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Hi guys and welcome back to my series of celeb
beauty on Videojug. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make
beauty products from things that you could find around the kitchen. So, I have my amazing model Annabelle with
us today. She is kindly going to be our model.
So I’m going to show you all the products in action. So first, I’m going to show you how to create
an amazing lip and body scrub. So first of all, we’re going to need some
sugar. This is just some brown, normal sugar, you
find in the kitchen. And I’ve also got some extra virgin olive
oil. Again, what you would normally use for cooking.
So, I have a little bowl and I’m just going to put a little bit of sugar, probably about,
one spoonful and then two or three spoons of olive oil into that.
Give it a little mix. Add a little bit more sugar to that, actually,
because you want to just get the right consistency. And this is going to act as a really amazing
lip scrub. So as the sugars scrubbing at the dead skin
and removing that, the olive oil is going to penetrate the skin and make it nice and
moisturized. So you’re doing sort of two things as one.
So we’ve got that to a really nice, sugary paste consistency like this.
So Annabelle, I’m going to get you to put your finger into the mixture, get a nice bit
on there, and then give them a really good scrub, keeping your mouth together.
But if you eat some, don’t worry because it’s all natural.
So, if you just dip your finger in. Get a nice bit on your finger.
That’s it. And then give it a nice scrub around. It feels really lovely.
It’s taking all the dead skin cells off and putting all the nice moisture of the olive
oil back into the lips. Give that a nice scrub for me.
And also, this is going to really help to get all the blood vessels going, so it actually
helps a little bit of a plumper at the same time.
Perfect. So after you’ve given them a nice scrub, I’m
just going to get you now to wipe off the excess.
You don’t even need to use water because it is all natural. If you do eat a little bit,
it’s only sugar. They feel nice and smooth now. Feels lovely,
doesn’t it? Okay, so you can also use olive oil and sugar
as a body exfoliator. So in this bowl I have some more brown sugar
and I’m just going to pour now the olive oil into this.
You want to get quite a bit in there now. And in the shower, you can do this normally,
so it doesn’t get messy. Just give this a nice stir. So I’m just going to be using this body scrub
all over the body and it just really helps to smooth and exfoliate all the dried, dead
skin that you get on your body. And it’s nice, especially now that summer
is coming up as well. So this also helps to eliminate cellulite
as well. So the little grains will help stimulate the
fat, breaking it down and then dispersing it through the body.
You can put it all over, it’s nice on the legs.
And even like, you know if you’re going to tan, this is great because you can really
hit the knees. And like the elbows as well. And it’s also great for getting off stubborn,
unwanted tanning. So if you’re coming towards the end of your tan, you can really exfoliate
the excess bits off. So I normally do this in the shower and I’d
be rubbing this all over my body. And then all you do is just rinse it all off
with water. So next up we have an amazing face mask.
So for this I’m going to be taking a bowl and I’m going to be using a fork for this
and a spoon. So we’re going to put in an avocado.
So I’ve already cut my avocado in half like this and I’m just going to spoon out the inside.
Now you want make sure that the avocado is overly ripe so it really mashes up to a nice,
thick, unlumpy consistency. Into this, I’m also going to be putting in
some Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is amazing. It has great properties
of healing and not only can you eat it and put it into food, you can also put it on the
outside of your body. It’s a great antibacterial as well.
So we’ll pop that in. A nice dollop of that. It’s going to make it smell nice as well,
the nice mask. We’re also going to add a tablespoon of olive
oil again. Extra virgin from the kitchen. Great for moisturizing.
And now we’re going to add the white of an egg.
Now we’ll need to be a little bit skilled at this.
So I’m just going to take the white of the egg, not the yolk.
And this is going to blend all of the mask together and help it sort of set and tighten.
This is a great toner as well and cleanser. So now all I’m going to do is take the fork
and mash all of this mixture together. So you want to just keep mashing that all
up until there’s no bits and you have a really nice, creamy texture.
Okay so as you can see, we have mashed this up and we have this great, like, lime green
consistency. And it smells so nice because of the honey.
So all we’re going to do now is take a little brush. This is like the ones you would put, like
the egg whites, around the cake tin bases, I think. Can’t remember it’s official name
but it’s our now beauty brush. And I’m now just dipping this into the product.
And if you keep your eyes closed for me now, babes. Definitely don’t want to get it into
the eyes. I’m just going to apply this all over the
face and because we really mashed that up, it goes on really nice. Like a proper beauty
face mask rather than one we’ve just made. So this is going to really give the skin some
moisture back. It’s got brilliant healing properties.
So it’s great if you get breakouts. The Manuka Honey will really help with that.
Like, antibacterial. So you could really leave this on for as long
as you want but the longer the better, I would say.
And if you wanted to, you could do this every day.
You don’t have to stick to just once or twice a week because it’s not harsh and it’s all
natural. That’s the beauty about these products.
And if you’re feeling really crazy and you really wanted a great pamper, you could even
put this all over your body. Okay so now onto the eyes.
I’m going to be making some homemade eye masks. And for this I’m going to be using some green
tea teabags, and I’ve boiled the kettle so I’ve got a nice glass of water here.
And all we’re going to do is take two teabags like this and pop them in now and this is
going to help to infuse all of the goodness of the tea leaves.
So we’ll dunk that in. Now, you can leave that for five to ten minutes.
So I have some that I’ve made earlier that have been in the fridge cooling and we do
this so it gives a really nice, depuffing effect to the eyes.
So I’ll just grab them now. So you want to make sure that they’re nice
and cool before putting them onto the eyes because that’s the whole point of the eye
masks. And we’re just going to place them over the
top. Now I know it’s normally traditional to use
cucumber but this is an alternative and green tea is an amazing antioxidant.
So on the eyes this is perfect for any puffiness, swelling, tiredness, even dry eyes.
This really helps. And it just feels lovely as well. Okay so now onto hair, I’m going to show you
some amazing hair masks and some products that are really great for our hair.
So first of all, I’m just going to take a bowl and place this under my models hair.
Only because you would normally be doing this in the bath or shower when you’re washing
your own hair. So place that in like so.
So the first thing is beer. To be specific, this is an ale so it’s an active ingredient
of yeast. So what we want to do is just open this up.
And what you can do with this is after you’ve washed your hair, before conditioner, you
don’t want to be conditioning your hair beforehand because it will put a barrier between the
beer and the hair. And you literally just pour this onto the
hair. Just rinsing it through. I’m just doing a little bit just to show you,
like this. And it will smell very, very yeasty and this
is great for shine and it also helps to repair the hair because of the active yeast.
But you will just find that your hair is so shiny after. It just helps to really close
down the cuticles of the hair, which in turn makes the hair feel smoother, shinier, and
just softer. Like so. So then after you’ve put this all through
the hair and you’ve probably let it penetrate in there for two to five minutes, you would
then rinse that out and then just carry on as normal.
You can condition or just dry your hair. So for this hair mask, I’m going to be using
some olive oil. We’re just going tip this in free hand.
Just a nice lug of olive oil, which helps to moisturize the hair.
I’m also going to be adding in half a lemon juice. This helps with shine so it’s going
to make the hair really shiny. And it’s really great for blondes.
If you’ve ever heard of putting lemon juice in your hair, if you’re blonde, and then going
out into the sun, it really helps to just brighten and lift the hair.
Like this. And I’m also going to add a whole egg. So
the white and the yolk all together. And we’re then going to beat that until it’s
all mixed up. And the egg is also great for strengthening
and hydrating the hair. So what you would normally do, is in the shower,
once you’ve washed your hair, shampooed it. You would then add the mixture in the shower
or over the bath. And I’ll just show you this going in like
so. Oh and already you can feel just how soft
that hair feels with it going on and this feels better than conditioner. Now, granted it doesn’t smell too nice, the
beer. But with the lemon juice, it’s not too bad.
And who cares if it makes our hair shiny and strong.
So now I just leave it on, again for two to five minutes to really let that penetrate
and do it’s thing. I would then rinse it out.
If you wanted to add a little conditioner after you could or just rinse it out and then
you could just dry your hair as normal. Okay guys, so I hope you enjoyed those amazing,
natural, homemade, beauty product treatments. So if you want to see me do a Katy Perry makeup
look, you can give this video a big thumbs up and I will see you next week honeys.
Bye! [Music]

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  1. Olive oil and brown sugar is hands down the best sugar scrub ever! Exfoliating and so moisturizing! Lovely!

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