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welcome to Homegarden This is the world’s most dangerous insect termite in this video i will tell you how to control termite in over garden organic way Termites outrage in the garden after the rainy season When there is lack of water in the soil, timber in the soil etc., the plant gets very quick in the termites When your plant’s leaves start to dry out suddenly, you understand that the termite has come If you have not treated the termite in time, then your plant will dry up The termite first catches the root of your plant and then eats your whole plant Today we will tell you a home remedy for termites You have to take a dining ash and break it in about 1 liter of water. Take home medicines for your termite Use this solution of asafetida with 50 ml in your plants

40 thoughts on “Home Remedies Of Termites || Termites pesticide

  1. Mere 2desi rose plant 1english rose ki sabhi old and new leaf murjhai hui h leaf green h din rat murjhai rahti h inhe tik kerney ka upay bataye

  2. Sir mere hibiscus me white colour k keede lag gaye hain…us k kali murjha rahe hain..plant abhi healthy condition me hai? Plz suggest sir kya use kare us k liye?

  3. From oman mere gher me aam amrood aur bade jhaad hai jameen me aur deemak kide bade wale kya hing kaam karegi aur kitna daalain

  4. 8 -10 फीट के फलदार /फूलदार पौधे जो भूमि में लगे हुए पौधो में दीमक के लिए हींग का पानी की कितनी मात्रा दे क्या इससे दीमक मरती हैँ या इसकी गन्ध से पौधे से दूर हो जाती है ?

  5. Sir I want to ask u something. A flower vendor sell a flower plant . But he said after putting plant in a pot put a tbp of haldi powder on top of soil. My question is what is the use of haldi for soil

  6. mere nimbu per par leaf minner hai…….iska karan kya hai…iske liye me organic kya istamal kar sakta hu?? plzz help

  7. Hello sir, mene coriander lagaya h vo ache se ung gayi bt ab vo apne ap pora plant girte jara h jaise jaan chali gyi ho… Cud u plz suggest me something …

  8. Namaskar ji
    Saw ur video on termites
    I daily c and watch ur all videos for care on plants
    Please advice mealy bugs on my plants

  9. maine louke ka ped lagaya lekin fal nahi ban rahe hai pateya niche se sukh rahae hai pls upay batae or began me flower arahae hai par fal nahi arahe

  10. Sirji …kya mein kitchen waste ka compost bajri..yaani.baalu aur vermicompost aur ghar ka bana hai decompose daal k bana Skye hai kya …kyuki mere paas garden soil nhi hai

  11. Termites comes from soil and not from plants so removing those plant is of no use until plants completely dried or destroyed.
    So treating soil along with plants important, otherwise they will move to other plants and process continued.

  12. Hlo Sr mere croton plants kai dino se murja gye thy pani bhi kam deti thi indoor rakh thy or sunlight bhi 2 hours ki ati hai pir kl mainy pot ki soil nikal kr dekhi white color ke Kidde thy mainy plant or soil dono throw kr diye an roof par pot mai Jo plant hai unko save kaise kro

  13. Dimak (termite) treatment karte hai call me 9354552679 delhi and bihar mein pest control karte hai

  14. Hi there!Thanks for this valuable information.Actually my lemon plant in a 20” pot caught termites somehow in its potting soil and i guess the main reason was the cocopeat mulch i used in the pot.I removed the mulch and the same evening the termites stuck to the trunk of the lemon plant and started eating was fearfull for me as my plants especially lemon plants are dearest to me.I used a chemical medicine to kill the mites and insects using about half of the bottle in 1kg of sand and poured the sand over the soil in the pot and watered thoroughly.I know this is a disastrous method but this was the only thing left in order to save the plant.wat do u suggest if i use asafoetida if in future any of my pot catches mites?Would it be helpfull in killing the mites ot is it just for a precautionary measure and not for the plant that have already caught termites?Sry for such a long comment but pls reply whether my method was okay?or should i have used asafoetida?

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