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Homeopathy is based on the principle that
like cures like, that is, substances that cause the same symptoms as the illness you are trying to cure, will stimulate your immune system to cure it. However,
these substances are very harmful in their concentrated state, so most homeopathic
remedies are diluted. How diluted? How diluted? A standard dilution is 30C,
that is 100 to the power of thirty, which is 1 with THAT many zeroes. As
you can tell by the amount of zeroes this is so diluted that if you had a single
molecule of the substance you would need enough water to fill a sphere
with a diameter of 150 million km, the distance from the earth to the sun. As far as we know, the only water that
exists in the universe is on earth, and all the water on earth is several orders
of magnitude less than the amount you’d need.
Another used dilution ratio is 60C,
that is 100 to the power of sixty. Apart from not being able to use this
number in your calculator, such a dilution would mean that, if you had a single
molecule of the remedy you would need more molecules of water than there are
molecules and atoms of everything in the whole universe. So, practically,
homeopatic remedies don’t have any medicine in them. But wait, say the
homeopaths, it doesn’t matter if the substance is present in the remedy, because water has a ‘memory’. Apart from the fact that modifications of
the shape of water molecules due to others last on the scale of picoseconds,
all of the water on earth has been, at some point, in the 4.5 billion years of
existence of our planet, in contact with any and all substances
which means that if water does indeed have a memory, the best homeopathic
remedy is, in fact, a glass of water…

2 thoughts on “Homeopathy – How much medicine is inside a homeopathic remedy?

  1. Homeopathy is BS, but you're wrong about water only being found on earth. See article Water#In_the_universe on Wikipedia.

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