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Welcome to healthcare at home. We have recieved mail from Mr.Sajid Pathan
from Bihar. He says that he has heavy voice since childhood. Though he is 30 years of age, his voice doesn’t comes properly and he faces embarrassment because of that. And people makes fun of him when he speaks in public. So he has requested any remedy so his voice
become normal. Yes, Mr.Sajid there is a simple remedy for
clearing your heavy voice. Take Mulethi (LIQUORICE), which you can
get at any Ayurvedic shops. It looks like a wood. Even you get it at beetle leaves shop as people
eat it with beetle leaves, to keep their throat clear. Take Mulethi stick and chew it three to four
times a day. And when you get saliva while chewing it,
swallow it down the throat slowly slowly. Due to this if you have cough or any kind of infection due to which you voice has become heavy if you have any problem in your vocal cord,
that is also gets cleared. And after that your voice will be cleared
and your normal voice will come out. But you have to try this Mulethi remedy for
three to five times a day Other then this take one tea spoon honey. Add 2-3 drops of ginger juice in it which is available at every house hold. One pinch black pepper powder. And one pinch of camphor powder. If camphor is available then take it , otherwise you can use honey, ginger and pepper mix that will also be benefical. Add camphor and mix it properly. Take normal India camphor. Mix all and lick it. And you have to swallow it through your throat
slowly slowly. If you try both these remedies for fifteen
days then your voice will become loud and clear. And heaviness of your voice will also gone. Anyways we always wish that you stay healthy,
stay happy, be busy, talk to us in your sweet voice and keep watching our show. Thank you

100 thoughts on “HOME REMEDY FOR CLEAR VOICE II साफ़ आवाज़ के लिए घरेलु उपचार II

  1. Sir meri voice problems hai meri voice clearner nahi aati meri voice dhabi dhabi si aati hai meri language vo hi samjh sakta hai jo meri sath rehata ho ya jisne meri voice sunta rehata ho kya is ka koi ilaaj hai yaa koi tarika jishe voice thori thori saaf hoti rehe iska koi operation hai me ye jaana chahta hu

  2. Sir mujhe voice problems hai meri voice clearner nahi aati meri voice dhabi dhabi si aati hai meri language vo hi samjh sakta hai jo meri sath rehata ho ya jisne meri voice sunta rehata ho kya is ka koi ilaaj hai yaa koi tarika jishe voice thori thori saaf hoti rehe iska koi operation hai me ye jaana chahta hu

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  4. Sir mai student hu aur mai thik se bol nahi paata hu matalb jo bhi word bolta hu oo clear nahi bol pata hu. please sir koi solution bataiye please (9504831151)

  5. सर, मेरा आवाज़ नाक से निकलता हैं इसके लिए क्या करु?

  6. Sir ji meari awaj bhut moti hai or mea naak mea bolta hu muzea coiyeal jesie banna chahta hu kuch
    Muzea upayea bateaygea

  7. I'm a teenager I have a unclear voice it's more bass than the others I don't know what to do. I barely speak in the class(9th standard) also
    Tell me wether this thing will surely work or not PLEASE! 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Sir lekin meri awaaz Pataki aur low hai aur saaf bhi nhi hai.sir please iska upaay jaroor batna.I am a male but my voice is not like male's voice.sir please give me solution.

  9. Sir meri awaz bhut dheemi h …mai jb bolta hu to ek bar me kisi ko sunayi ni deti to uske liye mai kya karu sir please kuch btaiye

  10. sir.. meri bhari aur tej bolne ke karn kv kv kisi meri awaj smajh me ni ata…kv kv to mai bat krte krte kv aisa lgta h ki meri awj ni kl ni pta aur bht solo ata h….kv aisa v hota ki bat krte krte meri awaj lptane lgta h….plz help me…… 8651111163

  11. Respect Hakeem Sahib from F3 Health Care , today i have listen your two lecturers on laryngitis, very informative, good prescription i impressed by your lecturers. Thanks and regard for this
    ( my name is Amin Ahsan at Islamabad, I have passed 4 year course of Tib Unani , but not start practice till now. my Forefather migrated from Karma village District Ferozepur in East Punjab of india on 14 August 1947 , we remember our village an district in India with love.
    My uncle is suffering from Bulgam (phlegm) too much, and cough too much, Balgam not come out from throat and we have made a lot of Eleco, Unani herbal treatment
    Dr Sahib, if you reply me on my email: [email protected], then I will explain you in detail, what medicine we have given them , if you have any herbal prescription, I will be thank full for your nice cooperation, so he can recover.
    Amin Ahsan 7 April 2018

  12. Sir mere sister ko singer banna hai matlab aapne bataye huye nuske ladkiya bhi use kar sakti hai na plz reply me sir

  13. Sir meri awaz main expression nahi hai. very strange i know. Main normal bat karon ya ghusay main ya pyar se tone same rehta hai. main jab kisi se mazaq b karta hun to narazgi ho jati hai. main even ache se acha joke b crack ni kr sakta. buht embarrassment hoti hai. Is liye main buht kam bolta hun or bahir ni jata. Koi banda b meri help kr saky to please . I can do any thing for you in return.
    Thank You

  14. I hv lost my voice badly since this march 2018. Please help wht shall i do ? I met ENT doctors + did all home remedies but nothing helped….

  15. My voice is very soft and small i am boy my friends cant hear my sound while travelling in noisy place .So how can i get my voice louder please help me 😢😢

  16. sir main 13 sal ka hu mera naam Saim ha aur ma singing ksrta hu mare aawaz main thoda zozra pan ha too usa main kaisa door karo

  17. Sr Mai 22 sal ki hu
    Mai hkla kr ruk ruk bolti hu or bolte bolte fas jati hu mere muh me bhi pani bahut jldi bhr jata h
    plz send iska upay baty
    larki hu Mai or aaise me bahut srmidgi fel hoti h

  18. Mera masla ye hai k meray vocal cord mein soojan agai hai jis ki wajha se meri awaz bethi hui lagti hai aur kharab ho gai hai Dr kehtey hain k nodules mein soojan hai jissey remove kia jata hai ,mein ye risk nahi lena chati aap koi ilaj bataen jis se soojan khatam ho aur awaz saaf ho jaey

  19. sir mera beta 8 years Ka hai.
    jab wo bolna start kia tha to uski awaaz bahot clear thi. …
    per jb 3 saal ka hua tb se uski awaaz bhari bhari nikal ti hai. …aisa jaise k jakdan ho per jakdan nahi hai. ….plzzzz uski awaaz clear krne ka trika bataeye

  20. sir mera voice clear nahi ata.. matlab kuch word clear nahi ate..that reason kuch logo ko samhja nahi mai kya karu

  21. Sir mara nam ronit ha
    Age :19
    Mara voice kisi ko samaj nahi aati muja 2 bar dorana padta ha kohi remedy ha to bata do.

  22. Sir Mari awaz bohot deep ha aur ma larki Hu….aur mara awaz clear bhi nay ha aur pata nay acha nak sa Mari awaz badel gay….sir plz help me plz

  23. सर में गायक हूँ लेकिन 4-5 साल से गाने लायक आवाज नहीं रही
    Ent डाक्टर ने वोकल कार्ड में नोड्यूल बताए हैं एलोपैथी दबाई से फायदा नहीं हो रहा है
    आयुर्वेदिक में क्या लें जिससे वोकल कार्ड में नोड्यूल ठीक हो जाएं
    बैठी-बैठी दबी-दबी आवाज ठीक हो जाए
    प्लीज सर बताइए आपकी महान क्रपा होगी
    जीवन भर आपका आभारी रहूँगा

  24. sir , I am a girl of 17 years. I have a child voice like a 5 yes child. can u make a video on how to get mature voice .pls sir.thank u.

  25. Sir meri age 25year h(male). But meri aawaj patli h and Jor se nahi bola jata h, please help me.

  26. Sir I am a girl
    Magar mara jo voice jo hai wo bhut Bhari hai kuh asa bataya his SA mara voice theak hojaya 🙏🙏

  27. Sir….
    Unga video pakrathala enga kaathu sevidu aganuma sollunga???
    Please change the introduction music.,. We use headphones…. Please

  28. Plz mujhe koi upay bataye jo meri aawaz ko thik kare meri awaz kisi dawai ki waja se kharab ho gayi h aaj 8 saal ho gaye meri awaz abhi tak thik nahi ho rahi h bhari si ho gayi h hoarseness aa gayi h meri aawaz me

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