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hello everyone please welcome and join easy steps toenail fungus on this toenail actually it started you know coming and going down and before went up to the halfway and then I started worrying about it I went all the way back and I see that you know these the white lines before you see this I’m referencing to this it was all the way down here and also if I put my finger across it and I would see it was lifting up so my toes were getting kind of fall looking ugly let me it was a worse really up to here now getting really better I think a couple of months of for using my own home remedy I am going to share with you let me show you it’s a simple home remedy I am using for this one it’s a Vicks vapor rub toenails has a fungus I will show you close in I’m going to grab this you don’t need too much about this much small amount of this and you just put it here and what basically I do I just rub it off you know and use it anytime but the best suggestion to use it at the night time then you can use one pair of socks you put the socks on and you can asleep with it the reason why putting socks on won’t the Vicks won’t get to your blankets or It won’t get to your sheets because then they will get dirty and after taking care of this one or for the past couple months and maybe I’m doing it three times or two times or four times a week so if you are doing it and if you have this kind of issues and you try it I will bet you that is going to fix your issues and again you nothing to lose this is a only the Vicks vapor rub and majority of our houses are here in America have these it’s a cold and try and I hope it will solve your issues and thanks for joining easy steps and I’m really glad that I brought some easy solutions for foot doctor so thank you for joining have a good day

28 thoughts on “Home Remedy Cure for Toenail Fungus | Cure Nail Fungus with Vicks VaporRub

  1. Wow! … i am going to try this! i have tried so many things … even paid a lot of money to have a three month treatment of a prescription medicine … and still had it return after all the money and treatment … 

  2. Un bon remède c'est tous les jours jusqu'à guérison mettre dessus une ou deux fois par jour une goutte de Bétadine flacon jaune

  3. Ive been using the vivkys and 3 days later is so much better its working great!… I am also taking pictures. Have a great day and yes Vicks is working for me so far… I use after shower at nights…

  4. Thank you again and again , My toes are back to normal …….I still keep an eye on it daily ……..I heard it's could come back , but if people wouldn't drink  anything with sugar in it , it makes a different …….and take care of your GUT probiotics …research it .

  5. Thank you. I'm going to try this. I don't want to take prescription because of all the possible side effects. Hope this helps

  6. ohhhh shiet i have fungus i found out today i need to try this (not sarcastic) im only 12 so i need to go to school every day and i have sport i cant just look at my toes when im in sport and i live in swiss its cold here and i have to wear soks and i thinks thats the cause

  7. hello I jost want thank you vary much, efter many years,trying mani things, my nail is back to normal ,for jost one week using Vicks, thank you thank you thank you

  8. It works !!,after spending a small fortune on so called "remedies " that did not work I saw the results in about 7 days using vic , well recommended

  9. Update my toes are still clear and everything is normal . I've already recommend …Vick's Vapor Rub ….to families or friends , in case they know of anybody who might have it ……Thank you for your information .

  10. Does it matter what kind of shows you where, and socks? Cause I use thick basketball socks usually but it makes my feet sweat a lot. Pls help

  11. concentrated bleach before applying the vaporub. it's been working for me. I'm seeing results (I've being doing it for 3 days) in the less severe toenails.

  12. 30 year sufferer from TF here, I've "tried everything, nothing works".  I even tried VICKS VAPORUB daily for SIX MONTHS and MY TF seemed to LOVE IT. A podiatrist actually told me that he had "no cure" for TF but he "had heard that VICKS VAPORUB worked". I tried it and he was right about the fact he "had no cure" for TF. Mabye it does work for SOME folks but it didn't do jack squat for me.

  13. I'm using Bells Vapour Rub, it doesn't have the orenao oil and the other herb that Vicks does but it's still workig because of the camphor, euchalytus oil and of course the petrolium jelly which makes it soak into the skin and nail and just after 1 week, 2 days it's already working, for the most part my toenail fungus caused by my athletes foot it's eaten away at my big toenails but on the thin layer of thin nail there is fungus there and i had a bit of my nail still hanging on the nail bed but it's died and i've got it off after just the 1 week, 2 days, there is the odd stubborn pieces in the corners but i'm sure it will come off in a couple days and i've maanaged to just pick off a corner of my middle right toe which is one of the two thick nails on my right foot, i think those will take a few months to fall off but i'm already seeing improvement :).

    I don't take foot baths ether and i walk about barefoot, i put the vapour rub on at night to let it soak in because it definitely takes a while, i put a bit more on the more effected nails. I just pick and wiggle at the nails until they come off and it will be a bit sore undereath at first but it heals up in 2 days because of the amazing healing properties of the petrolium jelly 🙂 then i can just peel the nail off with no bleeding or soreess although you might get some bleeding on some more tender parts of the nail, i have on my left big toe but the piece of nail for the most part was just loose and came off so i cut it off, i'm amazed how well it's working :).

  14. Don't forget to spray the insides of your shoes once a week with an antiseptic spray. Keep your feet dry as much as possible and your nails filed down to the nail bed.

  15. Thank you for the simple advice! In addition to the advice you gave, my podiatrist told me that I should microwave my socks for about 10 seconds before putting them on and to freeze my shoes overnight about once a week to help with athlete's foot among other things.

  16. Hi SIR.
    i hope u r fine. i saw this video . it is really good job. so please what is the name of this drug? from PAKISTAN

  17. I tried vicks for a week and i noticed my fungus was moving deeper inside the nail but then i started thinking that i may using it wrong because i was putting vicks under the nail also …maybe the trick is just to put some vicks on the nail

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