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Home remedies for suntan removal from face – Tamil Beauty Tips Hi Friends. You are watching Tamil Beauty TV and My hearty welcome those who are watching our channel. In summer we mostly worry that our skin will become dark when we go out in sun. If we go out without proper preparation our skin tone changes and we call it as suntan. We should clear suntan immediately otherwise our skin will become pigmented and it is hard to remove. In this video let us see how to easily clear suntan at home. Take gram flour in a bowl, Add curd, orange with it and mix well. Gram flour removes suntan as well as toxins in our skin and makes it bright. Take 1/2 lemon and dip it in the mixture we made and gently rub for 5 minutes in the suntan affected areas. Zinc and lactic acid present in curd reduces the dark patches which appear due to sunlight. Leave it for 15 minutes and let it dry. After 15 minutes again rub with the another half lemon on your face and massage. Then wash your face with plain water. Orange and lemon are from citrus family and Vitamin C present in it reduces the damages due to sun exposure.

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  1. My baby ku age 1 aguthu poranthathum roomba white ah iruntha but ipo color kami agitey pora what can i do pls any tips

  2. enna tha pannaalum pimples pooga maatuthu aprm new ah ethavathu try panna super result tharuthu aprm thirumpa pimple varuthu so enna panlam solluga

  3. sister na fulla tannala affect agiruken if I use this remedy my skin is good but daily I am going in sun help me 😢😢😢

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