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Welcome to Health Care at Home Today we’ll talk about Alopecia Many people have mailed us about this, and this has became concern for many countries worlwide Mostly in western contries But don’t scared about it I’ll suggest you great and easy remedies to cure it which will help you to free from Alopecia First thing we need to understand, why does Alopecia occures Medical science has yet not able to find the main cause of Alopecia But one of the common factor which causes it is Stress If you are suffering due to high level of stress, you might attract Alopecia Some people also says that, if you use Public toilet and after using if you touch your hair or face You can easily attract Alopecia These two reasons has came into light which causes Alopecia Now the question is, how to prevent from alopecia To prevent Alopecia, we have to make our body so strong that it shouldn’t able to touch us We can make our body strong by adding vit A,C & E in our diet I’ll tell you how it works Vit A helps to produces the serum-the healthy oil- in our scalp You’ll find vit A from Carrots, cabbage, cheese, spinach, use more green leafy vegetable in your diet If you add all these things in your diet, then the serum in your scalp will keep getting produce And you will be out of danger of Alopecia Now we’ll talk about vit C Vit C is very important for your immune system & your hair You’ll find vit C in lemons But I always suggest if you want vit C then use gooseberries You’ll never find the most natural vit C in any other thing then in gooseberies Gooseberry is the only fruit, you convert it into any forms, and it never looses its Vit C Even if you dry it, it stores its vit C in itself Even if you boil it, then to its vit C doesn’t go away In other fruits Vit C can be found in natural ways But if you process or dy them, they loose their vit C property SO you can have gooseberry powder, juices, or you can have fresh gooseberry fruit itself This way you’ll get vit C, your immune system will get strong, and you’ll be free from Alopecia too. Now we’ll talk about vit E. You’ll get vit E, from walnuts or almonds Also soya products, it is also rich in healthy proteins along with vit E Soak the soya beans in water overnight, in the morning boil & mash it well Use it in any ways Soya products very popular now a days, you’ll get soya nagets, soya milk You’ll also get soya paneer, it is also being called tofu If you’re consuming all this things, like green vegetables, then you’ll be free from Alopecia And if you are already suffering due to alopecia Then even that will start getting healed because your body must have become strong from inside to fight with Alopecia Now I’ll talk about home remedy Its very simple, get Mulethi powder, its easily available in market And add little milk in it, and you’ll get a paste In alopecia, generally from here the patch comes out Apply this paste on this patch Some people even get the patches out from the beard, hair doesn’t grow on that portion You can apply this paste on these patches and let it dry for an hour or 2 And then wash it off Do this remedy regularly Some people even complaint that they bleed from the portion effected by Alopecia Their alopecia is so severe that they even bleed from the portion of Alopecia What you can do, If you are suffering due to bleeding kind of Alopecia Get the lemon seeds and add it with blackpapper in an equal quantity Together mash them well, and you’ll get a mixture You can also add water into it and make paste of it And apply it if you have got bleeding Alopecia, and you’ve got patches of it which are bleeding I’ll give you third remedy Take yellow egg, it is also being called egg yolk And massage it on all Alopecia effected portion And leave it for an hour After an hour it’ll get dry Then watch your effected portions with lukewarm water You can try this remedy 2-3 time in a weeks, it will help you to get rid of Alopecia Apart from this their are many remedies for alopecia If you’re suffering due to Alopecia, then how to wash your hair, how to shampoo them Or which shampoo to use, I’ll help you with it But its not possible to show everything in this episode itself For that you watch Alopecia Part-2 Wasn’t those an easy remedies? Wish you a great health wealth wellness & abundance, keep watching our videos Subscribe this channel and tell your friends also to subscribe it Get health tips at home and keep the doctor away And don’t forget to share our videos Thank You

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