Taking Charge of Your Health

Stepping up in the battle against cancer.
According to a new study, aloe-emodin, a compound in aloe vera leaves, could slow down the spread
of breast cancer cells. Aloin, a natural compound and the main ingredient
of Aloe, has been documented for its remarkable potential therapeutic options in cancer, wherein
it showed chemoprotective effects. The US Food and Drug Administration has already
approved the developmental study of A. vera in the treatment of cancer and AIDS. Source: Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative
Medicine. Volume 2013, Article ID 376123, “Emodin and Aloe-Emodin Suppress Breast
Cancer Cell Proliferation through ERx Inhibition. Source: Journal of Traditional & Complementary
Medicine. Dec 23, 2014, Evaluation of Biological Properties and Clinical Effectiveness of Aloe
Vera: A systematic review.

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