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Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Facial Hair is one of the most annoying problems among females. There are number of methods that treats extra Facial Hair but seriously most of the methods don’t give a permanent solution. There could be many reasons behind Facial Hair growth, under the chin, to be very precise, hormonal changes could also be the reason behind this problem. Many women above 30 could also face this problem as in most of the cases, Facial Hair could grow up after 30s.

Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Many women prefers to treat their Facial Hair at home as they don’t want any other to know that they have under chin hair problem. Tweezing is quite a common method but that is not a safe method at all. Tweezing causes skin cell injury which is not a good thing to do. Some girls prefers not to pluck out the hairs instead, they prefers bleaching which hides the hairs under the chin. I will not recommend you to bleach your under chin hairs as it will not remove the hairs, it will just keep them hidden from the eyes of people, not perfectly as people sitting near you could easily feel the Facial Hair.

Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Hair removal creams are also very popular and most of the girls out there uses hair removal cream to remove Facial Hair. I will also not recommend you to use hair removal creams as sometimes it leave black marks under your chin and this method is also not a permanent solution and Facial Hair will come back very soon. Laser method is also quite common method to remove Facial Hair but it is a bit costly, but it gives a permanent solution of the Facial Hair problem.

Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

As I’m a big fan of remedies and stuff, so I will recommend you to use some home remedies to get rid of Facial Hair as home remedies are always best and side effect free. Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently
Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently
Turmeric and Gram flour mixture could be really useful remedy for hair removal. Mix well required amount of both turmeric and gram flour in a little amount of water until it becomes a paste. Now apply this paste to the area where you have extra hair and leave for few minutes until the paste gets dry. After getting it dried, dip a cloth in warm water and wipe away the dried paste and the hair too.
Another amazing remedy is to use Turmeric powder with Milk, Mix well turmeric powder in milk and make a paste, now apply this paste on under chin. Make sure to rub gently and slowly moving your fingers in circular motion. Leave this paste on there for at least 15 minutes and then wash. Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Take some moisturizing milk or lotion and add a little amount of Vitamin A cream in it. Mix it well and apply it on your chin or any other part of your face where you have extra hair problem, Do this in the night before going to bed and then wash with fresh water early in the morning. Do this on daily basis for 30 days. After one month, your extra facial hairs will be permanently removed.
Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

100 thoughts on “Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

  1. I doubt these really work but how long would it take for me to lessen my body hair with one of these remedies?

  2. turmeric and gram flour works only if used on young children , its a way to become hairless for life , but is not for adults! only for tanning removal !!

  3. Ahhhh these not hair removal methods !!! these methods here in India we use for tan removing , for glowing and evenly tonned skin Not for hair removal 😒😒😒😒

  4. You can tell in the thumb nail before and after they are two different people, the one on the left is a man and the one on the right is a woman

  5. please help go mouth hair I' m very worried…….upper lips and beard all area in mouth……….how to remove ?????

  6. face pe bht jada thick hair he blck clr ke.. sb try kia he kuch asar nh ho ra he.. hormonal problm ka hal batao kuch. pls

  7. Total and absolute nonsense with zero science or understanding of anatomy of the hair and follicle. There is nothing that can be applied to the skin that will make hairs vanish permanently.

  8. I been having facial hair problems all my Damn life. I'm soo sick and tired of shaving it. i'm so sick and tired of it. This is the first time I saw this video. And now I need to buy the stuff so I can do this at home. And it's all Natural and no Toxic stuff in them. And that's cool to know. 🙂

  9. hey I'm a 14 year old boy and I just started getting facial hair and I don't ever want it !! witch of these remedies will work best on me !! I don't have any skin problems !! plzz help before it gets worse !! thxx!!

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  14. Now DIY doesn't work on me…. Plzz give any other tips.. Plzz…. I have same hair which you showed on display screen… Plzz help

  15. I tried tumeric, milk and gram flour. Made a paste and left to dry. Removed, by rubbing hair in opposite direction from growth. I have curly hair and it worked. I actually removed quite a bit of hair after one use.

  16. if you click the link below, it will bring you to a product that truly works to remove facial forever. However, it does take about 3-4 months to work, and it is a bit expensive. I bought it on Amazon at the time for $259.00 and eBay has them too. it's actually worth the money.

  17. I would suggest you to use a white chocolate Brazilian wax which is quite effective in removing facial hairs. Try it and you will see the difference.

  18. all the youtube videos are nonsence. any one looking fir a solution please research ASHWAGANDHA herb. This is best solution and resolves alot of other issues you maybe facing in relation to this.

  19. Only rasor can cut and get the hair on face. I dont believe this will work. Beacause hair is hard to get thru ds mask ok?

  20. Everyone here that's an adult female and some teenage female may have a health problem that is causing the hair to grow in places were men or boys have hair it's a hormonal imbalance some of use can be suffering from maybe a condition that called Hirsutism, such as PCOS or Adrenal Gland Disorders also Hypertrichosis this increase hair growth anywhere on the body these problems can cause us to have overproduction of male hormones a high level of Androgen which is normally more abundant in males these problems need to be treated by a Doctor so my advice would be to talk to your Doctor's before you start any of the things you see here on YouTube not saying this stuff may or may not work but perhaps it can be something that you need medical treatment for.

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  22. I'm an "aesthetician, make up and nail artist" student with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. I have quite the beard. Sorry to disappoint you all but nothing like that works. In school we learn that as long as the root is alive it's gonna grow back. To my horror I found out that what I've been doing all these years is wrong. Methods like waxing, tweezing and sugaring that violently pull the hair out usually damage the hair follicle and more blood rushes in to help and nourish it and the new hair usually grows stronger. The only method is to permanently damage the root. Those areas are controlled by hormones and are not as easily delt with as leg hair. Leg hair follicles will get damaged after a while and you will see results with pulling methods but not on areas where hair is a product of hormone control like face or nipples.

  23. This is so stupid these are obviously 2 different people on these pictures. Stop this stupid shit ASAP

  24. I have spent months studying removing unwanted hair at home and discovered an awesome resource at Dravin remover guide (check it out on google)

  25. Thanx soooo much for your help, My chin, is the most part of my body I hate the most, I use tweezer on even my eyebrows, my mustache(lol,lol) sorry, but I even buy alot of lemon, now I now know the best idea. Can i use lime, baking soda also? Like on my whole face, or is it only to moisten my face, pls.

  26. Lemon n suga all crap its good as a facial scrub but for hair fuck off ive bn doing this remedy for over six years doesnt remove hair it lightens it but permantly remove yeah right …. facial scrub use only

  27. Turmeric n gram power shouldn't work it can't remove hair but it cause acnes n pimples why they suggest wrong remedies to the people

  28. Piece of advice to never use turmeric on face . I used it and it's color stays for 2 days on my face instead of removing tan or hair I got yellow face

  29. People it’s not an over night solution to the problem! Consistency is key. With the turmeric you have to use every night is order to see results but it does eventually reduce hair growth from coming back. I have found the papaya works better natural though for a more permanent method. But you will not get a quick fix with any of the methods just my honest opinion but they do eventually work with consistency.

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