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Homeopathy may be the most controversial but also the most popular alternative medicine. While some argue against it, others swear by its great power and effectiveness. How does homeopathy work? How did it become what it is today, and what can modern medicine learn from it? The first principle of homeopathy is “like cures like.” Remedies use ingredients that cause the symptoms you want to cure. In practice, that means that remedies against fever could, for example, be made from belladonna, which also causes fever. A mixture based from bee venom is used to treat itchy swellings, and so on. The second principle is the special method of preparation called potentization. The idea is that diluting and agitating the ingredients activates their curative powers and enhances their effect. To do this, the ingredient is dissolved in alcohol or distilled water. Homeopaths take one part of the solution and mix it with nine parts of water, diluting it down to one tenth of its original concentration, and shaking it. What you have now is a 1X potency: one-part ingredient and nine parts solvent, named after the Roman numeral X, for 10. Now, this process is repeated. Take one part, mix it with nine parts of pure water and shake it vigorously. Now you have 2X. You do this again and again until you reach the desired grade of potency. The finished remedy is then taken orally, or sometimes it’s applied as little sugar pellets that are sold as globuli. A 20X potency, for example, is like dissolving one aspirin pill in the water volume of the whole Atlantic. But many are much more extreme, like 30C, for example. C means that the mixture has one part ingredient and 99 parts water. So the commonly sold 30C mixture means one part ingredient and one million billion billion billion billion billion BILLION parts of water. If we wanted a globuli pill with a single atom of the original ingredient, then our pill would be the diameter of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. 150,000,000 kilometers A pill so massive, that it would collapse into a black hole under its own mass. Because of this, potentization is one of the biggest criticisms of homeopathy. The extreme dilution is supposed to make the ingredients more potent, but on a physical level, this doesn’t really make sense. Most homeopathic remedies are diluted so much that not a single atom of the active ingredient is left in them. The explanation of why the mixtures still work is that shaking the mixture after every dilution leaves behind a spirit-like essence of the ingredient. Basically, the idea is that water remembers what was put into it. But if this were true, then every substance that ever met a drop of water would leave an essence behind and lead to unpredictable effects when it was accidentally ingested. Think of all the stuff that lives and floats in the oceans. Every sip of water would be a supercharged homeopathic cocktail. So how did homeopathy become the most successful alternative medicine? In the 18th century, medicine was very different from today. Treatments like bloodletting left the patient worse off than before. So German physician Samuel Hahnemann wanted a non-invasive, natural way of healing and developed homeopathy. And, in fact, homeopathic hospitals were soon successful because doing no harm beats doing harm. Hahnemann imposed very strict rules on his patients. First you had to avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, spicy food, sweet food. No old cheese, no onions, no meat. No clothes made from sheep’s wool, but also no sedentary work, no sitting inside in stuffy air, no warm rooms, no riding horses, no napping, no playing games, no masturbation, and of course, no reading pornographic texts, and many more. Then, and only then, would his remedies work, according to the inventor of homeopathy. Of course, all of these instructions are ignored and not talked about today. Medicine has changed a lot in the last 150 years. Never before in human history have we enjoyed a comparable level of health. Never have we lived as long, and this is largely due to the new tools we’ve developed. Modern diagnostics, double-blinded studies, and scientific evaluation to check and prove which stuff works. Thanks to these tools, after countless studies and reviews, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that homeopathy does not have any effect beyond placebo. But even so, who cares why it works if it helps people? Maybe you tried it and felt better, or you know someone that got over a horrible disease while using homeopathic remedies, and there are plenty of reports of it working for children and animals. What do we make of these experiences? The Placebo Effect is very real and not imaginary. No matter how smart you are, you’re not immune to it. If people believe that something will help them feel better, their trust alone has the desired effect. And it’s been proven that the Placebo Effect can be transferred. Children and animals rely on their parents or keepers and are in tune to their emotions. If a parent has a lot of trust in a treatment and eases up, this can help a child relax and help relieve symptoms. This could also be observed with animals who react strongly to the body language cues of the people caring for them. But the most powerful tool of homeopathy is time. Our bodies are survival machines. Infections pass on their own after a few days. But if you take some remedy when you already feel sick, and then start getting better, it feels like it did indeed cure you, when actually, it would have happened anyway. The homeopathy industry likes to play the gentle alternative to Big Pharma. But the homeopathic industry IS Big Pharma. Billions of dollars are made with extreme profit margins. The homeopathy industry has its own lobby organizations and fights its enemies as hard as it can. A lot of money is on the line. Globally, the market is expected to reach over 17 billion by 2024. Some critics even argue that the homeopathic industry is bad for public health because it creates distrust in proven medicine. The belief in homeopathy correlates with skepticism about vaccinations. This can discourage people to seek the help they need when their lives or the lives of their children are on the line. But there is actually a key to the success of homeopathy that we could, and should, copy. The first consultation with a homeopath can take hours and is very personal. For a patient who’s already been on a pilgrimage from doctor to doctor, this level of attention and empathy can make a huge difference to their well-being, even if the conversation was not the point of the therapy. Modern medicine is efficient. It saves millions of lives each year. But it’s also a strictly organized system. Tight budgets force doctors and nurses to deal with lots of patients. Consultations need to be time-efficient, diagnoses made quickly, treatments fast, which can leave patients feeling invisible, scared, and left behind. This is what modern medicine can learn from homeopathy. It meets a human need that has been left unfulfilled. We need to make time for the individual again. See people, not numbers. But as important as empathy is, it’s not a substitute for actual treatment. Faith can move mountains, but sugar water can’t cure cancer. After a short break of a few years, Kurzgesagt is back in German. Thanks to the support of Funk, we have relaunched the German channel and are beginning to upload a video every 1-2 weeks. Besides redoing our favorite videos, there’ll be a number of videos that will not exist in English for a while. Check out the channel here, tell us what you think, and subscribe and watch a few. If the channel goes well, the German videos might become a regular thing for years, and we might even do more languages.

100 thoughts on “Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

  1. i saw some pretty convincing cases up close which the docs to this day can't explain… But hey this is youtube after all, and going by the comments there are not many open minds left. being more humble would suit people better…
    Only need to look at the past to know we didnt change one bit; people always ridiculed the things they could not explain
    "Time makes fools of us all" comes to mind

  2. no please dont create german noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i like ENGLISH

  3. vaccines
    i want the real medicine
    i said the real medicine

  4. Does anyone notice the dog in the house when he’s says that he’s ok when the house is on fire from adult swim 0:38 like if you see

  5. In other words:
    But it has one benefit:
    People don’t feel alone or something.
    Thank you for watching my TED Talk.

  6. The reason homeopathy 'works' is due to the fact that it uses the placebo effect, it makes it seem like its working but in reality it doesnt do any change

  7. LIKE cures like..most antivenoms and vaccines work on that principle.a highly diluted snake poison is injected into a human to induce the passive immunity .now here is interesting, the original dose of venom cant generate an immune response,but a highly diluted form can. another ex is, even if u dilute a drop of atropine 50000 times,it will still dilate the pupils? how it can happen?
    when homeopaths started practicing it, they just diluted the subs with the intention of removing the toxic nature of medicine like nux vomica is highly poisonous, they diluted it to like 1 or 2 power which still has molecules. here point to be noted is that its not that 1 or 2 molecules of nux vomica that induces the thrapetic effect,its our own body.the body reacts to nux vomica in siilar way as it deals with anti-snake venom,so if nux vomica causes constipation in real form,in diluted form vital force sees it as a constipating agent and produces a counter effect called loose stools.30 or higher potencies like 200 are just observations,even they dont know how 200 produces a more response.may be again it is due to the subatomic energy of medicine .people who are making memes on homeopathy and trolling it just for fun should at give a glance to the work of dr Hanneman,nash,dr kent,dr boericke,dr ellen,dr von lipe and many other pioneers who dedicated theor whole life in proving around 5000 homeo drugs and curing illnesses ranging from allergy to cancer.

  8. So basically we need more doctors because tight scheduling due to the lack of doctors and surplus of patient result in patient seeking alternative medications. I'll make sure to note that in my medical college admissions.

  9. U meant homeopathy doesnt have massive side effects

    Look i got my fungal infection cured by Homeopathy and u are saying it doesnt work nice..
    And it was not time that cured me
    And stop bootlicking allopathic pharmaceutical empire……

  10. okay but what are the uranium and plutonium homeopathic treatments for? radiation poisoning? being vaporized by a nuclear bomb?

  11. Every time we eat at any fast food joint we are getting a session of fecal homeopathy. We still get sicked and grossed from fecal matter. So there you go.

  12. I love the fact that in the animation against it was a man and for this bullshite, was a woman. Women believe this bull – and I AM A WOMAN.

  13. Indian government is going to give homeopathy doctors licence for modern medicine with 6 months training. ???

  14. My relatives believe that homeopathy can cure my allergies….
    Wow! I didn't know that sugar water could effortlessly solve a mind-numbingly complex immune disregulation!

  15. My nom and sister is so angry and calls this video fake cause homeopathy cured my mom many times and it also removed stones from my sister without any operation. Well to be honest if they believe in it and it works for them so I dont mind , but my view is I don't take any medicines at all , I only believe in my immunity and I'm a 22 year old healthy adult (who is lazy) but fit

  16. Instead of giving this crappy information, why don't u do a research on how homoeopathy is famous around the world.nothing exit without truth..

  17. It didn't worked for me in the beginning. I had issues with my sleep. I used to sleep for 4 hrs for almost 8yrs, my health was effected. I tried several homeopathy institutes but never worked. I got to know a good doctor name and tried medicine for 10months. Now can able to Sleep for 7 to8hrs. It's not at all changes in life style or any other. I can believe in doctor not simply any homeo medicine.

  18. Kurzgesagt u are an asshole. Homeopathy is not only about dilution. What do you think the homeopathic tablets are made of ? And homeopathy really works. It cured my allergy from which I was suffering for more than a year. No allopathic medicine was working on me instead allopathic medicine increased my allergy. But homeopathy cured my allergy in just a month..

  19. Oh yeah you dying from stage four pancreatic cancer? Just drink some if this sugar water and you'll be good as new!

  20. Fantastically misleading video ?? i love the part where it makes mention of how most pharmacological treatments are derived from homeopathic and natural sources?
    Also this video lies with regards to scientific research. Its proven fact majority of published documents are falsified thanks to results based funding .
    Tho i mean this would convince the average idiot quite well that homeopathy hasnt any medicinal capacity.

  21. for the ones in the comment section bashing homeopathy blue and black. Lemme tell you my own story.
    I was diagnosed with psoriasis which is like a chronic skin disorder. I took allopathy before, however, they turned out to be extremely effective for a very short time since it hid the patches and stuff pretty much at god speed instantly. However, its like a rabid dog which I was feeding and when it felt like it, it came back with no intention of returning. I was worried about my kidney as well. One day one of my father's docs advised me to visit a homeopath. I did and took their sugar pills. I was on it for 2 months with all those restrictions (i pat myself for that self control i had) and trust me when i say that my shampooing frequency has drastically dropped and those patches are slowly and steadily healing. Yesterday my docs added one more med into the arena and says it will take around 2 years at the very least, but i am ready, cause if it cures me of my chronic condition, i can do with the temporary sacrifices (jeez he even banned my meat and egg yesterday ;__;)

    So the key in homeopathy is patience and self control cause it doesn't treat you, it cures you.

  22. Well it wored for my synus an uncurable condition only treated with surgery. When I went to the doctor again after 6 months he said the synus lobe is gone.

  23. the visual of a bird using a flamethrower to put out a flame is fucking hilarious matched with Kurzgesagt's calm voice.

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