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Sometimes our pet bird got sick from difference
types of eye infection. If water drip from the eyes, swelling eye by protozoan
eye infection, fungal eye infection, conjunctivitis, cataract or other types of eye infection. There is many homeopathic treatment of these
eye problem. Many people asked me is there any eye drop
of homeopathy medicine? yes! there is an excellent homeopathic eye
drop in homeo medicine. But you have to make it yourself. There is a medicine named Euphrasia mother
tincture in homeopathy medicine, collect this medicine from Homeopathy medicine shop. And ensure it, it’s must made by Germany. It’s
an essential homeopathy medicine for birds eye related disease. Take 15 mL fresh drinking/mineral water in 1 ounce/30
mL glass bottle & add 15 drops of Euphrasia mother. After Shaking well, your homeopathic eye solution
is ready to use. If your bird suffer from conjunctivitis, any
kind of eye infection, drip water from eye or got cataracts. Euphrasia is an effective medicine for this kind of disease. Then drench this homeopathic eye solution
in a piece of a cotton ball and wash bird eye area. Euphrasia can cure conjunctivitis, any
kind of eye infection, drip water from the eyes, even Cataract. Euphrasia is an effective medicine for eye disease. Euphrasia mother can treat any kind of fungal,
protozoan or bacterial conjunctivitis. You have to wash affected eye area with drenched Euphrasia eye solution in a cotton ball. If bird drip only water from the eyes , Then
give 4 drops of Euphrasia 200 per 100 mL drinking water to drink. There is so many homoepathy medicine for eye inflammation, birds
eye disease. Homeopathy medicine mainly work based on bird physical symptoms and eye condition. Natrum Muriaticum 200 is an one of the best
medicine for eye inflammation. Pulsatilla Nigricans 200, Argentum Nitricum 200 are also
best medicine for bird eye disease. Moreover, homeopathy medicine work based on
bird physical symptoms and eye condition. Give a post in our facebook group with accurate
description of your bird physical symptoms and eye condition, then it will be easy to find out the perfect medicine for your bird eye disease or problem. Cataract also a serious eye disease of bird,
many of us faced this problem in our pet birds. Bird having blurred vision, opaque with cataract. Honestly speaking there is no system to surgery
bird cataract in bangladesh. But too many bird cataract problem has successfully treat
with homeopathy medicine. Actually, birds cataract treatment depend
on birds physical symptoms and cataract stage. Even we need to know is bird having cataract
by birth or by any kind of injuries. Phosphorus 200, Natrum Muriaticum 200, Calcarea
flouricum 200 & so more bird cataract medicine are here in homeopathy. You have to apply these medicine based on
your bird physical condition & cataract stage. Honestly speaking, We can’t prescribe homeopathy
medicine without knowing your bird actual physical condition, cataract stage. But we can ensure that homeopathy is successful
treatment arrangement of cataract.

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  1. Vi amar cockateul pakhi ar chok bondho sobai boltase or chok a infection hoisa Medicine ki ar kiva ba dibo plz bolan

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