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Hello, Dr. Manisha, How are you doing today? Very fine, Thank You. Your into homeopathy practice for several years, What is your personal experience with homeopathy? Since the time, I started my practice and over several years of being in to homeopathy, I feel it is becoming very popular and many patients are opting for it as the first line of treatment Especially for chronic illness. Like, Bronchitis, Asthma, Arthritis, psychiatric problems, female related disorders and many more Especially I would like to mention that children’s are very much benefited by homeopathy, because it is very sweet to taste, they love to take it and it is taken care of major childhood problems like, recurrent cold, cough, fever, tonsillitis, builds up the immunity, gives them a happy and healthy childhood, so I would highly recommend homeopathy for everybody. Thank you so much Thank You.

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