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Welcome to healthcare at home One of our viewer has email us She is having vaginal itching problem She has written that she had consulted to Gynecologist Dermatologist and also consulted to so many doctors and tried but there were no benefit and she is highly upset and asking us for any remedy if we have. Yes, of course i will tell you remedy and that also very effective and easy remedy i will tell you You have to take 21 leaves of margosa tender and fresh specially those which are just grew up take 21 of them and you add 11 black pepper into it and also add one cup of water and mix it well in mixer and 2-3 times in a day use it 3 times if you have major problem then morning, afternoon and evening you have to consume this water you will notice that the problem of your vaginal itching will healed up in another 7 days Apart from that along with this you have to do one thing Almost 4 spoon of triphala powder add into 300ml of water overnight and in the morning with triphala water you have to wash that area where you have the itching most you have to dip the cotton into the water and wipe that area with it to this 3-4 times in a day you will notice within few days your vaginal itching problem or wherever you have itching there you can apply margosa and triphala remedy and you will definitely feel releafe Apart from that there is one more remedy take 1/2 spoon of black pepper powder and approximately 1 to 1/2 spoon of Clarified cow’s milk butter mix them well and just lick it Make sure that you should not eat before or after two hours of licking this liquid you will notice that this is effective in any kind of dermatology or itching Apart from that i will tell you one more remedy which is very effective in 1 glass water of water add 2 spoons of chiretta and two spoon of picrohiza kurroa powder leave this mix for soaking overnight and in the morning strain it and consume this water empty stomach within 7-8 days any type of itching and specifically vaginal itching will definately be healed up Apart from that if it possible for you then 50 ml juice of wheat grass add 30 ml of aloevera juice into it and then if you will consume it then you will get faster and mximum releaf So isn’t it they were easy remedies? Rest we only wish that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. And what you have to do to meet with us subscribe this channel, tell it to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel Get all the health remedies while sitting at home and stay away from doctor And do not forget to share our videos. Thank you…

10 thoughts on “Home Remedies II योनि खमीर संक्रमण का घरेलू उपचार II

  1. Throw away the prescription medications if you wish to alleviate yeast infection, drugs only damages the body's immune system and bit by bit makes it even worse.

  2. Can you please suggest Indian home remedies for candida in the digestive system? bloating etc are the symptoms- especially when I eat rice, wheat etc….

  3. Hello sir great advice but can I use oak gall powder for yeast infection and excess white discharge..and if yes then please tell me how?

    If that don't disturb you please

    thank you.

  4. Sir i got febroids 1.0 × 1.2 cm in size in anterior wall of uterus i need a remedy of yours please reply me as soon as possible.thanks

  5. Sir mujhe do sal se vaginal infection h mujhe vaginal or anal itcing or pain h agr ek time bhi medicine Na khau to pblm Hoti h iske sath probitoic bhi jarur Lena pdta h sir plz mujhe iska treatment btaye

  6. Reminds me quite definitely of what's on Renatta Kirmzel's site and a fix that can do away with it in 12 hours (maybe a day or two). Googl her and go through her latest posts and see if this kind of remedy would work with your particular type of infection.

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