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In this video you will learn how to
check out a reservation using Auto Checkout. Let’s get started. Navigate to
front desk. Select Front Desk Workspace and then select quick checkout.
Alternatively you can find the quick checkout option from the quick launch
menu or select f2 on your keyboard to open the quick launch menu.
On the quick launch menu scroll down and click shift + C or select shift + C on
your keyboard to launch quick checkout. To search for reservations you must
select a property. In this example I click the magnifying glass and select
the property rosie from the list. Click select and then click search. Next select
the reservations you want to check out. You can select the checkbox on the
header to check out all the reservations. Or you can select the checkbox next to
each individual reservation. You can select Auto checkout to check out one or
more reservations. Auto checkout will verify the guests credit card has
sufficient authorization to cover the balance, the direct billing accounts are
not restricted and have not exceeded the limits and any cash guests folios have a
zero balance. Depending on how your application is configured you may see
the mass checkout option to check out multiple reservations by stepping
through the checkout process for each individual reservation. Or you can use
the zero balance option to checkout all zero balance reservations. In this
example I click the auto checkout option. You can see one reservation successfully
processed the auto checkout and two of the reservations did not process because
the payment method of the direct bill or credit card is required for auto
checkout and not set up on these reservations. In this example to checkout
the reservation I select the outstanding folio amount and then select the cash
payment method from the drop-down list. Next I click settle folio to process the
payment. You must repeat this process to make a payment on each folio with an
outstanding balance. Here you can see the folio amounts that
posted to this account including the amount and the date. Now I can scroll
down and click checkout now. The checkout process is complete click
ok. Scroll down and click done.

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