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home remedies for sinus pressure here
are the top ways to relieve sinus pressure one do steam inhalation dry air
and dry sinuses can increase sinus pressure and lead to a headache
steam inhalation is considered to be extremely beneficial in keeping the
sinuses moisturized to proper hydration whenever you suffer from sinus pressure
or nasal congestion keeping your body optimally hydrated acquires even greater
importance proper hydration helps keep the mucous membranes in the sinuses
adequately lubricated thus helping dislodge the mucous more readily three
massage therapy to aid sinus drainage and reduce sinus pressure massaging the
nostrils as a simple yet highly effective remedy massage improves
circulation to the area helping thin out the mucous and facilitating its movement
out of the sinuses for proper rest and sleep posture sleeping peacefully can be
quite challenging when you feel like your head is going to explode due to
mounting sinus pressure however getting enough rest and shut-eye is extremely
important for timely healing 5 use eucalyptus essential oil eucalyptus oil
can help relieve sinus congestion possessing strong anti-inflammatory and
decongestant properties this natural tonic may be what you need to get rid of
sinus pressure

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