Taking Charge of Your Health

[Music] Whether you’re interested in tourism,
food service or event planning, the hospitality industry has many exciting
career opportunities for you. Hi, my name is Albert Yu and I’m an
instructor in the Business Administration department and oversee the hospitality certificates. I have extensive experience in hotel
operations and sales. If you are planning on breaking into
this highly rewarding industry, the Santa Rosa Junior College
hospitality certificate program will provide you the skills to get started on
this great career path. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, there are an estimated 284 million
people working in the worldwide hospitality industry. Or 1 out of 11 of
all jobs on the planet. Here are three classes to get you started. Hospitality 80, Introduction to hospitality.
Hospitality 63, Introduction to the hotel industry.
Hospitality 53, customer service. I am passionate about hospitality
education and believe in integrating real world training and experience with
academic classroom learning. Please join me on this great adventure.

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