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You know, smoking is one of the most difficult
habits to break. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what we’re going to talk about is how
to quit smoking cold turkey. Whenever you make the decision to quit smoking, cold turkey
is probably the fastest and easiest way that will provide benefits to your health. When
you make the decision to cut down on smoking first, you only prolong the process of quitting
smoking. You must prepare yourself that it’s going to take a two to three week process
to get over the urge of nicotine and tobacco. You could change your routine, plan a vacation,
or change your lifestyle for a two to three week process. That will eliminate those times
when you feel the urge to smoke. Those times when you have that morning cup of coffee or
after a meal could be times when you take the full benefit of going out for a brisk
walk or exercise. Instead of drinking alcohol, which sometimes goes hand in hand with tobacco
use or cigarette use, you could also take the positive benefits of quitting alcohol
at the same time; again, changing your routine and your lifestyle. Instead of TV watching,
try reading a book, try exercise, try going for a walk, and let friends and family know
that you’re genuinely going to try to quit smoking cold turkey. They could also be a
big benefit and help in this process. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll see
ya’ next time.

30 thoughts on “Home Remedies & Treatments : How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

  1. I'm 30 and preparing to give up red wine and smoking cold turkey. It sucks. But the good things in life are the bad things in life.

  2. It's so hard i just cant stop smoking i tried alooooooooooot of times.People i need a real solution here, this isn't working out for me

  3. @humanspider92 its like for everyone dude…im 19 and ive failed multiple times but trust me, if u REALLY want to quit, than you will.

  4. Cold turkey is the hardest, but it's the fastest. At least from my experience. I had a week and a half of withdrawal, and a month of craving. I was off it for 3 years until I fell when in a high-stress situation, but I switched the cigars out for snus.

  5. @krisdunn09 Pot doesn't control you, anymore than junk food does. The addiction is all psychological (albeit powerful). I used to smoke too much pot, however, I quite about three months ago. Now, I no longer have the need to smoke pot. Also, I'm not saying that Pot is bad, however, when you're addicted to something, the first thing that you must do, is 'admit it'. Anyway, if you quite, the addiction goes away.Just make sure that if you use it in the future, you don't return to your bad habits.

  6. It's way easier to quit pot than tobacco. Pot is more expensive (though that depends on where you live) and harder to obtain (again, depending on where you live). Tobacco can be obtained nearly everywhere. Even homeless people with no money at all can go pick butts out of a public ashtray. It's being forced on smokers by simple convenience which makes the addiction harder to break. If you can't obtain something, it's easier to put it out of your mind than when it's all around every day.

  7. Anyone remember the movie "Waterworld"? Remember how the bad guy in that movie paid his henchmen? With packs of smokes! Smoking is for control and power to those who provide it, power over those who can't do without it. Don't be a puppet on wispy strings of smoke, man up and overthrow that demon from your life.

    I'm struggling too, not buying or bumming tobacco is the first step to quitting.
    The next step is willpower. You have to WANT to quit MORE than you want to smoke.

  8. @vPoyZon I'm 17 too.. started 14… nothing happened to me actually, I just decided that its useless so I threw my packets out and spent the first 3 days in my room (first 3 days are the hardest).. then BAM! what do you know, I don't smoke anymore… Its really not that hard, you just have to care enough to do it… and man up to the urges

  9. I've been using some form of tobacco since I was 16 years old, I started with dip, and then smoking, I then started dipping and smoking at the same time. I then just started smoking, I smoke a pack a day. Then when I was 20 I think when I started smoking two packs a day. I got to were I would use the one I just smoked to light another. I was chain smoking at the age of 22, I'm almost 23 years old. Was spending 80 dollars a week on tobacco. I decided in February to quit cold turkey.

  10. The constant headaches, and I feel like I wan't to cry at times, and I at times, I wan't to beat the guy smoking and steal his Marlboro. I wish I never felt the high the first dip I took gave me. I regret smoking it because it gave me such, and intense high for 15 minutes. Then the high I kept trying to get that nicotine high. I mean I loved smoking. I started having chest pains, and heart palpitation. Dr. tells me I need to quit, asap. I said alright I want to try it cold turkey.

  11. @zwzzufd
    Havent had a smoke in ages. Theres a few simple thing you can do to help. This will explain everything >

  12. I quit cold turkey five years ago, but think Captain Joe's advice is misguided and ineffective.  Read Allen Carr's book "The Easyway to Quit Smoking" or watch any of the 60+ quit smoking videos on YouTube by Joel Spitzer.

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