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Welcome to Health Care At Home We received many mails asking home remedy for uric acid problem You need to flush out uric acid Dont let uric acid increase in your body as well as flush out the increased uric acid Strictly avoid bakery products and also avoid junk food like pizza, pasta your uric acid will not increase by this You can flush out the uric acid by simple solution that is water drink lot of water Have hydietary fibre food it absorbs uric acid from blood stream Have pysllium husk, oats, spinach this will absorb uric acid from blood stream Apart from this have cold processed oil your uric acid will not increase and it give vitamin E Have walnuts in morning on empty stomach This also acts like cold processed oil and controls uric acid Apart from this vitamin C also helps in controlling uric acid Take gooseberry juice add aloe vera juice in it and have it To control increased uric acid have antioxidants rich food Have grapes, tomatoes you can have tomato salad in your food This will control your increased uric acid Apart from this have celery seeds this also controls uric acid have 1 tsp flax seeds after food Due to uric acid people suffer from diesease called gout If you have joint pain due to uric acid Take 15 gm fresh leaves of chenopodium grind it tie it in a cloth and extract its juice Have this juice in the morning on empty stomach Dont have anything 2 hours before and after having this juice Your uric acid will be controlled within 15 days People do diet called high protein diet Dont do this diet it will increase your uric acid If you are doing high protein diet and your uric acid level is high it will increase very trimendously due to this diet Avoid Peanuts and protein food this increases uric acid levels Let me tell you a remedy take ashwagandha powder mix it with honey add it in a glass of cow milk and drink it Dont have this in summer as you might get problem due to this Try this in winter it will reduce your joint pain and uric acid These were the simplest solutions Rest we wish to see you healthy, happy, fit and keep meeting us You just have to subscribe our channel to meet us Ask your friends and relatives to do the same Keep away doctors and get good health at home itself If you like our videos then share it Thank you

100 thoughts on “HOME REMEDIES TO REDUCE URIC ACID FROM BLOOD II खून से यूरिक एसिड घटने के घरेलू उपचार II

  1. I have also uric acid problem I would like to apply your honey, aswagandha powder and milk remedy process? Could you tell me where can we get aswagandha powder easily.

  2. Hii sir uric acid me kaun se fruit aur vegetables le sakte hai mene ek remedy dekhi jisme apple vinegar ko pani me dal ka piyne ki salah di hai kya Yeh sahi rahe ga. Mere husband ko uric acid level jyada hai please answer dijye. Aur jo remedy aap ne boli hai wo doctor ki dawai k saath le sakte hai.

  3. Hello sir,

    "how to control uric acid for children". My 2.5 years old child is suffering from the same problem. His uric acid level is increased upto 9.2.
    He is suffering pain in his joints and he is not able to walk. Not able to sleep at night due to pain.

    Please advise me on how to control his uric acid level.. please mention what all foods to avoid and what to take..

    Kind regards,

  4. Avoid NSAIDs, unless you prefer to be sick. Drug will not ever be the answer for eliminating gout. It only cloaks your symptoms.

  5. Hello im 27 years old I have gallbladder stone multiple the size 4.8 and kidny stone which is 3.5 and now from last 1 month uric acid problem 9.8 I have how to I cure all those thing could you please help me out………. and plz tell me the diet also

  6. sir mere husband ko uric acid high hai to diet ny karna he matlab kuch samaj ny aya khane me high protien food nahi lena he kya

  7. sir maine aaj hi mera blood test karwaya aur pata chala uric acid 10.8 hai. Doctor bole tomato bilkul nahi khana hai aur aap bol rahe hai tomato jyada se jyada khana hai.

    i m confused. plz make me clear .

  8. dEAR sir, I am suffering from uric acid, in my situation your video has been help me , guide me to reduce my uric acid, so i future too you will sui future t oo suggest me for my better helth improvemet.
    Thak you very much.

  9. hii Sair my age 17 mera sar par infection dandruff hua tha doctor dekha kar thik keya tha and hali mai me mera dandruff hua hai aur bohot kuchli hoti hai aur bal jhar raha hai kuch upai aur yoga batao plz jaldi help me sair

  10. hii Sair my age 17 mera sar par infection dandruff hua tha doctor dekha kar thik keya tha and hali mai me mera dandruff hua hai aur bohot kuchli hoti hai aur bal jhar raha hai kuch upai aur yoga batao plz jaldi help me sair

  11. sir mere bati ko lgata 10 mahino sy khansi hy boht jida ilaj krway homepathic alopathic ghrelo opaye kiye pr araam nhi a rha pljjj koi opaye btsin

  12. f3 health care, shrivatsav sir, I am also suffering from uric acid problem and having foot pain, some of your information is wrong, Spinach/Palak, Amla powder or Juice is not suitable for uric acid cure, it increases the pain, pl don't misguide the people by sharing wrong information. Spinach contains high calcium, not a suitable leafy vegetables, I have tried it many times, it increases the pain to peak. Alma contains high vitamin C, but not suitable to reduce uric acid, it's also increasing pain.

  13. sir maine apki btayi diet ko follow kiya or 1 week ke baad mera uric acid 7.2 se 8.7 ho gya sir plssss help me

  14. hi sir,
    I have uric acid problem from one month after fasting month I went a doctor and take medicine properly and avoid the restrict food in case. but my doctor told me you not take milk and tomato and lemon I mean salty things . I am not talking this things but I not get rid properly from uric acid problem and second thing can I take milk .

  15. sir, Namskaar! mere haathon k joints bahot dard karte hai! Jabki maine Surya namskar ,pranaym, eise bahotse yogasan 2 haptonse shuru ker diye hai ,shuru me toh bahot asar pda!😃…lekin baad me ,yaane aajkal toh bahot thakaan lagti hai! joints bhi , specifically hathon ke bahot dard karte hai! please suggest me?

  16. Hi,u said to eat palak n tomatoes but i read somewhere that v should not have these 2 foods if v have uric acid,so plz explain this,as spinach is high in purines

  17. क्या पेशाब में जलन और बदबू भी यूरिक एसिड का एक कारण है।

  18. Sir mera uric acid har 1-2 months mein badh jata hai naur kabhie thida normal bhi ho jata hai,but I get severe pain in my left foot,heel n small finger area n aag si jalan bhi hoti hai n chalne mein bhi problem hoti hai as it pains

  19. u said to eat tomatoes n its juice a lot n spinach too but i heard they r high in purines n acidic so plz suggest kya ye sahi hai to have them,thnx a lot.

  20. mujje prmeh ho Gaya hai…Shilajit ki koi bhi dawa..wo thik karta hai Magar masutrabate 2 3 Baar karte hi fir se ho jata hai prameh……kya Mai zindgi bhar prmeh na Karu….kaise thik hoga Mai…

  21. helo sir main bhut pershan hon plz help me ….mujy stomach main bhut pain hoti h maine uk main sub test krwaye camra test b wo kahte h kuch ni h chest ma b pain hoti ti aur chest ki back side per b dard rehta ta ECG b krwaya wo b test thek aye MRI tk clear h jxt blood ma vitamin D low h but mujy stomach ma pain bhut hoti h aur pta lgta h saans lyna mushkil h aise dard hota h….Koi illaj bataye plz

  22. pl. do not advise patients suffering from uric acid problem to consume Spinach and 'Amla' this will increase their problem

  23. hi …mery periods ruk jany k bad meri legs per ghutny ke dono side or abb to full tang per blood wali nasein nazar arahi hain (its blue or spider veins) meri thighs main pain hota hay jb chulti hn or baithny per neechy wali side main bohat dard hota hay sari nasain stiff hain paoun or haath ki finger main b dard hota hay plz koi advice dein thanks

  24. easiet and best cure
    1… Cherry (this is number one best cure in Uric Acid)
    2… Apple Cider Vaniger
    3… Celery (ajwain)
    3… Avoid Table Sugar…
    and use Gouric (febustat) tablet 40 mg for 1 month…
    use and take result and pray for me thanks

  25. please nukasuko Hindi may bataya karay.English. may davaeyo Kay nam samajh nahi atay hai scheel may bhi dikhaya kRa

  26. Pagal aadmi hai, watch Rajiv Dixit video on uric acid.Palak ek dum Nahi khain. Uric acid Pani se flush out Nahi hota hai

  27. Sir,truly speaking,your education is very smart,& easy to learning.I love your education part very much.I am a naturopathic learner also.So there are many thing to learn from you.Thank you very much,Sir.

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