Taking Charge of Your Health

Bricolage Theory in Practice
With academic bricolage approach, Wibberley would debate, the seeing of the procedure
by which the bricolage approach is constructed – anyway emergent – is an essential side
of the overall job. The function of the serious bricoleur is to
search power connections established within discursive exercises as means to better grasp
how such power connections interpose who can say and what can be told in specific attitudes. In its clasp of complexity, the bricolage
builds a far more active function for humans both in forming reality and in making the
research operations and narratives that symbolize it. Like an active agency refuses deterministic
views of public reality that suppose the effects of specific social, economic, political, and
educational operations. At the similar time and in the similar imaginary
context, this belief in vigorous individual agency rejects standardized styles of knowledge
manufacture. The ways of proceeding critical bricolage
survey should not be prescribed or explicit but rather should develop as viewed fit by
the research worker and as required for the survey. And thus far, I utilized Bricolage theory
to explain my Medical Bricolage of Homeopathy & Osteopathy ( Homeo-Osteo).

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