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Hi there. My name is Andrew Daffy. I’m an
Recruitment Consultant for Mise en Place. Today, we’re at the RE Hotel in London. We’re
going to be talking about creative advice for graduates entering the hospitality industry.
Looking at some of the benefits of entering the hospitality industry, in 2012, 75% of
graduates within hospitality were able to secure jobs within their first six months
of graduating from university. It offers a host of international opportunities in which
you can travel the world, but at the same time also enhance your career. Hospitality
is the second biggest employment market in the UK at the present time, therefore offering
a flurry of job opportunities available for graduates. The hospitality industry offers a diverse
range of sectors including restaurants, bars, contract catering, conference and event centers,
and hotels. Graduates within the restaurant sector, for example, working their way up
to general management level can expect basic earning salaries of $50,000 plus these days
in London. Within hotels, a lot of companies offer fast track graduate programs that after
certain years of service, offers you the option to increase your salary and really move up. Obviously, coming into the industry as a graduate,
you’re aim is to become a manager. Now, it’s very important to be able to know how to run
a business in terms of facing the customer, but at the end of the day, all businesses
have to make money. Financial and business acumen skills you can only really pick up
by actually working through the ranks of graduate programs, making sure that the business is
making a profit, make sure you’re keeping a very, very good costs on your margins as
well. The most important area, obviously, without
a doubt is your key skill section. This should lie just below your personal information page
of anybody’s CV. The four or five bullet points highlighting your key skills, you’ve gathered
throughout your professional career. This will include your qualifications, your experience
within a certain sector of the industry. For example, your managerial experience. How long
have you been a manager for and what sort of specialist area have you worked in? I think the most important question that an
interviewer is going to ask an interviewee is, what was your biggest achievement within
your career. This completely details the experience that you’ve had and it completely highlights
the skills that you’ve got. It gives evidence that you’re customer focused, that you can
actually manage a team, and of course, the most important part that you can once again
keep a cool head working under pressure. Make sure that you are prepared on this question
as it will completely decide whether or not you get the job.

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