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Hello Fighters,
Today we will talk about HOCD HOCD is also a subset of
OCD like ROCD, Contamination OCD, Religious OCD etc A Person who is so sensitive
about homosexuality and also fighting with OCD… OCD works on your weakness or your sensitivity. .. God Fear + OCD=Religious OCD Neat Freak + OCD=Contamination OCD So, If you’re sensitive about your Sexuality then you may be victim of HOCD. HOCD Sufferers thinks that they’re Homosexual or Bisexual.. However, in reality they’re heterosexual or straight But OCD keep repeating same thought all day, So that’s why OCD thoughts seem real. …it’s called Homosexual OCD. I was a victim of Religious OCD but I used to talk with all types of OCD sufferers Once upon a time, I had chat with a HOCD sufferer on a group… He told me that he used to keep practicing walk like men… He used to think that people would make fun of him because he walks like a girl.. It may be weird or funny for you but it’s so panic for HOCD people So, I would like to tell you that If you have OCD and you have doubt your Sexuality… I must tell you, You’re straight and OCD playing with Your mind Divert your mind..For more tips watch my video in which i told you few tips to beat OCD by my own experience

15 thoughts on “Homosexual OCD | Self Help Tips For HOCD Fighters [Hindi / English]

  1. 3 yrs I Am suffering. It is destroying my carrier. I live in kolkaata. It is far from my home. So I feel lonely. This thoughts don't want to go. Job opportunities are not very much in my home town. How can I fight with this?

  2. आपका चैनल बहुत ही अच्छा है OCDके विषय में… आपने कहा कि आप जिस बात को लेकर बहुत ज्यादा सेंसिटिव होते हैं उसी से संबंधित OCDआपको परेशान करता है…. मेरे साथ भी ठीक यही हुआ और अब भी हो रहा है… मुझे छोटी उम्र से ही एक समस्या या कहें डर है कि कहीं कुछ गड़बड़ ना हो जाए, कहीं कुछ बुरा ना हो जाए…. समय के साथ बढ़कर इसने इतना भयानक रूप ले लिया कि पूरी लाइफ ही नर्क बन गई… इससे मुझे निकलना है और आप जैसे OCD Fighters के मार्गदर्शन से बहुत कुछ समझ में आ रहा है इसके बारे में
    इस विषय पर वीडियो बनाकर आप बहुतों का भला कर रहे हैं।

  3. आप अपनी कहानी भी शेयर करें कि कैसे आपको ओसीडी की शुरूआत हुई, किन किन तरीकों को आपने आजमाया इससे निपटने के लिए, किन किन लोगों और माध्यमों से जुड़कर आपको मदद मिली

  4. Hey I'm 18 yo turning 19 this July, male, have been straight for whole life, it started last months when I read about woman whose husband left her and his child for his new gay partner and later on I read about sexuality which says it's fluid, effect of it's circumstances and constantly makes me panic, gay thoughts, images(penis penetrating ass) and what if's started to pop up and ruining my fuckin day, everytime. The next2 day I discovered hocd and met many sufferer and gives me relief, sometimes I can tackle the thoughts until I freaked out again after hearing my friend's friend coming out bisex around my age, like wtf how can someone turn bi at the later age?? I'm now obsessed with bi thoughts and whenever I watch football match I see their butt and I even get arousal .I'm porn addiction but never been into gay porn , and the worse thing is now I have no anxiety which makes me even worried and find men attractive which I only wanna be with girls. Can u give me advice on how to overcome this? Or anyone has same story with mine?

  5. Waise agar childhood me homo activities ho chuki ho or adult hone par v sexual aattraction towards male ki taraf he ho to kya karna chahiye bro ?????

  6. I am sufferings from bi ocd . kya aap mujhe bata sakte ho ki kya jhuti thoughts ke sath jhuti attractions bhi hoti hai .

  7. Same mujhe bhe 7 years se aisa hota hai samajh nai aaraha hai ye sab kisse share karo situation ko kaise handle karo….
    Koi cheez me mind nai lagra

  8. I suffer from hocd too. Im actually gay and i have intrusive thoughts about being straight, so i suffer from straight ocd. To anyone who has straight/homosexual ocd pls know u are not alone in this!

  9. Sir ma parayshan hou ma kya kru jab ma kabhi akalay hote hou kisse bachay k saath tab mujhe bar bar yahe khayal aatay ha ki kahe ma issay mar na du kuch galat na ker du ma kya keru phalay mujhe bas religious ocd tha aab mujhe her tara ka ocd huva ma kya keru aab mujhe kuch samaj nahi aata

  10. I am about to controll my OCD but dear will it be removed forever?
    My dr told that i have to controll by myself. 0093773535362 whatsapp

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