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Good morning. Happy to see so many fine folks out here and so many smiling faces. I have a very peculiar background, attitude and approach to the real world because I am a conjurer. Now, I prefer that term over magician, because if I were a magician, that would mean that I use spells and incantations and weird gestures in order to accomplish real magic. No, I don’t do that; I’m a conjurer, who is someone who pretends to be a real magician. (Laughter) Now, how do we go about that sort of thing? We depend on the fact that audiences, such as yourselves, will make assumptions. For example, when I walked up here and I took the microphone from the stand and switched it on, you assumed this was a microphone, which it is not. (Laughter) As a matter of fact, this is something that about half of you, more than half of you will not be familiar with. It’s a beard trimmer, you see? And it makes a very bad microphone; I’ve tried it many times. (Laughter) The other assumption that you made — and this little lesson is to show you that you will make assumptions. Not only that you can, but that you will when they are properly suggested to you. You believe I’m looking at you. Wrong. I’m not looking at you. I can’t see you. I know you’re out there, they told me backstage, it’s a full house and such. I know you’re there because I can hear you, but I can’t see you because I normally wear glasses. These are not glasses, these are empty frames. (Laughter) Quite empty frames. Now why would a grown man appear before you wearing empty frames on his face? To fool you, ladies and gentlemen, to deceive you, to show that you, too, can make assumptions. Don’t you ever forget that. Now, I have to do something — first of all, switch to real glasses so I can actually see you, which would probably be a convenience. I don’t know. I haven’t had a good look. Well, it’s not that great a convenience. (Laughter) I have to do something now, which seems a little bit strange for a magician. But I’m going to take some medication. This is a full bottle of Calms Forte. I’ll explain that in just a moment. Ignore the instructions, that’s what the government has to put in there to confuse you, I’m sure. I will take enough of these. Mm. Indeed, the whole container. Thirty-two tablets of Calms Forte. Now that I’ve done that — I’ll explain it in a moment — I must tell you that I am an actor. I’m an actor who plays a specific part. I play the part of a magician, a wizard, if you will, a real wizard. If someone were to appear on this stage in front of me and actually claim to be an ancient prince of Denmark named Hamlet, you would be insulted and rightly so. Why would a man assume that you would believe something bizarre like this? But there exists out there a very large population of people who will tell you that they have psychic, magical powers that they can predict the future, that they can make contact with the deceased. Oh, they also say they will sell you astrology or other fortunetelling methods. Oh, they gladly sell you that, yes. And they also say that they can give you perpetual motion machines and free energy systems. They claim to be psychics, or sensitives, whatever they can. But the one thing that has made a big comeback just recently is this business of speaking with the dead. Now, to my innocent mind, dead implies incapable of communicating. (Laughter) You might agree with me on that. But these people, they tend to tell you that not only can they communicate with the dead — “Hi, there” — but they can hear the dead as well, and they can relay this information back to the living. I wonder if that’s true. I don’t think so, because this subculture of people use exactly the same gimmicks that we magicians do, exactly the same — the same physical methods, the same psychological methods — and they effectively and profoundly deceive millions of people around the earth, to their detriment. They deceive these people, costs them a lot of money, cost them a lot of emotional anguish. Billions of dollars are spent every year, all over the globe, on these charlatans. Now, I have two questions I would like to ask these people if I had the opportunity to do so. First question: If I want to ask them to call up — because they do hear them through the ear. They listen to the spirits like this — I’m going to ask you to call up the ghost of my grandmother because, when she died, she had the family will, and she secreted it someplace. We don’t know where it is, so we ask Granny, “Where is the will, Granny?” What does Granny say? She says, “I’m in heaven and it’s wonderful. I’m here with all my old friends, my deceased friends, and my family and all the puppy dogs and the kittens that I used to have when I was a little girl. And I love you, and I’ll always be with you. Good bye.” And she didn’t answer the damn question! Where is the will? Now, she could easily have said, “Oh, it’s in the library on the second shelf, behind the encyclopedia,” but she doesn’t say that. No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t bring any useful information to us. We paid a lot of money for that information, be we didn’t get it. The second question that I’d like to ask, rather simple: Suppose I ask them to contact the spirit of my deceased father-in-law, as an example. Why do they insist on saying — remember, they speak into this ear — why do they say, “My name starts with J or M?” Is this a hunting game? Hunting and fishing? What is it? Is it 20 questions? No, it’s more like 120 questions. But it is a cruel, vicious, absolutely conscienceless — I’ll be all right, keep your seats (Laughter) — game that these people play. And they take advantage of the innocent, the naive, the grieving, the needy people out there. Now, this is a process that is called cold reading. There’s one fellow out there, Van Praagh is his name, James Van Praagh. He’s one of the big practitioners of this sort of thing. John Edward, Sylvia Browne and Rosemary Altea, they are other operators. There are hundreds of them all over the earth, but in this country, James Van Praagh is very big. And what does he do? He likes to tell you how the deceased got deceased, the people he’s talking to through his ear, you see? So what he says is, very often, is like this: he says, “He tells me, he tells me, before he passed, that he had trouble breathing.” Folks, that’s what dying is all about! (Laughter) You stop breathing, and then you’re dead. It’s that simple. And that’s the kind of information they’re going to bring back to you? I don’t think so. Now, these people will make guesses, they’ll say things like, “Why am I getting electricity? He’s saying to me, ‘Electricity.’ Was he an electrician?” “No.” “Did he ever have an electric razor?” “No.” It was a game of hunting questions like this. This is what they go through. Now, folks often ask us at the James Randi Educational Foundation, they call me, they say, “Why are you so concerned about this, Mr. Randi? Isn’t it just a lot of fun?” No, it is not fun. It is a cruel farce. Now, it may bring a certain amount of comfort, but that comfort lasts only about 20 minutes or so. And then the people look in the mirror, and they say, I just paid a lot of money for that reading. And what did she say to me? ‘I love you!'” They always say that. They don’t get any information, they don’t get any value for what they spend. Now, Sylvia Browne is the big operator. We call her “The Talons.” Sylvia Browne — thank you — Sylvia Browne is the big operator in this field at this very moment. Now, Sylvia Browne — just to show you — she actually gets 700 dollars for a 20 minute reading over the telephone, she doesn’t even go there in person, and you have to wait up to two years because she’s booked ahead that amount of time. You pay by credit card or whatever, and then she will call you sometime in the next two years. You can tell it’s her. “Hello, this is Sylvia Browne.” That’s her, you can tell right away. Now, Montel Williams is an intelligent man. We all know who he is on television. He’s well educated, he’s smart, he knows what Sylvia Browne is doing but he doesn’t give a damn. He just doesn’t care. Because, the bottom line is, the sponsors love it, and he will expose her to television publicity all the time. Now, what does Sylvia Browne give you for that 700 dollars? She gives you the names of your guardian angels, that’s first. Now, without that, how could we possibly function? (Laughter) She gives you the names of previous lives, who you were in previous lives. Duh. It turns out that the women that she gives readings for were all Babylonian princesses, or something like that. And the men were all Grecian warriors fighting with Agamemnon. Nothing is ever said about a 14 year-old bootblack in the streets of London who died of consumption. He isn’t worth bringing back, obviously. And the strange thing — folks, you may have noticed this too. You see these folks on television — they never call anybody back from hell. (Laughter) Everyone comes back from heaven, but never from hell. If they call back any of my friends, they’re not going to… Well, you see the story. (Laughter) Now, Sylvia Browne is an exception, an exception in one way, because the James Randi Educational Foundation, my foundation, offers a one million dollar prize in negotiable bonds. Very simply won. All you have to do is prove any paranormal, occult or supernatural event or power of any kind under proper observing conditions. It’s very easy, win the million dollars. Sylvia Browne is an exception in that she’s the only professional psychic in the whole world that has accepted our challenge. She did this on the “Larry King Live” show on CNN six and a half years ago. And we haven’t heard from her since. Strange. She said that, first of all, that she didn’t know how to contact me. Duh. A professional psychic who speaks to dead people, she can’t reach me? (Laughter) I’m alive, you may have noticed. Well, pretty well anyway. She couldn’t reach me. Now she says she doesn’t want to reach me because I’m a godless person. All the more reason to take the million dollars, wouldn’t you think, Sylvia? Now these people need to be stopped, seriously now. They need to be stopped because this is a cruel farce. We get people coming to the foundation all the time. They’re ruined financially and emotionally because they’ve given their money and their faith to these people. Now, I popped some pills earlier. I have to explain that to you. Homeopathy, let’s find out what that’s all about. Hmm. You’ve heard of it. It’s an alternative form of healing, right? Homeopathy actually consists — and that’s what this is. This is Calms Forte, 32 caplets of sleeping pills! I forgot to tell you that. I just ingested six and a half days worth of sleeping pills. (Laughter) Six and a half days, that certainly is a fatal dose. It says right on the back here, “In case of overdose, contact your poison control center immediately,” and it gives an 800 number. Keep your seats — it’s going to be okay. I don’t really need it because I’ve been doing this stunt for audiences all over the world for the last eight or 10 years, taking fatal doses of homeopathic sleeping pills. Why don’t they affect me? (Laughter) (Applause) The answer may surprise you. What is homeopathy? It’s taking a medicine that really works and diluting it down well beyond Avogadro’s limit. Diluting it down to the point where there’s none of it left. (Laughter) Now folks, this is not just a metaphor I’m going to give you now, it’s true. It’s exactly equivalent to taking one 325 milligram aspirin tablet, throwing it into the middle of Lake Tahoe, and then stirring it up, obviously with a very big stick, and waiting two years or so until the solution is homogeneous. Then, when you get a headache, you take a sip of this water, and — voila! — it is gone. (Laughter) Now that is true. That is what homeopathy is all about. And another claim that they make — you’ll love this one — the more dilute the medicine is, they say, the more powerful it is. Now wait a minute, we heard about a guy in Florida. The poor man, he was on homeopathic medicine. He died of an overdose. He forgot to take his pill. (Laughter) Work on it. Work on it. It’s a ridiculous thing. It is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what we’re doing, believing in all this nonsense over all these years. Now, let me tell you, The James Randi Educational Foundation is waving this very big carrot, but I must say, the fact that nobody has taken us up on this offer doesn’t mean that the powers don’t exist. They might, some place out there. Maybe these people are just independently wealthy. Well, with Sylvia Browne I would think so. You know, 700 dollars for a 20 minute reading over the telephone — that’s more than lawyers make! I mean that’s a fabulous amount of money. These people don’t need the million dollars perhaps, but wouldn’t you think they’d like to take it just to make me look silly? Just to get rid of this godless person out there that Sylvia Browne talks about all the time? I think that something needs to be done about this. We really would love to have suggestions from you folks on how to contact federal, state and local authorities to get them to do something. If you find out — now I understand. We’ve seen people, even today, speaking to us about AIDS epidemics and starving kids around the world and impure water supplies that people have to suffer with. Those are very important, critically important to us. And we must do something about those problems. But at the same time, as Arthur C. Clarke said, The rotting of the human mind, the business of believing in the paranormal and the occult and the supernatural — all of this total nonsense, this medieval thinking — I think something should be done about that, and it all lies in education. Largely, it’s the media who are to blame for this sort of thing. They shamelessly promote all kinds of nonsense of this sort because it pleases the sponsors. It’s the bottom line, the dollar line. That’s what they’re looking at. We really must do something about this. I’m willing to take your suggestions, and I’m willing to have you tune in to our webpage. It’s Go in there and look at the archives, and you will begin to understand much more of what I’ve been talking about today. You will see the records that we have. There’s nothing like sitting in that library and having a family appear there and say that Mum gave away all the family fortune. She cashed in the CDs, she gave away the stocks and the certificates. That’s really sad to hear, and it hasn’t helped them one bit, hasn’t solved any of their problems. Yes, there could be a rotting of the American mind, and of the minds all the way around the earth, if we don’t start to think sensibly about these things. Now, we’ve offered this carrot, as I say, we’ve dangled the carrot. We’re waiting for the psychics to come forth and snap at it. Oh, we get lots of them, hundreds of them every year come by. These are dowsers and people who think that they can talk to the dead as well, but they’re amateurs; they don’t know how to evaluate their own so-called powers. The professionals never come near us, except in that case of Sylvia Browne that I told you about a moment ago. She did accept and then backed away. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m James Randi, and I’m waiting. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Homeopathy, quackery and fraud | James Randi

  1. Look at it this way…..the company that makes that homeopathy box of pills that he took at the beginning…must be delighted to see the guy take the whole thing at once,instead of over a period of a month or so…..that way he buys another way sooner fro his next show….there is no such thing as bad publicity LOL

  2. Homeopathy may help Lyme/coinfections and people/pets etc. Yes..they work…have used them and are awesome! Those who healed from Lyme were the ones who used Homeopathics. Natural help is awesome!

  3. This guy has no clue! He is not smart/wise since he discounts what is awesome help! Try Homeopathics and you will understand!

  4. As A former magician I agree with exposing fraud, and I agree Psychics and Psychologists are quacks.

    At the SAME TIME I notice the "Amazing Randi" does not talk about the American Medical Association (AMA) founders were arrested for fraud. That the AMA is responsible for killing 250,000 patients a year. By the Way that's 250,000 more deaths than HOMEOPATHY Doctors.
    Maybe he could research more into the truth on
    Hey Randi look into Glaxo Smith Kline being forced to pay 3 BILLION dollars in fines the US Govt. for fraud through fake medicine.
    Randi Stop calling the Quacks good doctors and the good doctors Quacks.

  5. nice patter… well rehearsed, with replaced fake pills.
    Falsely associating tintures with the ENTIRE practice of homeopathic medicine.
    Just a silly act.
    Would be nice if you would convey FACTS.

  6. Dear Charlaton Randi,
    Make fun of this story,

    Sued by FDA 8 times and won every time.

    Cured a girl of brain cancer and refused further patients by FDA.

    Dr. Burzynski. has FDA clinical trials for brainstem glioma that are greater, have shown better results than all clinical studies for brainstem glioma put together anywhere in the world. And yet, a parent can't just pick up the phone or fly on an airplane to Houston and get the treatment.

  7. I like it when those who are reliving past lives say something like "It's 67 B.C.", how would they know, the Christian calendar is in the future.

  8. He didn't tell us how they do the cold readings. Or do we have to pay $700 to find out. Seriously I was looking forward to getting the truth. He is just another quack.

  9. I have been looking for a very big stick like they use to stir the medicine in Lake Tahoe but can't find one. Or is it just done with a homeopathic stiring stick the size of a popstick?

  10. Learn about the memory of water, before you spout your version of truth. It is the basis for liquid crystal tech.

  11. A homeopathic Dr saved my eyesite as a baby. Western Dr's wanted to operate on my eyes. My mother found a real homeopathic Dr who gave us herbal pills that cured my eyes. Some are quacks but nature has provided cures to every disease all around us in plants. Once their uses are lost then we all can let big pharma slowly kill is with poison.

  12. I actually dropped about a half a bottle of Advil and a turkey sandwich into Tahoe a couple years back.
    I'm gonna start selling sips of Lake Tahoe for $35 a pop.

  13. A hypnotist at a show planted a man who on cue said he had a former life as a soldier in grants army at Gettysburg in 1863. Only problem is that grants army was at Vicksburg, several hundred miles away in 1863. Lies, (blank) lies, statistics, gimcrackery and tomfoolery.

  14. So he is talking about the mainstream medical establishment right ? They are completely worthless and worse than quacks and have literally killed three of my family members through idiocy .

  15. Homeopathy is the dilution of plant materials, salts or metals to form solutions. 10x is 10 times dilution, etc. It is officially recognized by trained professionals as “the Air Guitar” of Medical science.

  16. It's been more than 9 years, and there are still butthurt homeopathy believers trickling in to blast James Randi in the comments section. That's how awesome he is. ?

  17. If modern medicine is any good how come 350000 thousand patients die every year from prescribed drugs according to the American medical foundation

  18. I believe eastern medicine is superior to western medicine because it seeks to cure the cause rather than suppress the symptoms.

  19. When someone challenges (attacks, in this case) something with this level of seething condescension and anger, you know they're covering something up…like, perhaps, their fear of energy dynamics (FYI; it's already been 'proven'…see 'quantum physics'). He's terrified of needing to develop a whole new awareness, set of tools and sensitivity to something that he will initially not be able to control.

  20. THIS GUY IS A FRAUD HIMSELF..SKETCHY character, and knows NOTHING about homeopathy.

    Homeopathy has been around much longer than your allopathic medicine. Check out the documentaries on Homeopathy.. & then check out the documentary on "James Randi".

  21. Profet Muhammad SAW mentioned – kully daen dawa -meaning ( every disease is a cure) eg. a man was shot in pain and sweating with high fever and his companion heated a knife over a fire to remove the bullet. The moment the hot knife was incerted and the bullet was removed the patient was cured and became well. The science is the metal bullet was hot and the knife was also a hot metal. The patient know the knife will be incerted in him so the brain was prepared and his brain immediately produce the correct antibodies to fight the comming danger. When he was shot the brain was not ready to handle it. So homeopathy principle is LIKE CURES LIKE.
    Study QUANTUM PHYSICS and all homeopathy remedies(not drugs) are in subminute and after 12 dilutions there is not a molecule of the material used can be traced even by the most advanced instrument in the 21st.century. Whae remains is the electrons or we call energy remains in the solution. This energy will trigger the brain to produce the right antibodies to fight the disease. No homeopathic remedies attack the diseases directly.

  22. A great mind and a highly entertaining speaker. This world needs many more people like James.

  23. I'm going to take apart this penny ante, failed magician like a cheap clock.

    First of all, what does Randi know about medicine, living healthy, or dietary knowledge, for that matter?? Is he an expert in these multiple fields, as well?? I think not.

    Since this old man is a magician, you should know that all magic is based upon something called, "MISDIRECTION." He tells you to look one way, when everything of importance is happening somewhere else. Once you understand this simple concept, figuring out how our entire government works becomes a rather simple task, and trust me, the US government (the CIA) is behind ALL lies, aka, "fake news." Take the concept of "false flags," for example. This is magic in its purist form. The entire "terrorist attack" on 9/11 simply provided the Military/Industry/Security Complex the phony excuse by which we could wage war on any Middle Eastern county we wanted to, at will, killing millions of innocent people on both sides, simply for oil and corporate profit. So now let's dig a little bit deeper on the subject of "corporate profit," shall we??

    Outside of Big Oil (like the Rockefellers, the Saudis, and the Bushes), and "fighting the war on terrorism," the second biggest corporate monster is Big Pharma, and the monster is totally out of control. In 2016, more Americans died from LEGAL drugs than ILLEGAL drugs for the first time in US history. So while the US government is "fighting the war on drugs," we are busy keeping the military in Afghanistan for 18-years, not to "stop terrorism," BUT TO PROTECT THEIR VAST OPIUM POPPY FIELDS. Afghanistan doesn't have any oil, but it has the Number One cash crop on earth, heroin. Now, the United States government is the largest purveyor of street drugs and legal drugs of all time. So this is essentially the biggest case of misdirection of all time. "Look HERE, not THERE." While we funnel tons of illegal drugs through the back door of America, we're fighting the war on drugs in front. The perfect magic trick.

    There exist on this planet many natural cures for virtually ANY disease. But this aging dinosaur totally denies this fact, choosing to misdirect our attention to the scam artists who have selling false cures since the beginning of time… namely the drug manufactures. The truth is, no medicine on earth heals, only Mother Nature heals. Another fact that Randi conveniently fails to mention is that, in fact, ALL life saving drugs originally came from natural sources, such as plants and herbs, until modern science learned how to extract their healing properties. That's how we got penicillin. I'd like see 'The Great Randi' explain that fact away as easily as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Simply put, 'The Great Randi' is a champion of myth and magic, preferring to tow the company line (which means the corporate line), one that Big Business zealously guards, especially against health cures and remedies that don't require the expensive, and often totally ineffective, toxic drugs that they promote through endless advertising.

    With the explosive advances of our digitized technology, many things that would have been considered "magic" in his day will become as commonplace as the electric light bulb. Very soon we shall truly understand the true nature and genetic basis of health and disease, not the bogus philosophy of "symptomatic relief."

  24. What does this guy say about the vile of poison accidentally drop in a pitcher of water that was later served to at a conference table.
    Everyone became very sick,the only thing that was suspect was the water. They analyzed it and found only water ,with the exception that it was structured somehow like the poison.scientist where baffled. So yeah I guess it’s probably quackery.

  25. Rip.james. he should have tried a bottle of any homoeopathic mother tincture instead of that pills. But, I guess he won't. Coz it will confirm about his arrogant..

  26. James hasn't done enough research on several of the topics he discusses. Dig deeper, there's more to things than what appears on the surface.

  27. Let’s see, while I know there are plenty of crooks out there, there are some people that have gifts (actually, we all have them but at different strengths). After many different personal experiences throughout my life, last year, I decided to focus and learn how to use my abilities. I am a huge sceptic myself, so whatever I experience, I analyze it to see if there is a way I could possibly know some facts. I don’t ask questions but rather say what I see, feel, and experience. How does it happen? I have no clue. I don’t say that the name starts with M, or L, or whatever. In fact, one time I blurred out a name Arnold, and right after I heard myself saying it, I was laughing to myself thinking that a Terminator showed up and how on earth that name came to me first instead of Jack or John. Right after, I also explained what Arnold looked like. A farmer a big man, a what one would call “the real man” in personality and statue. I was shocked minutes later to learn that the person I was reading to (for free in my class and I have never seen her before) knew exactly who I was talking to. It was her deceased uncle Arnold. She was not asking to see him, we were doing a different kind of exercise, and yet, he chose to show up. Why? I have no idea, but I also know I did not have a way of knowing about him.

    Now, when it comes to a past life regressions, I don’t know from where he is getting his info, but I have done it once, and believe me, I was not a princes, or any famous person. In fact, all my lives sucked, and in each I had suffered from different things. I was a boy that drowned at the age of 5, I was a blacksmith who’s family was slaughtered by soldiers and then I drank myself to death. I was also a peasant girl that lived in the mountains and managed to survive by selling wool and sheep milk to the villagers. Her/my life was hard and in her/my late twenties she/I died of dehydration because she/I broke a leg and could not make it back home from the mountains.

    I do realize that at least 90% of those who call themselves psychics are a fraud, but saying that all of them are one big BS, is also not right. After all, how does he know if it is true or not? Has he died and came back with the knowledge of what really happens after we die?

  28. He is a magician, and magicians are frauds par excellence! G. VITHOULKAS invited him with all his trickery to do some tests, to check on real results and you know what? He refused because the reason was that he was sick at that time, Vithoulkas proposed to cure him at the same time, never heard ever since of our great great magician J. RANDI……

  29. The FDA grandfathered homeopathy into the medical system many decades ago,. The FDA has recently been trying to backtrack because many people are waking up to homeopathy and other natural/alternative healing modalities.

    As people find that the conventional medical system fails them, they look toward the “quackery“ that actually cures us and has been in front of us all along, but has been suppressed by government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

  30. Homeopathy works and I have used it several times. For things that western medicine requires you to talk steroids for extended periods, homeopathy has simple remedies that can cure such problems in a matter of 2-4 hours without any side effects. Big pharma wants you to take PPIs that cause long term problems for acidity, homeopahty has simple remedies to cure with such problems without side effects. James Randi is BS at least in homeopathy knowledge.

  31. This is pretty rich. I agree that there are so many charlatans out there who need to be condemned, but if you wanna tell me that you know how subtle influencing and manipulation of the human consciousness works and THIS is what you are focusing on bringing to people's attention, this tiny, harmless subsection of society whom the vast, overwhelming majority or people (especially your audience) know well to stay away from, YOU ARE A FUCKING JOKE!!!!! Why don't you talk about, oh I don't know, GOVERNMENT???? How about the false religion of statism, the fact that some people think they can decide what right and wrong are by writing a law, you don't think these people are pretending to be magicians???

    It's a joke. You are a joke. You and your fans, all you do is circlejerk eachother and poo poo anything that doesn't fit into your worldview. I don't see you being skeptical of YOUR OWNERS, you are gunna pick on lil jimmy down by the corner slangin dope, it's truly a joke.

  32. This actor is really cr*zy; he even doesn't know that water has memory and our DNA can emit and receive elektro magnetic waves or information. Put a flower in water and it will be visible in the molecular structure of the whole content. This is payed misinformation by big pharma.

  33. If I have to hear about my sister and the psychic she meets with one more time, I swear. These people should be put in antarctica in shorts.

  34. This guy irritates me, especially how much grief he gave to uri geller because some numpty academics made fools of themselves for thinking he was magic instead of realising he was just doing his job. He thinks he's some kind of genius for exposing that people can't talk to the dead

  35. Inconveniently, homeopathic treatments do work on animals. They can't experience that placebo effect, so please, please explain this.

  36. I agree that there ARE a great deal of phonies out there but I don't think that the phenomenon is a total sham. I think that this guy has probably had a negative experience with a someone who wasn't the real deal and it's made him jaded and left him with a negative perspective about such things. I believe that there are an astronomical amount of things that we, as humans, will never comprehend or understand.

  37. Amazing Randi is nothing without the party that he ridicule and debunk. He needs them to make himself relevant. Its very ironic.

  38. If you want to get in contact with something highly mysterious and "supernatural", drink a cup of ayahuasca or smoke some DMT. There is something very mysterious going on 😀

  39. A friend of mine tells me she is a medium. She doesn't charge people for anything, but genuinely believes she is in communication with the dead. That's her lived experience. I think she's wrong, but that ought to give people pause before dismissing all of this as fraud and not simply a different worldview

  40. I agree with him to the point of homeopathy. Because folks like him equate homeopathy and holistic and chiropractic and eastern medicine as froo froo. Allopathic medicine has it's place. If I have a heart attack, a stroke, a anurism, have a organ that suddenly fails; take me to the ER. If I have a foreign object sticking out of my body in some shape, form or fashion…take me to the ER. If I have a broken limb (especially if it's compound)…take me to the ER. Outside of those extremes the other avenues are much more suited to the human body. When you discover that allopathic doctors' school's cirriculum are WRITTEN BY PHARMACEUTICAL companies (forgive any misspelling I'm not running spell check); and when you realize that if a drug company discovers a cure for something their profits will be extremely short lived; but if it just treats a symptom or two and leaves the disease the money comes in forever- then you might come to the conclusion that I have which is modern pharmaceuticals are hazardous to the body. In a lot of cases LETHAL. Which is something Randi should take up a fight against.

  41. The rest aside, the concept of listening to your body, and taking just enough medicine to be effective, is not quackery

  42. So here’s the thing… I definitely didn’t believe homeopathy worked until our first child began teething you know red gums, blood, tears and non stop crying. My partner gave our young daughter Arnica and it worked … she stopped crying then the same happened the next evening then the next the next etc. So I remain open minded as seeing is believing especially when your baby stops crying.

  43. When we moved into the last house we rented, it was owned by a quack like this. She had “purity salts” sprinkled over each door way to keep out bad juju or whatever. Figures… she always bragged about her masters degree in metaphysics. I swept the salts off immediately the day we moved in.
    My wife always sounded impressed by the owner’s degree… then one day she asked me what metaphysics was. Told her our landlady basically had a masters degree in ghosts ??

  44. Brilliant orator as usual. I recall first seeing James on Melbourne television some 40 years ago. He debunked some spoonbender (Uri Geller ?) on a variety show and the host stood up and viciously attacked him verbally (a fellow American). It did not lessen my opinion of James merely reaffirmed my thought that the host was an idiot.

  45. James Randi has never been a magician he's always been an anti magician!! James Randi hates the entertainment profession! I can't believe Hollywood and everybody that's an actor or magician allows him to run around telling these stories!!

  46. I never listen to James Randi I won't listen to this video he's a jackass take him off of here, James Randi goes around the country ruining people's lives! I AM SORRY HE DOES THIS TO ppl in other countries too! HE TAKES YOUR YES YOU YOUR PROFESSION AND DESTROYS IT

  47. When the third leading cause of death is the western medical system, it’s a little rich to demonize homeopathy.

  48. Why don’t you take a look at the numerous studies on homeopathics effects on animals as well as humans which prove beyond a doubt that they work. I used to be a skeptic too but double blind controlled studies using placebo beside homeopathics prove that they work, even on animals. I however am doubtful about commercially produced homeopathics. They were basically invented by Paracelsus, the father of modern medicine.

  49. Also you might look at the ESP research and remote viewing research funded and also proved by the CIA in the last few decades. The Men Who Stare at Goats was based on reality. Of course factionalized and made a joke out of. There are certainly charlatan psychics but there is no question that esp is real. Even between the living and the dead.

  50. This one was okay but am I the only one that really doesn't like Ted Talks and think most of them are absolutely ridiculous

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