere bhai ka major accident hua h .
    jisme uski neck bone or foot ankle bone crack ho gyi h ..aur uske back ki main vein pichak (ghiss) gyi h or puri body paralysed ho gyi h .. Abhi vo 17 yr ka h .. Sir plzz reply me .. kya vo phir se chal fir sakta h ?? plzz reply .

  17. Sir
    My top left side pain being continuous whole day. It is since 10years. Left hip joint pain also since 10years. Now left thigh feeling numbness and pain from left feet (in between ring & middle finger). I thought it is pre paralysis condition. Is it true? Kindly suggest me.
    I am watching your most of the videos.

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