Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi my name is Sally Moore and I’m the Author and Illustrator of the book ‘Olive Leaf’ Olive Leaf is the second book in the Journey’s From Substance Series The book Olive Leaf is about the Shamanic Journey that I experienced when I was turning olive leaf (the substance) into a Homeopathic remedy The colourful whole page images I painted especially for the books This book has it’s own special wisdom that the substance is sharing with us The main character is the Journeyman experiencing what olive leaf the substance has to provide. The other characters in the book – the squirrel, the birds, the owl, the bear…are all spirit guides that come to help the journeyman along his journey This is one of the traits of a shamanistic journey With so much turmoil in the world the story within this book is like a little oasis – a reminder that we have personal power to affect the world we can add something special it’s up to us You don’t need to know anything about Homeopathy or Shamanism to appreciate the journey…or this book To get your Special Offer for all three books click the link below and it will give you a twenty per cent discount and free postage within Australia

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