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In Opera Cloud a profile contains
address and contact details, preferences and membership information for guests,
companies, travel agents, sources, and groups. In this video you will learn how
to create guest profiles. Let’s get started. First go to client relations,
select profiles, and then select manage profile. On the manage profile screen I
can click the link to create a guest profile, or I can click the I want to
menu and select the type of profile I want to create. From the list I can click
the link to create a guest profile, company, travel agent, source, group or a
contact profile. Or I can click and go to recently viewed profiles. In this example
I click the option to create a guest profile.
I complete the mandatory fields and any optional fields on the create profile
screen. In this example the name field is intended to be a last name or family
name. Now I enter a primary phone number. I can click the vertical ellipse to
delete each communication method or click add rows to add more communication
methods to the profile. On the address tab I can click the new option to add
more addresses to the profile, or I can click to delete the address. Next I enter
the primary address details. then I can click Save or save profile
and add more details. In this example I click to save the profile and add more
details. On the profile presentation I can see a
list of links to quickly jump to each section of the profile. I can also view
the related profile notifications, billing information, and reservations.
I can edit the profile or I can add an image to the profile. In this example, I click Edit to add the
required information to the profile details. I can click the gear icon to
customize or personalize the screen using page composer. The options
displayed in the gear icon depend on your user’s permissions in role manager.
Next I’ll click Save. I can click new to add any additional information to the
profile, including communication preferences, contact information, notes,
attachments, membership enrollments, or negotiated rates. The past and future
stays section will automatically display any reservations associated to this
profile. Next I click the profile details link to jump to that section. I can
select the I want to menu to merge profiles, anonymize the profile, or to
create a reservation, or an activity and attach it to the profile. Or I can view
stay statistics or the changes log for this profile.

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