Taking Charge of Your Health

The kids at the time we started Access Consciousness
were I believe 11, 9, and 3 and I’ll give you an example I remember we went to a Kung
Fu Tournament for the boys, okay, and the 11 and 9 year old and my second son he came
in first place and it was his birthday that day, too, so he came in first place in all
his events right? He’s very nervous about performing and getting
everything perfect and I’m like son, don’t worry about as long as you do the best you
can right? So, then for each of the kids birthdays I
try to take them on just a special date just me and one in them for their birthday so we
went out that evening for for bowling and I noticed he was like hyperventilating almost
and I’m like what’s the matter? He’s like I don’t know I just can’t
breath and so I’m starting to go on my head as a parent mental illness, anxiety, da da
da and so again one of the things we learn in Access Conscious one of the questions is
who does this belong to, right? So my son did well, why would he still be
nervous he came in first. He should usually after a performance of any
kind you know things start to kind of settle down and cool down so I probably had only
been doing Access for about six months at this point and said so we get home we’re
finished bowling and he’s still hyperventilating almost and I’m like let me run your bars,
right? And it was about 20 minutes into the bars
session where I got to the point called kindness gratitude peace and calm he was snoring. I ran his bars four days in a row because
I noticed he was like gasping for air by the fourth day was completely sgone now. What would a regular, not a regular parent,
what would any other parent do is take their kid to the doctor. THey’re making liquid Prozac for kids today,
you know, they’re making liquid drugs to calm kids down and so but I had this tool
which not only did calm him down, but it actually he was hugging me every single day it brought
us closer and closer together.

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