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Home Remedies To Grow Thicker and Longer Eyelashes – How to grow eyelashes – Tamil Beauty Tips Thick eyelashes are the main reason for beautiful eyes and as many don’t have it. Some girls follow artificial things to show their eyelashes beautiful. In this video we are giving you some tips for beautiful eyes and how to grow eyelashes. Apply Olive oil or Castor oil on your eyelashes before going to bed and it keeps your eyes cool. To improve the eyelashes growth, soak lemon peel in olive oil or castor oil and apply the oil on your eyelashes. Some girls are using eyeliner, mascara for beautifying their eyes which may contain chemical content. If you use organic kajal it is not harmful for eyes and remove kajal before going to sleep. Keep green tea bag on your eyes for 10 minutes, the flaminoids present in it keep your eyelashes healthy and helps it to grow. Some girls use curler to curl their eyelashes but avoid using it as it is harmful for your eyelashes. If it is necessary you can use it once in a month. Massage your eye gently and it increases the blood circulation and helps to grow your eyelashes. We should take foods rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B to keep your eyes healthy and helps to grow eyelashes. Apply fresh Aloe vera gel on your eyelashes and vitamins and mineral salts present in it helps to grow your eyelashes and make it strong.

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