Taking Charge of Your Health

Now since 3-4 months she did not have any viral infection His improvement is so good…we can consider 85% recovery in frequent cold Not only his school attendance has improved ….but his marks (grades) have also got better There is lot of improvement… After treatment there is 80-85% recovery in frequent cold Since the treatment has started….. …there is no episode of cough or tonsillitis My son has recovered very well with homeopathy After treatment my daughter’s immunity has improved She used to fall sick every now and then But now she does not…. also, we are observing lot of positive changes in her behavior… Earlier it was difficult for him to concentrate on studies But now his concentration has improved with Homeopathy…. …and because of that, in last 2-3 school exams, he is getting better grades Homeopathy has shown wonderful results in her case.

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